She speaks out

Hey remember that Evil Rant i did about my ex No.7 a coupla days ago?

Well, guess what, she has heard about it but she hasn’t read it yet. Wanna know how i know? Because she called me up just now. Everythings cool now though. We must’ve been talking for about an hour or so. She wasn’t all screaming or anything, in fact it was all pretty funny actually. Well not funny FUNNY but funny in a way. We talked, we explained ourselves, we both don’t like Tazio (i think), and um….we just talked and we were really honest about everything. Contrary to what you may think, i never hated Izzati after we broke up. It may have seemed like it but i never was. I’m not just saying this to be nice….it’s a fact. I was just really really pissed off when i wrote what i wrote a coupla days ago.

She still hasn’t been to this site yet but i pretty much explained everything that she needs to know about this site to ‘understand’ what it is and what it’s about. I doubt she’ll be a ‘regular reader’ but honestly…who is? (Haha…i’m so funny *wink wink to all the ‘regular readers’*). I admit, what i wrote in that ‘Evil rant’ was pretty evil and i did go waaaaay overboard but that was then and i guess the past can be forgotten. Everything is fine and dandy between me and her now. No hard feelings…(i think). She even gave the OK to write about what happened tonight on this site (A good sign….i think). One bad thing that i discovered was that all this time, she had the wrong idea about me and about who i really am and what i’m really like. To be fair, we only went out for 9 hours…sorry…2 weeks but i wonder what it would’ve been like if she hadn’t freaked and dumped me…….

Oh and to those of you who think you’re ‘smart’, well sorry but i’m not even trying to drop any hints that i wanna get back with her or anything like that if that’s what you’re thinking when you read the sentence before this one. Sheesh. Anyway, i found out the REAL reason (she lied to me the first time…bad Izzati) why she wanted to break up with me and it wasn’t as bad a reason as she thought it was. It had something to do with….fat Jeff’s girlfriend of all people…! But that’s not worth mentioning here. If only she’d told the truth from the beginning. But nonetheless, everything is pretty much worked out between me and her…..until she pisses me off again. Just kidding. =)

I’ll be visiting school again tomorrow to get my leaver’s cert signed by the principal. And also to get a refund for my school fees and shit. i’ll probably get evil looks from Izzati’s friends. But hey, she said she’s been getting evil looks from people too so i guess that’ll balance things out.
Oh and by the way, i probably won’t be able to update much if not at all from Friday onwards till Sunday as i’ll be away staying the weekend in the ‘big city’ with a coupla friends. I haven’t planned out anything but i’ll probably be staying at
Pat’s on Thursday night (no net access), staying over at Nori’s (net access…yeah!) with Sam and Jason and possibly even Pat and maybe even one night at fat Jeff’s during the whole weekend. Like i said, i haven’t made any plans yet but basically i’ll be away.

Oh i still fucking hate Tazio. The stupid thing is that i don’t even know the fucker and i still hate him. But hey, he doesn’t know me and he says shit about me….so why can’t i not know him and not fucking like him too? Fucking nutlicker. Pisses me off.

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