I’ve decided to be annoying…as usual.

I’m pulling a Meg and plugging myself…TEENAGEVICTORY.NET, new layout, bitches!

…Only because a) Justin likes it when I plug myself, b) half of you kids (prolly not, but some) read my site, and c) I enjoy bugging fellow fubar girls Thess and Eve…Heh.

Since I’m mentioning all the girls on here, Suzi and Keli are beautiful.

Now go because I’m going to have a terrible day, and want somewhat of a fanbase to complain to.

Now, please, someone post something interesting before everyone attacks me for this. Heh.

6 thoughts on “I’ve decided to be annoying…as usual.

  1. f i r s t p o s t – i’m finally cool.

    yes. that’s all it took. love the layout, but i’ve never read your site — why do you have a therapist?

    I’m perfectly fucked up and have never needed a second opinion on that. Not to mention that there’s a reason its spelled – THE-RAPIST. Take it whichever way ya want.

    Here’s aa related nugget. I’ve NEVER met a normal guy/chick that majored in psychology… And when I use the term "normal" I’m using it quite liberally. EVERY guy/chick that I’ve EVER met that was going to be a therapist/psychologist/psychatrist/etc – has REALLY gone into the major in order to understand their OWN fucked up lives… and THESE are the people that are supposed to help you with your OWN problems down the road…

    Very funny.

    #1 | Comment by elPrezidente — November 28, 2002 @ 4:27 am

  2. Sorry Thess – I’m not keen. Scroll bars are there for a reason, why blank it out? The whole site lacks colour.

    #2 | Comment by Carl — November 28, 2002 @ 5:34 am

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

    Okay, I’m done.

    #3 | Comment by Bubba — November 28, 2002 @ 7:43 am

  4. geez, liz. what happened to plugging our fair city and it’s homeless mayor?
    man, you suck……
    just kidding, of course

    note: liz doesn’t appericate my potential! what’s up with that?

    #4 | Comment by justmejeff — November 28, 2002 @ 8:16 am

  5. Carl, you retard. I don’t have a new layout, and that was Liz that posted. Liz, no worries about his comment on your site; maybe now that he knows it’s another chick, he’ll take it back and shower you with compliments.

    #5 | Comment by thess — November 28, 2002 @ 10:15 am

  6. It wasn’t a vendetta against you Thess. My comments were genuine and still stand.

    #6 | Comment by Carl — November 29, 2002 @ 5:17 am

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