Wow. It hasn’t even been a coupla hours yet. But anyway…

…here we go.

Leeann Tweeden.

Don’t know who she is? Well it doesn’t matter because she’s HOT. And she has big breasts. What more could you want to know?


So maybe i should just talk about her a lil bit more. Leeann Tweeden. I first set my (pervy?) eyes on her… probably like… 3 or 4 years ago. Or something like that. I was up one night just channel surfing at 4am in the morning. Because i couldn’t sleep. I used to sleep late anyway. I still do in fact. Anyway… then, i saw her. She was jumping. Saw her jumping. Along with 3 other fine women. Who were jumping too. In unison in fact. Actually there were more other things that were jumping but i won’t get into that. They were jumping basically. On ESPN of all channels. It all made sense when the commercial break came on that the name of the show was revealed. They were on this show called ‘Fitness Beach‘.

A fucking good show. Used to watch it every single time it was on from that day forward. Morning forward. Whatever.

I mean, it was a good show! What more could you want from a show that has hot, fit and big chested women doing jumping jacks?

Anyway, i used set my alarm to go off at 3:30am every morning just so i could catch the show. I have no idea why it was on at such ungodly hours. But hell, it was worth watching anyway. I don’t if anybody of you ever saw it but i’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best fitness show i’ve seen. Okay so it’s probably the only fitness show i’ve ever bothered watching but that’s beside the point.

Everybody on that show was hot. Well, i thought so anyway. But i thought Leeann was the hottest. Anyway, i never thought of trying to look up to see if she’d done any nudes on the net. Until like 2 years ago. I just remembered her name this one time and i thought about looking her up on Yahoo. Lo and behold, i found out that she had done some nudes! Bloody hell, she was even in an 1996 issue of Playboy! I was flabbergasted! Because i NEVER thought that she’d be the type to do that kinda stuff!

Then again, i thought the same thing about Katie Holmes but see how she turned out

Surprisingly, for a woman with such large breasts as Leeann’s, she doesn’t really… um… bounce much.

Either she’s just REALLY REALLY fit…

…or she just wore the best sports bras ever made on that show.

2 thoughts on “Jumping

  1. More with the evil porn…. ewwwwwww why’d I expect better?

    #1 | Comment by ZoE — October 4, 2001 @ 4:24 am

  2. Oh Leeann… a favorite from the days of yore… I watched that fitness show on ESPN, just for the fact that she was on it, and all the chicks were hot as all get out. What else was I going to do when I was 14? 🙂

    #2 | Comment by Brad — October 4, 2001 @ 1:19 pm

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