That ‘bootleg’ question again

Every once in a while, i get e-mails asking me about ‘how to get so and so VCD/DVD and how much/where can i get them?’

Subject: Waking Life
From: Thomas O’Malley Add to Contacts
Date: Thu, Nov 15 2001 5:02:21 PM -0800 (PST)

What’s Happening?
I came across your site & email in my search for a
copy of the movie, Waking Life. Can you provide me
with any info as to how to obtain a copy myself?? Any
info you provide me is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

To which i will always reply now with:


It won’t exactly help but it gives you a little insight into some stuff.

Or. You could always like… download Morpheus and maybe download it off the net if they have it…

Waking Life is a great movie. I loved it. It’s just so full of great meaningful dialogue that dealing with the philosophy of everyday life. Hell, you’d probably learn more about philosophy watching that movie that you would taking Philosophy class for a semester.

I have no idea when they’re gonna release it on video and DVD but i personally own a bootleg of it on VCD and it’s one of the best movies indie movies i’ve seen all year. Look out for the director’s next movie. Tape. Starring Ethan Hawke. Who’s practically been in all of Richard Linklater’s movies.

His movies are all pretty good. I have one of them on Laserdisc. Before Sunrise. One of my favorite movies ever. He also directed Slacker and Dazed And Confused. And of course, Waking Life. So check em all out if you haven’t already. Good stuff.

On an unrelated note:

I actually bought 2 DVD’s last night.

  • The Mummy Returns: Collector’s Edition
  • The Fifth Element: Superbit

    I should update my DVD list.

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    1. The Fifth Element ownz, man! I haven’t seen that movie since it came out. Damn, I need to go get that DVD.

      #1 | Comment by SlitWrist — November 21, 2001 @ 2:21 am

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