I got this e-mail yesterday:

To: webmaster@psykotik.zzn.com
Subject: I want to start by appologizing for likely wasting your time…
From: “John Galt”
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:37:54 -0500

but I am really new to forums…sorry to feel compelled to ask this…

Now, I KNOW THIS IS LIKELY JUST A JOKE! Again, I AM SORRY for asking a probably stupid question!

I joined the site because it looked like a really cool, well structured forum. Then, today I went to the homepage and saw “There are currently 111 pedophiles visiting this site right now” I had already been cruising the posts, and that does not seem to be what out there in the site; BUT, I also did not see any disclamer stating that people are not to post underage woman (maybe it is out there somewhere…)

In any event, I believe a little paranoia is healthy in the swirl of the world wide web, and wanted to make sure I did not join into some Pedo site!! Love films; love Kevin Smith, The Coen Bro’s, Cameron (except for the Titanic) and I would add Tarintino (particularly Resevoir Dogs).

Love woman with Breast the size of Australia. Thought the Psycho Girl discussion was facinating; the whole doged investigation into the origins, the ferreting out of small details. I started out having no doubt that she was older, in line with the PA story. Now I’m having my doubts. Enough doubts to delete the file; if she really is young, I feel sorry for her. I am still looking forward to discovering the truth….

Much as I love woman, I love ’em legal. Not just from a legalistic point of view. When adults do things for fun, that is great. Even if an adult makes a knowing but regretted decision, it is reasonable that they have to live with the consequences. Kids should not; they are too young for these choices, simply stated.

I just needed to make sure what the forum’s position is; it’s your baby, so I figured I would go right to the top and ask you. There is a lot of wierd stuff out there, as I am sure you know. If you have made it this far into the email, I thank you for your time and responce!!



PS: I am not with the FBI; this is not a sting or entrapment! Just trying to get the facts; as the mushroom said to the bartender, I am really a fungi, and would love to hang!

Hahaha. Thanks for taking the time to write.

Short answer: No, this is not really a pedophile site. We just like to joke about it.

Long answer: What!!!!! Titanic is Cameron’s BEST movie! In fact, it’s the best movie ever! Hands down no argument about it! 11 Oscars baby! And $1,845,034,000 worldwide box office sales can’t be wrong! How anybody can not like this movie is beyond me! It’s so awesome! I love it so much that i even have it on LASERDISC! Got it off eBay for 5 bucks!! Score me!!!

I know everything about this movie! It’s so great! Remember, when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) said the line “sit over there on the bed, I mean, couch!” it was pretty hilarious right? LOL! Well, that was not in the script!! Leo actually said that on his own and the crew loved it and kept it in! Hahaha! Well, we all know what the real Leo was thinking now! Also, when Kate was doing her makeup getting ready for her nude scene, she wasn’t wearing anything, and then Leo walked in and said “Whoa!”. Whoa!! And then they went on to say they might as well get used to it, they were going to be there all day! Lucky guy!! Also, Kate said she was a little nervous doing some underwater scenes by herself. But not to worry! She said was less flustered with Leo under her stroking her legs. Not flustered with Leo stroking her legs?????? LOL! Kate you naughty Brit!

Titanic was the best movie i’ve EVER seen! Every minute is a treasure that embeds itself in the heart and the soul! Kate is amazing and Leo, well, Leo has my heart eternally! For anyone out there who hasn’t seen it, i suggest you go rent it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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