Hi Res Kristin & Winona

I really don’t get why so many people like her and find her so appealing. I hate her face. It’s fugly. She makes my penis SAD.

Now. Winona Ryder on the other hand. She makes my penis very happy. I mean, lookit them BOOBS. I dream of the day she lets those sweater puppies loose. But until then, i guess i;ll just have to spank it to that scene from Dracula where she’s running down some stairs in a see through nighty. Or that one scene in Autumn In New York where she’s waking up and her nipple peeks out from her dress for a split second. No no. That scene isn’t enough. Actually i don’t even care if she gets naked or not. I just like seeing how incredibly bouncy she is. That one scene in Reality Bites where she’s walking down a hallway and out a building with her bajoobies bouncing all over the place, i must’ve rewound that tape over a 300 times just to watch that scene over and over again (this was back in 1994… and has it really been 12 years since Dracula came out??). Anyhow, i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, Winona’s probably got the jiggliest boobs in Hollywood.

These are kinda old but what the hell.


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