The Sniper

ok so everyone thinks that my posts are about my tits, or lizzies tits, or penis’ so I am here to prove that untrue. Ok, so I am sure that everyone has heard about what is going on in the states, with the whole sniper thing. I know not everyone wants to talk about it, but I know that the majority of viewers of this site are from the USA and I thought that I should address it, and send them my best wishes, I really hope that they caught him, I mean, how horrible is it to decide that a small child deserves to die, and shoot them, not right….Anyway, so that was part of my post.

Anyway, I thought i would tell every one that I talked to Renee I know that it is kind of stupid to want to brag about it, but I think that she is awesome, and I want to be as *says with lisp (josie and the pussy cats)* pretty and popular. Anyway, I thought she was pretty nice…in our whole 2 second coversation….

Oh yeah, everyone congratulate Liz on not being a “hermit” any more, she spent last night in the pissing rain to go on a haunted hayride….it was fun!! Anyway, see ya later, going out with Leah, find us some boys!! haha jk…..HALLOWE’EN IS COMING!!!!!! I bought my costume, it is kinda like a goth, or something check out my stockings tho cause they rock see ya guys…i know it wasnt as grrreat as justins, but i tried…

32 thoughts on “The Sniper

  1. Have no fear, it was a well posted….post. Thanks for the comment about the sniper, he WILL be caught and he WILL be punished accordingly. Glad to see the post!!

    #1 | Comment by J — October 26, 2002 @ 8:50 pm

  2. I am a shniper! Anyone play Tribes 2? That’s the best shooter game out there. I am the greatest sniper in the world……………………..of video games.

    #2 | Comment by Bubba — October 26, 2002 @ 9:33 pm

  3. We should boycott the site. Maybe then Justin would realize that he is doing the wrong thing by staying with that power-controlling bitch he dating. YOUR PUSSY-WHIPPED Justin… NOT WHIPPING THE PUSSY! Come back before I rape al teh girls! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Edit this post, cmon! See how many shits I give.

    #3 | Comment by PenguinMessiah — October 26, 2002 @ 9:36 pm

  4. meg,be a good goth and whip me.

    #4 | Comment by ahornyguy — October 27, 2002 @ 1:30 am

  5. Do you guys really think that they’ll catch the sniper anytime soon? I have a great idea: Let’s start a betting pool where we each chip in $20 and pick separate date we think they’ll catch the sniper. The person who guess the correct date wins! Let’s see… I’ll pick LAST THURSDAY, OCT. 24th. I WIN!!! They caught the sniper several days ago.

    #5 | Comment by Mr. Furley — October 27, 2002 @ 2:18 am

  6. Mr. Furley-

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA. I kept thinking "hmmm, maybe I missed them releasing the wrong guys?"

    News must travel slow to Canada, but that doesn’t explain dex’s post.

    #6 | Comment by smash — October 27, 2002 @ 5:35 am

  7. I’ve always wondered what makes people want to kill. There must be a sense of disconnection, where they feel no relation at all to their life and the life that they are taking. I feel sorry for the people that have lost their loved ones in such a way, and with so little warning – but I think I feel more for the people that have to live in fear everyday that they might be next, or worse, that their child might be next. Is the death or the fear worse really? And the somewhat ridiculous thing about the entire spiel, is that there will probably be someone sick enough who has been feeding off of the huge publicity this person has gotten and the US will have another copy-cat serial murderer.

    #7 | Comment by eve — October 27, 2002 @ 8:02 am

  8. lol ur rite smash, it doesn’t.
    well, i’ve been having a justin situation lately, with my blog – g/f situation… so if i’m oblivious to the outside world, well, ya can’t blame me… (:

    #8 | Comment by dex — October 27, 2002 @ 9:38 am

  9. I heard that they caught a suspect last week, I hadnt heard anything since then cause i listen to the news on my way to school and I havent had school in like 4 days, so I am sorry if you all think us Cannucks are slow in news, I just posted that to see if anyone knew. Eve: Very insightful, wellwritten, I think there could be copycat too…anyway, I just woke up and cant say anything very intelligent…..see ya

    #9 | Comment by Meg — October 27, 2002 @ 10:01 am

  10. What a great post! You’re a definite news hound.

    #10 | Comment by thess — October 27, 2002 @ 10:25 am

  11. Eve…word.

    #11 | Comment by puppydog — October 27, 2002 @ 11:02 am

  12. if these two guys are guilty, and they sure seem to be, then they should be executed firing wall style. my personal opinion, which doesn’t really mean much, because i am obsessed with b00bies.

    #12 | Comment by b00bies — October 27, 2002 @ 11:34 am

  13. Eve-

    It’s strangely fascinating, isn’t it? I mean I think everyone in their life has said something or felt something like "Man, I could kill him/her" More so, I think there are even times when people have been MAD enough that they probably would do it if they didn’t think rationally. At least I know I have.

    But what kind of individual divorces themselves from the horror of such an action? Or if they don’t care a whit for another life, what about the consequences?

    Serial killers are even more intriguing.

    #13 | Comment by smash — October 27, 2002 @ 11:48 am

  14. gd post, gd post… a goth or something? since when does a goth wear red/black striped stockings? Unless I was looking at da wrong picz… (;

    yeah i think the sniper will be caught pretty soon… i’ve been out the whole day and haven’t heard any news so if he has already been caught, then I guess I’m a bit late… (:

    #14 | Comment by dex — October 27, 2002 @ 12:01 pm

  15. <--is not a hermit! Okay, well, maybe...sometimes...

    #15 | Comment by Liz — October 27, 2002 @ 12:12 pm

  16. funny that you noted how most of the readers here are American…

    even more amusing is the fact that they did actually CATCH the Sniper.. of course, he’s only in remand and has not been prosecuted, so we ll have to presume his innocence..but judging by the lead they got that resulted in his capture, a phone conversation cleary stipulating his deeds, as well as his profile (extremist, ex-military, etc), his innocence would probably be very thin in the court of law.

    most entertaining is the fact that all this happened on the 23rd, and I am a (justin-loathes) Malaysian….

    maybe you Should actually read the news more….

    #16 | Comment by t — October 27, 2002 @ 12:15 pm

  17. Liz: you are a hermit

    DEX!: the stockings are going with some black shredded skirt, chains, scary makeup, I love goth stuff, it rocks, dont think i am insulting them i just go by what the goths here wear….

    #17 | Comment by meg — October 27, 2002 @ 12:52 pm

  18. I have trouble feeling sorry for the people with the fear that they may be next. I can sympathize for the ones that simply fear for their children. But, what is there to fear? People die by the thousands everyday from various different circumstances. It is like the people who refuse to get on an airplane now after September 11th. You might as well never leave your house again, and you aren’t really safe there either. If it is your time to go, then so be it. Otherwise, why go around worried about if you are next when there are millions and millions of people out there. You would have about as much chance as winning the lottery.

    I feel for the families. "Why, out of the millions and millions of people did it have to be my daughter/sister/wife/friend." There is your disattachment that would allow someone to kill with no remorse. I say turn the suspects over to the families and let them enact their sentences.

    I agree with smash. The average person reaches a point, at least once in their life, where they could actually kill another human being. The difference is that once the anger or jealousy or whatever emotion fueled the desire fades away, our conscience takes hold. The realization of ones own actions that flood over the average person is probably far worse then any prison sentence. Sometimes the original fueling emotion may be strong enough to keep from having to deal with our conscience. In some way the act will still haunt you for the rest of your days.

    Serial killers are far more intriguing from a psychological standpoint. The broad range of different types makes serial killers even more interesting. You have some that seem not to have a conscience and don’t share any feeling towards their victims. And there are some that do feel remorse, an over abundance of it but that is what they need and so for continue to kill again and again. I could sit here all day and discuss the different psychological aspects but I won’t, go buy a book and do some educational reading for once.

    #18 | Comment by Jamlink — October 27, 2002 @ 1:15 pm

  19. Smash: strangely facinating? To a degree, yes. As Jamlink mentioned, serial killers generally are more ‘interesting,’ so to speak, on the psychological level (motives/existance or lack of conscience/personal reasoning) etc, as opposed to the one-time killer. I also believe that the majority of people have at one time or another felt such hatred for a person (or many?) that they were capable of taking another life. I personally could never justify taking another person’s life – not for myself, not for someone else. I don’t feel it my right to end a life. If I have been wronged or angered by someone, then let the world play karma on them, let them get burned by someone else or something else, but it will not be by me.

    Jamlink: Good points, though I both agree and disagree with "If it is your time to go, then so be it." It’s rational, clear to say that. I see both sides – coming in close contact with death from an outside force, the person is put on guard. I think that if you value your life, you try to preserve it, and you don’t throw your hands up and say the hell to your own safety. At the same time, letting the fear take away your life and restrain all your actions – whether it be (in view of recent events) flying in a plane or filling up your gas tank, is … well, you’ve given up your life to fear, so where is your life then?

    t: I had my suspicions about the sniper being ex-military.

    #19 | Comment by eve — October 27, 2002 @ 3:50 pm

  20. Eve…I should have elaborated but I think you did that very well. I agree that a person must try to preserve their own life. It is the irrational fear of dying because someone somewhere died that way, whether it was yesterday or fifty years ago, that I think is a waste. Basically exactly what you said.

    #20 | Comment by Jamlink — October 27, 2002 @ 5:02 pm

  21. Smash, Jamlink, Eve: When you say serial killers are interesting psychologically, is it because you want to understand them? Cause I used to feel the same way, but now I don’t think a rational person can understand them or their motives. People like that are broken. Something in their head doen’t work right. So, since they think in a way fundamentally different from ours (in at least one way), we can’t rationalize(take a set of causes and predict their effect) their thought processes, only intuit(take an effect and try to figure out a cause) them(I use parenthesis because I’m not sure if my stupid self is using the correct words for the definition). You have to work backwards to find the kink in the machinary. Because of this, I think you can’t understand a serial killer’s motives, you can only know what they are. You can’t trace the line of thought back to a basic mental drive as you understand it, because the quality of a serial killer’s basic mental drives (ambition, fear, hate, love) are different from ours. Therefore, you can know what drives a serial killer, but not why it drives a serial killer. Also, I think trying to understand a serial killer *could* be dangerous. Because when you rationalize, you are in a fairly objective state of mind, but when you intuit, you have to make yourself have a sympathetic mindset towards what you are curious about…or not, whatever. Yeah, that was my ten cents/my two cents is free/a nuisence/who sent/you sent for me?….Right, I’ll shut up, but hey! Snark fodder!

    #21 | Comment by Peter the Freshman spurts off at the mouth. — October 27, 2002 @ 6:36 pm

  22. Some of you guys need to watch C-Span a bit more.

    #22 | Comment by POOonSHOE — October 27, 2002 @ 7:35 pm

  23. Peter-

    That is what is fascinating. That they are broken. You can’t find logic in their behavior but I want to find logic in the lack of logic. Does that make sense? To misquote the current "Hannibal" series movie out now, Red Dragon, Will Graham isn’t smarter than Hannibal Lector by catching him, Lector has a series handicap, he’s insane. I wonder if becoming overly fascinated with a serial killer can leave you pretty warped though. I don’t go out of my way to read up on it because of that reason.

    I know a girl from California who is most likely Legally Insane. She is on SSI (State Supplemented Income) and SSA (State Supplemented Assitance) do to her mental disabilities. Which is pretty severe if you think about it. I am boggled with the irrationality she exhibits. For example when she is mad at me for something and if I say "I’m ok with you being mad" she freaks out for letting me let her get mad at me unfairly. If I act upset when she is mad at me she says things like "how dare you blame me when it is my OCD and Bi-polar issues?" It’s a totally ‘unwinnable’ situation everytime she involved because their is complete lack of logic in the way that she thinks most times.

    Funny thing is, she’s INCREDIBLY intelligent. Plus, she is well ‘versed’ in modern topics and can get along with almost anyone. She’s just insane I think which keeps her messed up worse.

    Anyway. Most of the FUBAR readers probably do not give a rat’s ass about any of this. But it’s not my site. 🙂

    #23 | Comment by smash — October 27, 2002 @ 8:51 pm

  24. Who cares if they give a rat’s ass. At least we aren’t flaming each other and are actually having an intelligent conversation.

    I think it is a mistake to think that all serial killers are insane. Or that they are even irrational. Having an obsession with serial killers can be unhealthy, but no more so then having any kind of obsession can lead to unhealthy results. The average person should be able to distinguish enough to keep from letting adverse effects to start to occur withing their own psyche.

    Hitler is labeled by many people as being insane. He may have been insane, but anyone who has any incling to history knows that he was a genius. To the same effect he could be considered a serial killer, but this does not mean that to him and many others his motives his actions were irrational. There is no evidence as to him making any irrational or insane military maneuvers. Many cases exist with other "serial killers" as well. Often their actions have a very rational explanation once you understand them. For the norm, these people are insane though. Here in lies the fascinating part. The human mind differs immeasurably from one person to the next, as is obvious by difference of opinions expressed on this site. The fascination comes in trying to understand human nature as a whole. Is it fair to study only the "sane" or "rational" portion of society without considering their counterparts. Those of us found in those categories are not fascinated by someone else within the same area as much as someone without. Must we seem the same to them?

    Has anyone here every read Ender’s Game? If not, sorry if I ruin it for you here. But in the book, Orson Scott Card portrays a terrible alien race that senselessly slaughters millions of humans. But by the end of the book you learn that the alien race is completely controlled by a single sentient mind. To kill one of them is no different then a human clipping ones fingernails or cutting their hair. They naturally assumed the same applied to humans and did not realize that by killing a human to study it, each time their were killing the equivalent to their entire species.

    Surely we cannot understand a serial killer, but in some measure we may be able to rationalize their motives. Perhaps this is the same morbid curiosity that causes people to look in the toilet after they finish taking a dump. None the less, perhaps by understanding someone may be able to help an individual that is going down the same road before they take an innocent person’s life.

    "Sometimes I think I’m crazy. I’m crazy, oh so crazy."…Eminem

    #24 | Comment by Jamlink — October 27, 2002 @ 10:02 pm

  25. holy shit……long responses……really good ones too….mine are short, no point in me wasting space when there are others who know what they are saying, Eve, your brains amaze me! ok bye!

    #25 | Comment by meg — October 27, 2002 @ 10:03 pm

  26. ^^^^^^Sorry for any grammtical or spelling errors, one too many beers before I wrote this.

    #26 | Comment by Jamlink — October 27, 2002 @ 10:04 pm

  27. many FUBAR readers may give a rats ass about the topic, but not necessarily what a given poster sez about it. as an example: jamlink sed — I have trouble feeling sorry for the people with the fear that they may be next.

    I’m sure the sniper had trouble feeling sorry for just about the whole thing. And many have posted they are empathetic concerning feelings of killing someone basically because they want to for a given set of circumstances. So I guess itsa a question of degrees.

    But should this empathy translate into sympathy? In otherwords should some consideration of what the sniper did, what terrorists do, be adjudged by the degree of separation one feels from contemplation to execution of the act? I say no. The act is as it stands regardless of how close I may have been to committing it. Without a standard, there are no bounds and the next instance may cost us more than 10/3280.

    #27 | Comment by raceman — October 27, 2002 @ 10:11 pm

  28. Jamlink – I liked Enders game (mucho) – but Speaker for the Dead I was no fan of. Did you like Zelazny’s chronicles of amber?

    #28 | Comment by raceman — October 27, 2002 @ 10:19 pm

  29. I don’t know if Justin reads this thing anymore, but here’s something I think is highly amusing about the whole Avril deal. I was listening to the radio–some kind of top 40 or something–today, and the announcer was talking about Avril Lavigne. He said she mentioned that there was this person from a popular website who was posing as her and sending emails to people telling them he was Avril herself, and that she wished that he would stop it. I swear to all I consider sacred that I am not lying. They didn’t say anything specific, but it sure sounded like this whole deal. 🙂

    #29 | Comment by Nick Bryant — October 27, 2002 @ 10:22 pm

  30. Proof:

    #30 | Comment by Nick Bryant — October 27, 2002 @ 10:27 pm

  31. Well said. Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide were both a little boring. But, Ender’s Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon were both good. Coming out with another called Shadow Puppets I look forward to as well. They are all about Bean.

    Haven’t read the Chronicles of Amber. Will remember to check them out the next time I start a new series. Just finished the Death Gate Cycle for the second time. Need some new material though, tired of rereading the same books.

    #31 | Comment by Jamlink — October 27, 2002 @ 10:32 pm

  32. What is the definition of "insane" ?
    Somebody post B(.)(.)biees; this is getting WAY to intellectual for a 14yearold.

    #32 | Comment by Kingolf — November 2, 2002 @ 6:27 pm

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