long post! :o

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: make it stop…
From: Jon xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
Date: Mon, Dec 2 2002 8:56:24 PM -0800 (PST)


I would like to take this opportunity to offer some feedback on the recent developments at thatsjustnotright.com. As one of your dedicated readers (*loser*), and biggest fans (*loser bored off his ass, putting off working by writing this e-mail*), I hope that you will appreciate the comments I have to offer. I feel like I speak for all the men out there who still visit your site with the hopes it will return to its former glory.

As a low-ping DSL computer geek in college (*thats an understatement*), I happened upon your site one Friday night after too many bars and way too many women (*I wish*). It became one of my favorite reads. As the days passed by, you and I went through many wonderful highs and some terrible lows. Then, much like Michael Jordan, you retired, then returned, only to retire and then return again.

Since our wonderful days together in college, I have had to move into a dial-up (*sucks*) situation, I had to sell my beloved computer (*damn the man*) to save money for a wedding ring, and probably most dramatic (*traumatic*), I got married.

So for many months, your site was where I came to have an excuse to look at beautiful women. Much like a poor man’s Playboy magazine on the internet, I came for the great articles, but was able to look at beautiful women simply by default because they were right there staring at me. Whenever I needed an escape from the exciting world of married life (*riiiiight*), or whenever I needed a dose of just good-old fashioned manliness, I would visit your site. And let me tell you that Angelina, Jennifer, and Avril can’t all be wrong.

But recent events are quite disturbing. First, there’s this Ellen Feiss thing. For the first couple of days, I thought it was funny. I appreciated the joke. Now every woman I see on the street is wearing zipper-sweats, is totally flat-chested, and has buck teeth. Since my badinagoodway testosterone outlet has dried up, I went to a strip club with my pals last night to compensate. All the women there were wearing zipper-sweats, and were mumbling “beep beep bip blip bleep bleep bleep bleep”. Please. Please make the Ellen Feiss thing stop. My wife is even starting to look like her.

Second, I can’t take much more of these girls who post on your site. The last 5 posts are from girls, and it’s the same-old, same-old I hear every day. Nothing but “I’m too fat / my boobs are too small / this girl is so hot so I will hate her / you can’t look at that hot girl because I hate her / if you do look at her, we will make you feel guilty as possible / YADDA YADDA YADDA”. I understand you need help with content and all, but please make them stop. It’s so hard to hear that all the time, and then get on the internet and have to read it all over again.

So on behalf of all of your male readers, I will summarize: less chicky posts, more manly posts. WAY less Ellen Feiss, WAY more fine-ass broads. A return to the badinagoodway we once knew.


I’m actually surprised by the number of married guys that actually read this site. All this while i’ve always thought that the only people who come here are stupid 14 year old kids looking for bangbus passwords.

And speaking of bangbus passwords, Psykodelik, i think it’s time for some new ones. The 500+ that you gave us the last time don’t work anymore. =(

With regards to Ellen Feiss, i’m probably gonna be switching girls sometime soon. Maybe by next week or something. After i’m done with my finals. I’ve got exams on the 9th and the 12th. Feh. And i also have to move out of my room into one of the WMU apartments for winter break because the stupid reslife people decided to close all the res halls during the break. Blah. That means i’m going to have to pack up most of my stuff and cart everything all the way to the apartments in the middle of winter on the slippery snowy roads and sidewalks. =(

I’ve been having problems with my FTP server lately. The time it takes me to upload a single 60k file just takes FOREVER. It took me about 45 minutes just to upload all those Tia Carrere Playboy Pics last night. Ridiculous. I would like to go back to posting up celeb pics and stuff like how the “badinagoodway we once knew” was before but as long as it takes over 3 minutes just to upload one pic, it’s probably not happening anytime soon. Stupid FTP. I don’t know if it’s the server that’s being dumb or if it’s just my connection. It didn’t use to be like this before but oh well.

Speaking of uploading stuff…

whatever happend to that really really hot girl that u had a link to. she had all those pics of herself on her website..listed by colors. really really fine. well link to her again, cuz she was hot & i want to see her pic again. thanks, biatches

Posted by gza – 5:44pm November 29, 2002

…i spent about an hour uploading pictures of Crystal tonight. Some of you might remember her. She used to be one of the girls that i had linked up on that little row of heads thing that i have on the site. The ‘Girls of FUBAR’ if you may. She posted here a coupla times. Some you long time readers might remember her. Most of you newbies probably didn’t even know she existed. But anyway, she was a cool chicka. Used to IM her just about every night and then one day, she just upped and quit her site. And then COMPLETELY disappeared off the net.

I was looking though my archives and interestingly enough, she sent me a fansign (without me even asking for one!) almost exactly 1 year ago on my birthday of all times! That was a pretty nice birthday surprise if i do say so myself.

Anyway, i let her post on the site a coupla days later (how shocking) and this was her first post.

This was her second really short one and this was her last one. =(

Four things i have discovered while looking through the archives for Stal’s stuff.

1. I miss Stal =(
2. A year ago, there was usually an average of 5 comments per post =(
3. Sometimes even less =(
4. I sound really gay whenever i leave comments on my own site =(

Anyway, i’ve been searching around the internet for any signs of her and all i could find was her new livejournal thing. Which hasn’t been updated in like 7 months. Which was just around the time she disappeared i think.

Fansigns she’s made me:

Hrm. Nobody ever makes me any fansigns anymore =(

You all suck you know that.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: what can i say?
From: “Wayne Marsden” wayne_marsden@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, Dec 2 2002 12:35:30 AM +0000

… rofl! Your site, yea… it took me a while to understand wtf the deal with it was, but gee it seems rather god damn crazy and cool as fuck! Nice! You seem pretty nice yourself :D, anyways I felt id drop you a message cuz the way you are seems cool, iv read through the FAQS and you seem like you have humour… I mean most people you try having a joke with now and all you’ll get is like ‘Fuck of bitch, leave my wife alone’ or sommet and its like ‘huh?’… If this seems fucked, its probably because … it is! lol anyways felt id drop you a line im gonna try and understand ur site sometime soon! Reply if you feel a reason to do so, and if your not dead :p


Pffft. Everybody knows that i never reply to my email. I do however read each and every single one that i get though. And i usually post up the more post worthy ones on the site to either a) respond to them or b) ridicule them and call people stupid.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: ummmm
From: Michael D Thompson mdt55@msstate.edu
Date: Tue, Dec 3 2002 1:54:56 AM -0600 (CST)

I am just wondering, what is you website about. I ended up here by accident, and although i really like your website, I am baffled about what its purpose is. For some reason i keep comming back to see it. Well, my main question is who runs the show here. I have a feeling that it might be a couple of people but im not sure. Is Ellen Feiss part of this or did yall just put her picture on the web site for the fun of it. Is this some kind of posting board, oh , and none of the hyperlinks under the fubar name work so i couldn’t actually find out who “you” were or anything like that. So im sorry if im am just stupid, but i was just wondering about that, and the fact that i have had a COUPLE to drink may be altering my thinking pattern (Hey, i am in college). Well, if you could, respond to me at mdt55@msstate.edu.


If Jamlink was the one who was running this site, he would probably be eating his own arm in frustration right now. And then mumbling something like “just… scroll… down… a bit…” or “read… the… archives…”.

Anyway, you long time readers would probably be doing some good by saying something in the comments and maybe helping some of the other newbies who’re reading to better understand what this site is all about. I would do it myself but i just wanna see if YOU understand what’s going on here and what you think of the site etc etc.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: Jacthemac@aol.com
Date: Sat, Nov 30 2002 2:54:17 AM EST

I saw They earlier today, and it sucks hard. It has to be one of the worst big-budget horror movies I’ve seen yet. I was hoping that this would be Craven’s last-ditch attempt at saving his career after the Scream sequels (as they were billing this movie as being insanely terrifying). However, in a highly original manner, he chose to flush his carrer further down the proverbial toilet by making a shit movie about grasshopping night terrors. The movie sucked balls, and I’m only too sorry you went to see it before you’ll get this email

Sorry. I’m not Meg. She was the one who went to see They. Not me. It helps to actually check who’s posting what next time. Newbie.


Anyway, this post has gone on for long enough. I’ll post some more some other time. Toodles!

41 thoughts on “long post! :o

  1. Nice post I enjoyed that. Thanks J

    #1 | Comment by Dylan — December 6, 2002 @ 4:57 am

  2. Justin-

    Bout time there was a quality post from you. Funny how, for the most part, your post consists of three things:

    1) you complaining no one leaves quality comments or gives you fansigns. Why? You haven’t posted too much and certainly not quality lately.

    2) You reminiscing about the good ole days. Again, posting more would assist making these times ‘good ole days’ in the future.

    3) Griping about newbies that don’t get it. More posts by you might boost their learning curve.

    All that being said, let me go on record as saying: The sites ok, in my opinion, with your decreased presence. That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy you posting quality, because I do. You were the one posting when I got hooked just over a year ago and kept coming back constantly. What I am saying is, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoy the women posting here (except Jennsdiaries Jenn). In general, I find The Women of Fubar witty and interesting. I can’t understand why so many people complain, especially when Thess has been more consistant with giving porn than you have.

    Anyway, we do miss your posts, so if you want to boost things mentioned above, POST MORE.

    BTW- late happy birthday you ‘sexy little asian’ (as Suzi claims)

    #2 | Comment by smash — December 6, 2002 @ 5:30 am

  3. Wow Justin – that girl is hot! I love that second pic. No wonder you are trying to hunt her down! Stalker….. 😉

    #3 | Comment by Carl — December 6, 2002 @ 5:51 am

  4. I know Justin! Lets have the first Fubar layout that isnt a famous girl. I reckon you should have Stal as the next Fubar girl! Anyone else agree?!

    #4 | Comment by Carl — December 6, 2002 @ 6:03 am

  5. It’s awesome to see another post by you, Justin. As for the "Girls of Fubar," they’re not bad- but as it’s been said: we miss your posts. I understand why you’re not able to post as much, but just wanted to voice the fact that you’re missed by all.

    #5 | Comment by Amor — December 6, 2002 @ 6:15 am

  6. Cyrstal = Imogen Bailey? No?

    #6 | Comment by john — December 6, 2002 @ 6:37 am

  7. Holy shit..

    "Girls of FUBAR," I’m going to go make a calendar. I might have to add Avril and Ellen Feiss though. :\ Or maybe I can just take six girls and give them each 2 months. Hhmm…

    Bad post by the way….in a good waaay, ah ha lame. As for new people, the site gives them everything they need to know. People shouldn’t have to tell them (the new people) who runs the show, or what the site is about. If they actually read the FAQ section, they should know these things already.

    Stupid newbies, fend for yourselves!

    "Is that you Mo-Dean!?" "It’s me Mo-Dean." "The interdimensional outer space being."

    #7 | Comment by Bubba — December 6, 2002 @ 7:13 am

  8. all of dis sounding very weird…very very weird indid

    #8 | Comment by dikkok — December 6, 2002 @ 9:14 am

  9. So what ever happened to Crystal (Sinnah)???? Her last words were something like, I don’t like who I’ve become……..hope she’s ok, she had a good site.

    #9 | Comment by Je — December 6, 2002 @ 9:30 am

  10. Imogen Bailey = Stal’s face on Suzi’s body.

    #10 | Comment by RedEye — December 6, 2002 @ 9:31 am

  11. You need a Stal layout… damn fine chick, made me jizz myself… sweet peice of tail she is..

    #11 | Comment by That Guy — December 6, 2002 @ 9:54 am

  12. Exactly. As a newbie, I demand that the long time readers pander to my ignorence.

    #12 | Comment by Seriously — December 6, 2002 @ 10:02 am

  13. Imogen Bailey in FHM this month….mmmmmm….

    #13 | Comment by Je — December 6, 2002 @ 10:04 am

  14. dude im just happy you posted again

    #14 | Comment by J.C. — December 6, 2002 @ 10:20 am

  15. Yeah I remember Stal, used to read her site sometimes…and I remember how she totally disappeared. I agree with the guys above, go with a Stal layout – if nothing else, it might get her back online…

    #15 | Comment by Jacob — December 6, 2002 @ 10:58 am

  16. Stal chick must’ve figured out how hot she was and sold her computercrap so she can buy some hot ass cloths. then should could go out and fuck with guys heads all day for fun.

    #16 | Comment by Dionysus187 — December 6, 2002 @ 12:21 pm

  17. If you’re going to change the layout, I’d recommend Eliza Dusku…if you didn’t hate her. So, hows about Erika Christensen? Of course, it makes not a damn bit of difference what I think, but…still…

    …she’s pretty…

    #17 | Comment by Seriously — December 6, 2002 @ 12:42 pm

  18. "All this while i’ve always thought that the only people who come here are stupid 14 year old kids looking for bangbus passwords."


    Tahts a very quotable saying…I might start using it…

    And I complelty agree with Smash… the girls of FUBAR are all worth our time and support (I actually find Jenn to be a worthy addition… something to keep people talking…)My personal favorites being Eve and Liz.

    But Justin, have you ever considerd putting even more people access to posts… Jamlink and the now vanished Ben Affleck (Umgawa) are/were great additions to the page during your withdrawl, and people like Bubba, Embus, or Dik Kok (Yes…Dik Kok) would be great additions to the lineup…

    * Did anyone notice the taht? My new trademark…

    #18 | Comment by Quijotes_Leprous — December 6, 2002 @ 12:52 pm

  19. beautiful sinnah! thanks justin, i didn’t actually think u’d answer, but then again, she is super fine. what i wouldn’t do to be a freckle on her body…….

    #19 | Comment by gza — December 6, 2002 @ 1:01 pm

  20. cool….he actually did post.

    #20 | Comment by angeline — December 6, 2002 @ 1:24 pm

  21. Umm…did anyone notice taht Zoja is gone?

    #21 | Comment by Quijotes_Leprous — December 6, 2002 @ 1:41 pm

  22. goober! you posted! w00t 😉

    #22 | Comment by eve — December 6, 2002 @ 2:05 pm

  23. woah, I never noticed this before but… stal, she looks like a blonde version on my lydia, but with smaller boobs of course.

    #23 | Comment by Susan — December 6, 2002 @ 2:11 pm

  24. i don’t remember stal, but she does look "muy caliente". anywayz, she looks like Elisha Cuthbert of 24 at some angles. i don’t know. it may just be me.

    #24 | Comment by xenocrates — December 6, 2002 @ 7:26 pm

  25. thanks for the plug Justin 😀

    I think the new fubar layout should be fernanda martinelli!


    #25 | Comment by m@ — December 6, 2002 @ 9:40 pm

  26. just… scroll… down… a… bit… my…. arm… bleeding… read… the… damn… archives…

    #26 | Comment by Jamlink — December 6, 2002 @ 10:01 pm

  27. Woah! Who the hell is fernanda martinelli. She is definitly UNF-able….my luck she’s probably underage…


    #27 | Comment by smash — December 6, 2002 @ 10:40 pm

  28. oh wait…i see now at: http://www.slbs.net/gallery/fernanda_martinelli/abk

    she’s too skinny….ick.

    #28 | Comment by smash — December 6, 2002 @ 10:41 pm

  29. er. toodles?!? who the fuck uses toodles?!?

    #29 | Comment by tai — December 6, 2002 @ 10:43 pm

  30. Justin does.

    #30 | Comment by Seriously — December 6, 2002 @ 11:45 pm

  31. Justin, Jon is absolutely correct when he talks about the girls posting on your site. They talk about absolutely nothing (much like you). But unlike you, their posts are ridiculously boring. Why the hell do I want to listen to some girl bitch about how fat she is? So you’re fat! Get over it! Do us all a favor and stop them from putting up posts that are a complete waste of time and not even close to being worth the 2-5kb of space they take up. If they want to post, tell them to put up pics of their tits or something.

    #31 | Comment by roguegeek — December 6, 2002 @ 11:55 pm

  32. Raceman, let’s first deal with your question first. This is a step-by-step process here. Of course no one forces me to read. I’m here because every once and a while, I get a good laugh or something interesting is said. Maybe I’m just tired of the same old boring stuff that all too often comes up and I wanted to give my feedback.

    Now, onto you. From this comment and the comment you left for me in the post after this one, it sounds like you’re trying to impress someone or make yourself feel better by belittling me. I’d like to give you a little insight. First off, it takes a lot to offend me and you weren’t even close to doing it. I know you’re gonna say you weren’t trying to do that, but you were. Next, the internet is this nice fake community that resides outside of what normal people like to call "real life". Even if you do impress someone, it’s not gonna matter because you’d never get up their blouse in that "real life". Again, you’re gonna tell me that’s not what you were trying to do, and again, you know it was. All guys are the same and since I’m a guy (last time I checked), I think I know enough about them. Finally, if you’re gonna have witty retorts, don’t forget to throw in the wit factor. Good luck to us all…

    #32 | Comment by roguegeek — December 7, 2002 @ 1:11 am

  33. you said you want to hear the ‘truth’ and no BS. The truth is you ain’t as deep as you purport.

    So who was I trying to impress and you were not? I ain’t belittling you, gosh what a thin skin you seem to have.

    Oh – and thanks for the insight, but how presumptious of you to deign it to me.

    #33 | Comment by raceman — December 7, 2002 @ 1:26 am

  34. I forgot to add "I know you are but what am I" and I know you know, but I knew that already infinity (which you didn’t know… being so deep and all…).

    #34 | Comment by raceman — December 7, 2002 @ 1:29 am

  35. Is someone forcing you to read the posts? I doubt it. Do I like them… not necessarily. WASTE of time? Well hell 99% of our browsing is a waste of time. surf smarter. If you saved the time to read them, you’d also save the time posting to be bitchin about it…. or are you posting for the attention… cause you’re fat….

    #35 | Comment by raceman — December 7, 2002 @ 12:29 pm

  36. Yes, yes, roguegeek is FORCED to read these posts. The humanity, oh the humanity. We must take pity on roguegeek and post only how he wants us (well, them) to post. We must, roguegeek is suffering!

    #36 | Comment by Seriously — December 7, 2002 @ 12:45 pm

  37. My god, that was a stupid comment. I usually just leave these things alone. I need some sugar or something.

    #37 | Comment by Seriously — December 7, 2002 @ 12:46 pm

  38. It was a joke, fuckface.

    #38 | Comment by Kingolf — December 8, 2002 @ 4:11 am

  39. What was a joke?

    #39 | Comment by fuckface — December 8, 2002 @ 9:53 am

  40. I visit this site every now and then, definately has some good stuff on it. I have to say that Crystal is very good looking young lady. Good luck finding her.

    #40 | Comment by Sprout — December 8, 2002 @ 12:51 pm

  41. This page really sucks!

    #41 | Comment by zarraaq — November 26, 2003 @ 12:07 pm

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