The ‘funny story’

So i was sitting down at McD’s all by my lonesone last night having dinner. And i’m thinking, “Wow. I haven’t been online in ages”. Then for some reason i thought of Zia and wondered how she’s been doing. Then all of a sudden i get an SMS from Zil. You know… dead Zil.

Then i started thinking about Zia again. Which somehow got me thinking about Stephanie’s boyfriend (!) of all people. Because i remember reading about how Zia first found Steph through some ‘best couple’ site (?) or something which had a picture of Steph and her boyfriend Bron. Anyway so there i am thinking about all my online friends and i’m thinking back to Zil’s SMS. And that got me thinking back to how Zil and i used to SMS all the time but never actually talk on the phone.

So i’m thinking, “Hey… it’s funny. It’s kinda happening with Stephanie too”. We’ve SMSed a coupla times but we’ve never really actually called her up or talked on the phone. Which is kinda dumb because it’s just so easy to do. She’s in the same country, she lives pretty close by(-ish) and hell, she even goes to a college which is literally only like… 3 blocks away or something. Right next to the mall!

It’s literally like this. In this order:

My college, theme park, mall, her college.

3 ‘blocks’ away. All side by side.

Anyway, i leave McD’s and i’m checking out DVD’s only to find nothing really new. So i decide to head back for the dorm. And just as i was on my way out, i see this couple walking, who were also just on their way out. And they looked SO like what Stephanie and her boyfriend looked like in that photo that was on the ‘best couple’ site. I can’t remember what the URL is but she posted it up on her site once.

And i’m thinking, “Eh? Is that Fuzzy?”. And i kept doing double takes at them from a distance. I didn’t really get close enough to really check out whether it was them or not but i’ll be damned if it wasn’t.

So i SMS Fuzzy asking, “Were you just at Pyramid about 3 minutes ago?”

And there i am expecting to get a reply sometime soon.

Then my cellphone rang! She actually called! Which was kind of a shock.

I probably sounded like i was talking out of my ass the whole time. But Steph was on the road at that moment so we didn’t really talk for all that long. Which is good because i seriously can’t talk for shit. I end up literally talking out of my ass after the first 30 seconds or so. I think Zil can attest to that. I told Steph about seeing ‘them’ at the mall. She was all like, “Really?”. I swear, that couple that i saw really did look like Stephanie and Bronson from afar.

Or maybe it was just my eyes.

And so it turned out that it wasn’t them. And that i might be potentially blind. Wish i had a credible second opinion on what i saw but i don’t. And that’s my ‘funny story’ i guess.

Which isn’t really funny at all now that i think about it.

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