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Conniving, insidious, and all around plain nasty – no, i’m not talking about a mullet. What am i talking about? Nothing really. I just wanted to do that mullet joke. Anyway, i didn’t do much today so far. I’m thinkin’ of going to town later though. Probably to buy more Dreamcast games. I think i have 16 games so far. And i’ve only had my Dreamcast for about…what? a week and a half? I dunno if that’s good or not but i know it’s not as good as my 300+ Playstation game collection. Anyway, i talked to Scab on AIM just a few minutes ago. He seems cool enough. He even knows where the hell Brunei is (Don’t click on that. It’s a horrible website). Brunei is where i’m living in at the moment. So actually knowing about Brunei a bit earns him even more brownie points. Anyway, you should go visit his site. So go. Go right now even. I’ve added him to my links. I’ve also thrown out some links that i don’t wanna link to too. I want a webcam. A good webcam costs about $200+ here. I’ll probably get a cheaper one once i leave for Malaysia this Saturday. I just really really hope that i can get access to the internet as soon as possible once i’m there so i can post daily. (For the uninitiated, i’m leaving for KL in Malaysia to do University at Sunway College doing the Western Michigan University twinning programme. I’ll be in KL for 2 years and in Michigan for another 2 years) Anyway, i can’t stress enough that i don’t know how long i’ll be WITHOUT internet access while i’m there. So yeah, this site’s gonna be on hiatus for a while starting this Saturday afternoon.


Visit Scab dammit. Like now.

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