I’m back, I think

East of Eden by John Steinbeck has been my bed-side, bathtub and bathroom buddy for the duration of my sickness this last week. Why I mention this is not to share my reading list with fubar readers, but to make a connection. If any of you have read this book, I hope you will remember the Chinese helper, Lee, that Adam, the sorry bastard who got shot by his half-human of a whore wife, employed. Justin reminds me of Lee. Lee often says, “I am getting more Chinese in my old age.” I think Justin is getting old, but not more Chinese. I remember when fubar was full of postage about Avril fans mistaking Justin for … well, Avril. And long worded emails from strange people who wanted to make love to Justin’s Brunei behind. Lately all that Justin has been posting are hi-res pictures of celebrities. He doesn’t even talk about his new DVDs anymore, and all of you who have been here more than a couple months should know that Justin’s DVDs are his well-nurtured children. Justin, you need to post more, goober.

The last 7 days have been extraordinarily boring. I’ve left the house a total of 5 times, twice to the doctor, once to get cigarettes and fluids, once because I was desperate for human company and another time to get some fresh air. Two days ago my house guest adventure started. My live-in boyfriends’ friend from Turkey is on a two week visit here in Germany. I don’t mind him, I can even say I like him. He’s a good person, hasn’t really got all the glasses in the cupboard, but that’s okay. Another friend of my boyfriend is here as well, he also stayed the night last night. They both came in late, carrying laptops. Thing I don’t understand is why they come here at all. They claim it is to visit friends and whatnot, but… My apartment turned into an internet cafe. They didn’t speak to each other, they all, including myself, simply immersed themselves into the internet, gaming and playing Solitaire, of all things. Is there something so totally interesting about boarding a plane (and paying for it) just to sit on your laptop in a different country? And these are grown men.

It was already bad enough that my boyfriend came home early smelling like garlic, he claims he didn’t eat anything with garlic (my ass he didn’t), but his two friends smelled equally …. mmm, delicious. Remember, I’m sick. After sitting next to my beloved house guests that hogged up waay too much space on my couches and my boyfriend for a couple hours I gave my boy the sideways glance and head shake that we need to get out of here. I was going to suffocate. I didn’t care that I had to bear the nut-freezing temp outside; I NEEDED that fresh air like Justin needs Avril. This morning I woke up and my bedroom smelled like garlic and my living room smelled like something I can’t describe. I wrapped a scarf around my neck and opened every damn window in this place until it was unbearable. Ah, house guests. I’ll be happy when my friends from America arrive on the first. One will be stayed until the middle of January, and I know they will smell completely normal, at least after the airplane food odors get showered and washed away. It will be the first holiday season in three years that I will be surrounded by my real loved ones, my friends, my dad, my boyfriend. As I can’t afford to fly over the few in my family who I do want here, this will be a nice substitute.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on fubar. Hopefully after all the cobwebs get cleared I can start posting something a little more worthwhile, something that might even resemble entertainment. For the oldtimers who still remember: no, I will not show you my boobies. For the newbies: you suck.

Just in case some of you haven’t checked out the forums recently, then I want to repeat Thess’ request here. In case you newbies haven’t caught on yet (you suck) Thess is an oldtimer in fubar, here long before I was. Thess is the super-woman, and hard core bitch for some, of fubar. Pay your respects, newbies (you suck). Thess needs your prayers for the life of her mother. I believe there is power in numbers, more in prayer than anything else. So please, all you who read this, please just give a minute of your time and lift Thess and her mother up in your prayers today and the following days. Love you Thess, don’t give up hope.

Happy holidays to all! <3 eve.


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