Lines baby

So…like the new layout? Well, it’s not much of a ‘new’ layout per say…but hey….at least it’s something new. Didn’t take me long to do. You wanna know why?

Because it’s a shit effort. Actually wait….take away all the effort and all that’s left is shit. Which it is. The ‘new’ lines i mean. Haha.

Anyway, a dear friend of mine from my ex-school who i kinda inspired to make an e/n site has changed URL’s and is now at And you know what else? She’s got another poster working for her!

Shit. And i don’t even HAVE another poster working for me! And she does! Arrrgh. No biggie. As cool as it would be for me to have another poster on my site working for me, i’d have to say i’ll think about it. Not that i’m actually looking for anyone to post but if i were, i’d want someone who has good HTML skillz cos i do my updates using raw HTML and not some script like most e/n sites. And besides, this site of mine is more of a weblog/journal. MY weblog/journal. Muahahha. It’s all mine! Mine mine mine mine mine! No one elses but MINE!

Anyway, look at the top of my page. Above the ‘navigation bar’. Pretty bare eh? I’m trying to make like a big logo thing for my site. But as you probably might’ve guessed, i’m pretty shit at designing new shit (e.g. The new layout/lines. They suck ass). So if anyone of of you out there has time to kill you can make me a logo/banner type thing for the top of my site. I’ll make it worth your while. I doubt anyone’ll want to make shit for me but hey, at least this request’ll make this post seem a little bit longer.

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