I just got off the phone with Zil.


She’s still alive.

But that’s beside the point. The point is, i also just got back from going out. Yes. I WENT OUT. Like… with people! I SOCIALIZED.

What a great concept it is to ‘socialize’. Something i rarely ever do. Maybe only once in a blue moon.

Actually i just went shopping with Cyndy and her roommate. Who for the life of me i can’t remember what her name is. I think it’s Jane or Janine or something like that.

It’s definitely a J name. Definitely a J name.

And yes, i must be going soft in my old age because you did read that right. I went SHOPPING.

Actually i prefer calling it ‘tagging along’ because that’s pretty much what i did. Tag along. Carried their groceries. And stuff.

We went to this mall. One Utama. I bought a DVD over there. Spartacus: The Criterion Collection.

I’m not supposed to be buying any DVD’s but i couldn’t resist. I was saving up for Planet Of The Apes. But dammit. It’s Spartacus man! And a Criterion too!

Anyway, we went to SS2 soon after. To this pasar malam thing. Think ‘night market’ (literal translation). The girls bought lots of takeaway food. And again, i helped carry their bags and stuff.

I was their bitch for the night.

But it was cool cuz they fed me well. I practically ate half the food they bought and i didn’t even have to spend a single cent! Haha!

I like it when girls buy more food than they can eat.

This is the second time this week where i’ve scored free food off of girls. Woo.

No. I am not a freeloader.


I’m just really lucky.

And very sweet.

That’s why girls are always buying food for me and stuff.

It’s true.

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