Ooh aah

So the movie presentation thing went along fine. We were the second group that had to go up. And it was great. The response was actually better than i’d expected. People actually laughed where they were supposed to laugh.

Which is good considering that it’s an action comedy.

I think it’s about time i actually told you all what it’s all about. For those of you who care anyway.

So the movie’s called Bad Boyz: Back In Style (Don’t look at me, i didn’t write the script). It’s actually a sequel to this movie that the director (Moe) made for his film class during his high school years. He wrote and directed it. He showed it to me once. The editing was terrible. Anyway, i’m handling the camerawork and editing on this sequel. And the dubbing, looping, ADR and sound mixing.

I did more than he did actually. =P

So. Tu Slack gets assigned a new partner by Capt. Matt Cha (no i didn’t name the characters either). In comes Jack Knight. Capt. Matt Cha gives them a case to track down the infamous kiddy porn gangster Blue Snake. Jack Knight has a grudge with Blue Snake because Blue Snake killed his dad while his dad was doing some undercover work 9 years ago. Tu Slack doesn’t really like Jack Knight because he’s this ‘bad attitude’ cop. He doesn’t play by the rules you see.

So there’s some Lethal Weapon/Bad Boys shit going on there. Comedy moments. Sharp bitchy dialogue.

The story’s actually pretty mediocre and it’s just your really basic buddy cop movie. They have their differences, the meet some chicks, the bad guy’s henchmen kidnaps Slack and their two respective girlfriends and there’s a 6 minute finale. The much touted and asked about scene in the movie.

I actually showed a rouch cut of the scene to Majid and he leaked it out to one of the other groups and they came up to me asking about the ‘Matrix shots’ in the movie.

Yes. There are some 360 degree Matrix style shots in there. Or so Majid would describe them as anyway. We had a lot of influences from a whole bunch of directors. Namely, in no particular order, Michael Bay (Bad Boys influence), John Woo (slow motion repetitive dual gun play scenes), Guy Ritchie (fast motion + paused character intros), Sam Raimi (weird camera angles), Steven Soderbergh (handheld camerawork), Akira Kurosawa (scene transitions), Alfred Hitchcock (shooting in confined spaces), Quentin Tarantino (liberal usage of swearing), The Wachowski Brothers (the entire fight scene which we shot outdoors at night using Nightshot had a green tint to it making it look even more Matrix-y) and hell… even George Lucas.

We threw in a Star Wars reference towards the end. Think bad guy ending up to be Jack Knight’s (thought to be dead) dad.

Every good movie has to have a Star Wars reference.

A whole lot of influences right there. Some big, some small. But in the end it’s just basically an action comedy with some really inspired moments. It got a whole lot of laughs where it was supposed to be funny. Some of these scenes where i thought nobody would laugh, they actually did. So that was cool.

After we were done with presentation and everthing, a whole bunch of people were like asking ‘how did they do that?’ questions. Mainly about the, again, much touted ‘Matrix’ shots (which i thought weren’t at all very Matrix-y. They were more Guy Ritchie if anything…).

The other movies shown were pretty good in their own way too. 5 movies shown and 3 of them had pretty bad editing. The other movie that had good editing in it (but with less ‘effects’ shots) was done professionally because they took their footage to be edited in some studio. We did the editing ourselves. Actually I did all the editing myself.

It’s a shame we had to cut out like at least five really good dialogue scenes during the post production process. The movies are all only supposed to be at the most 15 minutes long. With a 10 minute presentation to do after. Our first cut ran at about 28 minutes. And that’s with two scenes edited out.
We cut it down to around 23 (or at the most under 25) at the request of our stupid lecturer. Sarificing some really good porno jokes and a lot of character development. Maybe there’ll be a Directors Cut sometime soon. =P

Not that any of you would get to see it.

But hey.

It’s no big deal really. It’s just a super low budget B grade action comedy buddy movie with some really good editing is all.

It was a good showing. Like i said, it got a better reaction from the audience than i expected. I’d probably say that it was the best if not one of the best movies shown today. The others were really good too. Mostly storywise though. With the exception of that one other movie. Theirs was actually more Matrix-y which is surprising because they only had 2 or 3 effects shots in there. And no 360 shit.

Ours had about 7 or so. Big ones.

Our plot was cliched to the max. But it was a funny movie. Had elements of drama, action, comedy, love, parody, product placement, kiddy porn and it even had the line “I am your father”.

Movies are great.

5 thoughts on “Ooh aah

  1. Why not show the movie ? Don’t tell some stupid story like "i don’t have it in mpeg-format" or anything…

    #1 | Comment by the webbler — November 21, 2001 @ 9:30 pm

  2. If you’ve got 6 gigs of webspace, i’d gladly upload it in DV format.

    #2 | Comment by Justin — November 22, 2001 @ 8:05 am

  3. *sigh* good point…

    #3 | Comment by the webbler — November 22, 2001 @ 6:06 pm

  4. How about -the now already famous- 360 shot ?

    #4 | Comment by the webbler — November 22, 2001 @ 9:30 pm

  5. I can try. We’ll see what happens.

    #5 | Comment by Justin — November 22, 2001 @ 10:05 pm

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