Well that was unexpected

Never thought the Tara Reid pics would get so much attention. Heck, i didn’t even look at the pics until like, 9 hours after i first posted them.

As a result of being linked by gawker, defamer, fleshbot, tonypierce, socialitelife, whatevs (aka “the big boys”) AND all these other sites, fubar practically slowed down to a crawl under the immense traffic. It happens.

Anyhow, the pics are now hosted offsite so that should probably take the load off the server and make the site a little more surfable. In any case, the hoopla surrounding Tara’s frankenboobie should die down after a coupla more days and things will be back to normal around here. Speedwise. Content wise you’re still going to be screwed since i’m still going to be too lazy to actually write ‘proper posts’.

Oh and in light of recent events, i think we’re gonna upgrade to a dual xeon server to handle the site. So if i ever do stumble upon another ‘scoop’, things won’t be grinding to a halt around here anymore. Hopefully.

Other than that, nothing much else to report.

Don’t forget to tune in to FOX tonight and catch the first episode of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss at 9pm (EST), which, looks to be just as good as My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. God i love these new ‘con’ reality shows. So cruel.

Oh and Halo 2 baby! It’s coming. And i’ll be waiting in line at midnight, 12:01am, Tuesday November 9th.

And so will hundreds and thousands of other people across the nation i bet. It’s going to be CRAZY. And the best part is, my Advanced Video Production class is cancelled on Tuesday! So i’ll be playing Halo 2 ALL DAY. Only stopping for food and bathroom breaks.

So. How many of you are actually going to call in sick or skip your classes on Tuesday?


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