Details details details…

I haven’t been posting much today if you haven’t noticed. Baiscally i didn’t sleep at all last night, stayed up till morning, had breakfast at 6 am (even though it looked like it was 3 am…the sun wasn’t up yet), went to my 8:30 am class (Didn’t miss it this time. Haha), went to the library, updated my site (Happy Birthday Thess), went back to my dorm room thing, played a bit of San Francisco Rush 2049 on my Dreamcast, went to sleep, woke up, went to my 3:30 pm class (Didn’t miss it this time too. Haha), went up to the library and here i am now. Is that detailed enough for you? Perhaps not but then again, i can’t please everyone can i?

Hmmm…why oh why am i telling you the mundane details of my so called life? Anyway, did i mention i had 194 hits yesterday? I did? Oh well, in case you didn’t catch it, i got 194 hits yesterday. Didn’t i say i was gonna get over 100 hits yesterday? Well, i got 194. Not just over 100 but 194. Yeah. 194.

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