Ooh. Webcam!

I got my webcam working again. I found the CD lodged somewhere between the wall and the back of my farting roommate’s desk.

Only now do i realize how shitty a webcam it is though. Damn expensive piece of shit too. It’s the Creative Webcam Go Plus. DO NOT BUY IT.

I’m thinking of selling the damn thing to some poor schmoe and getting myself one of those spiffy looking Intel ones. I was just at the mall earlier today checking out webcams and stuff. Intel’s got this really nice looking Pocket Camera thing. It looks fucking sweet. Costs about RM$600.


Then there’s the Deluxe version of the bog standard Intel webcam. That looks sweet too. Cost about RM$400+.


And of course, there’s the bog standard Intel webcam itself. Costs about RM$160+.

Slightly BLAH.

I must sell off some of my possesions and gain extra income to but that spiffy Intel Pocket Camera.

Oh and i had lunch at McDonalds (Gee golly. Like you really needed to know that…). I handed over $50 to pay for my RM$6.72 Double Cheeseburger meal. And the cashier tried to short change me by 10 fucking bucks! Good thing i actually checked my spare change.


One thought on “Ooh. Webcam!

  1. Did you buy po-ta-to fries there?

    #1 | Comment by qchad — May 28, 2004 @ 5:28 pm

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