Moving up….?

Blah. I haven’t been upadting much today. Pat’s been on my bloody PC surfing the net for the past 3 hours. Good thing he used his own account. Haha. Anyway, hey i got mentioned in one of
thatthinline‘s skits. Wasn’t in it for that long but hey, i got to be a fairy with a magic pixie wand…in a tutu no less. Haha. Funny shit. I bet if SiC and Brand X actually knew me a bit better (i am kinda new in the e/n ‘scene’), i probably would’ve actually gotten into the damn building. Haha. Anyway, it’s a pretty funny skit so go check it out. I never expected to (ever) get mentioned (much less be IN) a skit of theirs so actually seeing myself in there (what little there is..haha) is pretty good i guess considering that i’m a veritable ‘nobody’ in the e/n ‘community’. But hey, looks like i’m moving up….(i think)

Can’t wait for part 3. Hopefully i’ll be in it to wave my pixie wand at somebody…or something. Haha.

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