11 thoughts on “BEST POST IN THE WORLD!

  1. For the record I haven’t said anyone sucks yet. This was something I thought about when Justin said that he might leave someone else to post on here in place of him. That no matter who it was (even the girls), most of the readers would just sit here and whine and complain that it wasn’t Justin and noone is as funny as Justin….blah….blah….blah. It is to be expected from people who have set their expectations too high, even if the other posters have something humorous to say, there would still be these people. I’m just glad someone is posting. Unlike Meg and I am sure a lot of other readers, some of us don’t have a list of websites that they visit daily (except for maxim to see the girlfriend of the day of course). FUBAR or BUST!

    i not so korea :(….hyuck……hyuck…..<(

    #1 | Comment by Jamlink — October 21, 2002 @ 12:38 pm

  2. Oh yeah! First post for once.

    #2 | Comment by Jamlink — October 21, 2002 @ 12:39 pm

  3. I don’t find the others posts to be bad, I just want Justin to continue to post as well. I hold no grudges against any guest posters.

    #3 | Comment by dugas of eenodol — October 21, 2002 @ 1:03 pm

  4. speaking of “suck,” i do

    #4 | Comment by HIM — October 21, 2002 @ 2:24 pm

  5. suzi’s b(.)(.)bies rule. see them now at


    Oh and teh shirt rox, too.

    #5 | Comment by HUKHUKHUK — October 21, 2002 @ 2:36 pm

  6. saw that pic, its ok. there are some other nice ones where you see her boobs. like this one: http://www.suzi.iamafish.org/u1.jpg

    #6 | Comment by Ikke — October 21, 2002 @ 5:14 pm

  7. SUZI!!!!! Why didnt you tell me it was you on AIM??/ Omg I feel like a retard, thats ok, cause i dont like when Ben posts anyway cause he has a better "life" then me anyway…

    #7 | Comment by MEG — October 21, 2002 @ 6:29 pm

  8. huh Meg? what time on AIM??

    #8 | Comment by suzi — October 21, 2002 @ 6:58 pm

  9. Active galactic nuclei and galactic “micro-quasars” emit powerful collimated outflows called jets. The general concept that such flows are rotating Magneto-Hydro-Dynamical winds (MHD winds) emitted by the close environment of a compact object, accreting black hole or neutron star, has emerged in the last ten years. These flows are likely to be self-collimated, and perhaps accelerated by Lorentz forces. The theory of non-dissipative, self-collimated, MHD winds has been developed in some detail, also by contributions by the proposing supervisors. Although these studies supported this general idea, the theory is not complete as long as radiative and dissipative effects, possibly associated to the development of instabilities in some regions of these flows, have not been taken into account. Such effects are important since they partly support the radiation of the jets and bear on their focusing and dynamical acceleration.

    #9 | Comment by Jack Tripper — October 21, 2002 @ 7:57 pm

  10. Best post ever Suzi.:)

    #10 | Comment by Bubba — October 21, 2002 @ 8:11 pm

  11. oh and hoo hoos suck… but you were right, the shirt rocks. HARD.

    #11 | Comment by suzi — October 21, 2002 @ 8:14 pm

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