To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: God’s pissed…
From: “EJ Web Design” webmaster@ejweb.com
Date: Thu, Nov 15 2001 5:33:05 AM -0500


Tis I, VanGogh, from PleasantJourneys.com. I received an email today from a guy calling himself “The Light”. The Light informed me in no uncertain terms that he had viewed my site, and found it offensive. He said I had fallen off of God’s path, and I was surely damned unless I repented and dedicated my site, and my life, to Jesus. AT first I thought it was just a stunt for a site plug, but he listed no site. I was left with the undeniable conclusion that I had a nut job on my hands. So I did what any good webmaster would do. I sent him to bug someone else.

This is the reply that I sent him:

“If you think a Pleasant Journeys is damned, you should go to FUBAR ( ). Your halo will REALLY get bent out of shape then.”

Anyway, just thought I’d warn you that there is a wacko on the loose, and I sent him your way. Consider it an early Christmas present.


Hahaha. Offensive doesn’t even begin to describe what this site is.

Here. How about some ‘offensive’ Christy Chung pictures?


One thought on “Wacko

  1. Okay, so the website’s not mine. But heck, like a leech who stays in your house, eats your food and oggles at your mums ass, I’m there often. So I get to say it’s mine. Some people say it’s stupid. So fine, I’m a stupid moron. But I don’t fuck dolls and oggle at dads. So stupid is okay with me.

    Christy rocks. I’m from Malaysia. Lots of chinese. They rock my world ( and if I’m lucky, some interesting parts of my anatomy ). But most of em lack boobs. Christy has boobs. Nice boobs. See boobs. See boobs run. Boobs … bleh

    ( Falls in epileptic shakes and can’t help as hand reach an unnamed organ and begins to furiously shake )

    …. I think Justin’s wanker. Hey, dats a compliment.

    #1 | Comment by BoobsArouseTheHouse — April 26, 2004 @ 6:32 am

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