“War. What is it good for?”

I went surfing around on some friends sites (Shasha’s) and i saw that she’s in a flame war of sorts with reignzer. I don’t really know the guy (reignzer) but i have chatted with him once or twice on IRC. I think i even told him to try out making an e/n site of his own and lo and behold, he has. It’s got a nice design and he’s even linked me. Okay, to my own knowledge, i think i was the first one in my (ex) school to start running a true e/n site (thefatwebsite.com doesn’t count). Then John and Shasha followed in my footsteps. Even Oliver and Jamie started (but has since now stopped). Now reignzer’s made one (i don’t know since when though). The only thing all these sites have in common is that they’re all made locally in Brunei (The country i’m living in right now. Blah). I don’t know if i was the one who truly started the e/n craze among Bruneian webpages here but it sure would be nice if i were (Muahahahahaaa). Anyway, Shasha did a post in Spanish. I translated it using Altavista. Heheheh. It came out all munted though. Anyway, here’s a screenshot. It’s in reply to reignzer’s guestbook signing on her site. Blah.

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