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The Honors Convocation thing was pretty short. Nothing like what i expected.

Then again i didn’t really expect much in the first place so yeah. No problem there.

Well i finally got to watch Harry Potter last night. It was alright i guess. I don’t exactly have a basis for comparison since i’ve never actually read the book or anything so i’m just gonna say it’s alright. Although if you ask Vicky about the movie, she’ll probably tell you about how much she hates Chris Columbus.

Was it just me or does that movie seem to drag on for like forever? Seriously. That movie felt longer than Titanic. And fucking hell. Some of the stuff in there is scary as hell. There was one point in the movie where i literally jumped out of my seat. Not because of some three headed dog. Not because of some troll. But because of a simple explosion.

It was a scary explosion!

Scary because it was loud. Fucking loud as hell. Look out for that scene where the kid’s trying to turn that goblet or water into rum. Fucking loud.

I dare you not to at least jerk out of your seat.

(Although i think i may have spoilt that scene for you now…)

Or maybe i’m just really callow.


It was an alright movie i guess. Although i really don’t see how the bad guy could get past the giant chessboard thing without having played it…

Lapse of logic there.

*potential spoiler alert*

And for a moment, towards the end, i was thinking, “How in the hell did Harry Potter end up with the stone??”. That could’ve been the biggest plot hole in movie history if it weren’t for the fact that they eventually explained how he got it. It really felt like a cop out ending. It’s like, “Oh no! We’ve run out of ideas! I know! We’ll just put the stone in his pocket and give a half assed explanation as to how it got there later towards the end!”

*spoiler end*

Ah well. It was good for a first try i guess. Very nice sets. That bitchy little girl i thought was great. That head wizard guy kept reminding me of Gandalf from The Lord Of The Rings.

It’s the beard that does it.

Maybe they’ll be able to do more with the sequels.

So. What other exciting things did i do today?

Nothing much really. I bought more DVD’s. That’s as exciting as it can get.

I lead a very boring life.

  • Ben Hur
  • The Deer Hunter
  • Air Force One: Superbit

    I have to confess though. That time when i bought Spartacus… i actually thought i was buying Ben Hur. I’d gotten both movies mixed up you see. So there i was, watching Spartacus waiting for that famous chariot scene… and no chariot scene.


    But it wasn’t all that big a loss. Spartacus was a pretty good movie in itself. Good DVD too. The Ben Hur DVD isn’t as stacked but i’m just curious as to see how well Spartacus stands up to Ben Hur though. Storywise.

    But with 11 Oscars, Ben Hur can’t go wrong.

    And the same thing goes for The Deer Hunter too. There was a time where i’d get The Deer Hunter and Deliverance confused. Thinking that the anal raping in the woods scene was in The Deer Hunter instead of Deliverance. But now i know better. Ha!


    Thanks to everybody who were kind enough send e-mails, and e-cards and leave birthday comments yesterday. Much appreciated. One of the more surprising one’s that i’d gotten came in the form of an e-mail from my 8th ex. Which was totally unexpected in the least. Since i’m pretty sure she hates my guts. I didn’t think she’d even remember. Much less even bother to send me an e-mail to acknowledge it. We kinda broke up earlier this year around February. It was a long distance thing. Didn’t work out. It was kind of a bittersweet break up. I’m not exactly too proud of how it went down. And i really regret some of the things that happened between us. I probably won’t bother talking about it again here since it’s been done before anyway. Not that that’s ever stopped me from repeating things ad naseum on the site. But i’m just too darn lazy to dredge up old memories right now.


    How’s this for a bit of comedy:

    To: “‘'”
    Subject: and the lord said, i forget
    From: “Hinds, William”
    Date: Fri, Nov 23 2001 9:09:12 AM -0500

    don’t forget to bring over some formal clothing and a tux/jacket thing for when you leave for Michigan

    looks like your still a horny old man. how is it you find all the hottest vain girls online? hey well at least this one is of age. legal age that is. then again this one’s not single. then again how would you find on that hot that is single is beyond me. hm. anyway.

    blah. i’m fucking bored man. why i work the day after thanksgiving is beyond me. i think it’s the god’s laughing at me, not so silently. i got pulled over for speeding on the way to work too. ::sigh:: oooooh i got msn messenger. you should check out my profile. funny shit. i’m going to use that to harass people, or try and make myself look like a camwhore later on. who knows. whatever humors me most. ha. anyway my username is like i don’t really know how it works all that well yet but it looks simple enough. eh.

    anyway i’m off. i hope you had a good birthday ass.


    Everybody! Go bug him on MSN!

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    1. Is Lord of the Rings already running in Malaysia ??? Takes another 3 weeks before it premieres here.

      #1 | Comment by the webbler — November 26, 2001 @ 6:57 pm

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