Hail to the king baby

Late update at only 4:00 pm today. Why? Lemme tell you why while giving you some advice:

Having a Dreamcast with 4 (four) controllers and staying up till 6 am in the morning playing 4 player battle mode in San Francisco Rush 2049 for 8 hours straight will wreak havoc on your senses/sanity/voice. Makes you wake up late in the afternoon too.

Anyway, as i predicted, only 158 hits yesterday.


Thess signed my guestbook. Yay! =] It’s nice to know that she visits my site. Groovy. Speaking of grooviness, it’s gonna be October soon. Halloween is comin up. Meaning that the most eagerly awaited game ever (to me anyway) is gonna be released soon enough. Yes, that’s right. Evil Dead: Hail To The King. If you’re not familiar with the Evil Dead trilogy of movies, you really should be taken outside and shot.

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