Oops! I did it again

Fuck me. I missed not one, not two….but THREE fucking classes in a row the past 3 days due to oversleeping! Man, them lecturers are gonna be pissed. I think. Or maybe not. I’m beginning to be somewhat of a slack ass. Not getting up to go to class. Oh well. It’s not my fault. I sleep at 6 am every morning. When i have an 8:30 am class every morning. Okay so maybe it is my fault. Fuck you.

A lotta guestbook signings. Comments? I love bisexual chicks, free plug, yes i wrote it all (neech), interest in me? Pshaw. Don’t we all know interest is the last thing she’d want in me? I’m just flogging a dead horse (read: tongue in cheek). Milking a cow for all it’s worth. =P Anyway, i haven’t been getting my normal 120+ hits a day.


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