Imagine this: Me, a spa and Neve Campbell

No? Oh well…anyway, i really hope that the 2 (two) individuals who i mentioned in the post before this one actually reads the whole thing. That’ll teach em to talk smack about me. But hey, if they can do it…why not i? Cocksmokers.

Damn, i’m bored. Hey my mom just bought Loser and What Lies Beneath on VCD. So i’m probably gonna watch that later. And of course, The Legend Of Dragoon is in need of some playing later on too. I played about 10 minutes of it last night. It seems cool enough. Actually no…it’s a beautiful game considering that it’s on PS1 and not PS2. Anyway, if any of you in JIS are reading this…and if you feel the need to tear Izzati and Tazio a new asshole…then be my guest. I’d be honored. Check this out, Jamie on ICQ saying:

Jamie: i take it you and tazio are bestfriends. (sarcasm)
Me: haha..i dont even know the fucker
Jamie: Guy was in my tutor group. What a fuck head

Well put.

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