Tits for hits?

How many times have you loaded fubar and thought “Oh great not another naked chick.” Or skimmed through a post cos it had one too many “tit” in it?

Well that’s where I come in.

To save the day.

(OK so maybe most of you don’t want to be saved.)

In true fubar spirit, I present to you these glorious tits.

At this point I have to say that the girls made much better visuals. What can I say? We are the more beautiful of the species.

4 thoughts on “Tits for hits?

  1. wwooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Way to go Zil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youre tha bomb!!!!!! can i have your autograph plz???? 😀

    #1 | Comment by dubois — September 18, 2001 @ 6:03 pm

  2. Yep, female’s are much better. I’d say.

    #2 | Comment by Kel-Vin — September 18, 2001 @ 6:34 pm

  3. Zil….I love tits. But NOT those tits up there!!! Gawd…those’re awful ugly tits……

    #3 | Comment by titslover — September 18, 2001 @ 6:38 pm

  4. ouch.

    #4 | Comment by fuzzy — September 19, 2001 @ 2:32 am

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