“RULE OF THUMB?! In the early 1900’s…

…it was legal for a man to beat his wife, as long as he used a stick no bigger than his thumb.”
“Can’t do much damage with that, now, can we? P’raps it should have been the rule of wrist.”

So I’m sitting here, updating Justin’s page rather than my own, because I’m lazy to the point where now that I no longer have a handy little box to update into (I update the whole page and upload it via FTP) I’d rather do this unless I have something I really want to say.

And you want to talk about BORED?

I came to visit Shawn on Friday, after work, and took his truck back into Orlando the next day so I could go to work. It was a girlfriend of mine’s 21st birthday, so she and her boyfriend came in to drink Car Bombs and Flaming Dr. Pepper’s until I got off work; we picked up a bottle and some beer, went back to her apartment, and proceeded to drink until her boyfriend passed out.

For some reason, his fingernails were bright red, his toenails were sparkly blue, and he had makeup on when he woke up. No idea how that happened, though. The rest of us were down for the count around 5ish, and since I didn’t have my driver’s lisc. with me, was pretty drunk, and was in a car that wasn’t mine, I stayed there. Got back here to Cocoa around 4pm, looked at the new riggings on Shawn’s boat (making the appropriate “Yes, I care, oh, how nice” noises the whole time)

Pretty boring, but some commenters (*cough*bubba*cough*) wanted something to read, and I’m nothing if not obliging. Shawn’s asleep now, and I’m probably supposed to be making dinner, but I can’t be arsed to get off my butt and go to the store just yet.

Work went well last night; the bar wasn’t so trashed as they were on Wednesday, at least they weren’t when I left. No telling how bad it got after that, though. Pretty good money, customers were a nice lot for the most part. No complaints or special stories there. Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re planning on getting the boat out on the water so he can make sure everything’s set up right for this weekend, when we take it down south a ways.

We’re almost at two years, it’s crazy. I’ve never managed to tolerate/be tolerated by a boyfriend for any longer than a few months before; one or the other of us would get bored, or since I seem to have a propensity for picking people as neurotic and/or prone to fits of anger as I am, things would just get weird and go downhill from there. He’s great, though, he really is. Doesn’t listen all the time, but doesn’t mind that I’m consistently late for everything. Has a bit of an ego problem, but doesn’t seem to mind my own failings in that same area. It all works out; raging fights now and then, periods of absolutely perfect contentment, you know…the way a relationship is (I think?) supposed to work.

Okay, now for the commenters/other girls. I know a lot of you are in relationships, and what with Valentine’s Day just passed and all, you’ve probably done a bit of thinking about your s.o…so maybe there’ll be some interesting replies to this question:

What exactly is a “good” relationship? The give-and-take, balance between what you want and they want, etc.

35 thoughts on ““RULE OF THUMB?! In the early 1900’s…

  1. ying and yang, patching the rough spots and in it together. Just the person to push your buttons but take all comers when you’re down. Someone who knows you suck and turns a blind eye now and again — but throws the bullshit flag in a heartbeat.

    in short someone you fucking love and who loves fucking you. With all the attendant ambiguity and warts.

    #1 | Comment by raceman — February 16, 2003 @ 8:18 pm

  2. It’s all about taking, why do they deserve anything? "I’m a playa bitch, I thought you knew? Like every otha nigga in my crew." Of course, I could be wrong….about everything I just typed. Oh well.

    As for the Boondock Saints, I finally saw it. reeee!!! It’s pretty good, but it’s not the greatest movie ever made. They’re going into production of the sequel later this summer. I believe it’s called, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.

    #2 | Comment by Bubba — February 16, 2003 @ 9:29 pm

  3. i dun wanna be a player…

    i just wanna be a banker…

    cos banker alwiz wins… casino rules…

    #3 | Comment by beng — February 16, 2003 @ 9:48 pm

  4. I have a theory that a man cannot love any woman unless she is the dominant person in the relationship.
    The logic being that the women we intially love all have extreme power bases; like our mother, aunt, elder sister, teacher,etc.
    Conversely, if you are in a relationship where the woman is near, or, your equal, and in most cases, the lesser of the man, it can never be love.
    It’s never love because, the anti-love forces inherent in a man become more potent.
    I could go on, but you lot would have to believe the theory to encourage that……..actually I lied, I can’t go on because America Undercover just started on HBO, and I don’t want to miss it.

    #4 | Comment by Discommode — February 16, 2003 @ 9:56 pm

  5. A good relationship is one that isn’t bad. I’m not being an ass, think about it.

    One where you’re both comfortable with each other, or at least don’t absolutely hate each other.

    #5 | Comment by Seriously — February 16, 2003 @ 11:25 pm

  6. If I get anal – its a good relationship.

    #6 | Comment by JesusChrist — February 17, 2003 @ 5:07 am

  7. good relatedningship is wen u is hafink to shet into ur woomen’s mooufe n den from her mooufe u is takein it out afta she is chewin it den play wif ur poo poo n put all over eberywear…nnn den u haf secks..dat is good relatedningship..anotha expalme is wen u is nailin her theates into plank n den she is takin ur balls n nailin dem into woodem planks to..

    #7 | Comment by dikkok — February 17, 2003 @ 10:46 am

  8. All you women bitch too much… learn your place get your bare feet back in that kitchen .. and get Jenn back on here posting

    #8 | Comment by Dave Marshak — February 17, 2003 @ 11:12 am

  9. I’d say a good relationship, for me, is one that actually makes it past the first date. Only been two years since my last one of those, and that one lasted for all of thirty-six hours. Four years since my last actual relationship, and that one lasted two years. I’m not entirely sure how, though, since I still occasionally talk to my ex-girlfriend, and there’s absolutely no attraction there. I remember that being a good relationship, but now I can’t remember why.

    I think Seriously might be right, though, with the, "at least don’t absolutely hate each other," part. Me, I hate myself, but that’s got nothing to do with how a girl might feel about me. And if she doesn’t completely hate me, then that’d likely be enough for me to give her the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, I have impeccable taste in women, none of whom are remotely in my league. I had a point, but I’ve forgotten it. Maybe I’ll get back to it later.

    #9 | Comment by Umgawa — February 17, 2003 @ 12:41 pm

  10. a good relationship is when u have good sex, yet the relationship isnt based on sex.
    or, when your s.o is really hot and you can show them off to your ex and make him/her really jealous.

    #10 | Comment by Pancho — February 17, 2003 @ 2:11 pm

  11. Anyone got any bangbus passwords?

    #11 | Comment by scooby — February 17, 2003 @ 3:00 pm

  12. A good relationship is one that requires work, but you don’t have to actually try. There’s a lot of give and take, but you never really see the giving as a bad thing.

    #12 | Comment by Amor — February 17, 2003 @ 4:52 pm

  13. a good relationship: When you dont have to think about whether its a good or bad relationship.

    #13 | Comment by vass — February 17, 2003 @ 11:25 pm

  14. Hmmm, ya know it’s strange how I found this site (just the other day, when I stumbled upon the long dead evet about Libby Hoeller, or Heller, that girl from UW who stripped on her web cam, yadda yadda).
    Anyways, now I find myself actually reading through this stuff, ….it’s ok, not great, but I’ve nothing to contribute but this.
    After making the worst mistake of my life so far and sleeping with my female roommate I can tell you what a good relation ship seems like, when you give each other your own space every now and then, sure you need to spend time together, but just as important you need to spend time to yourself. (when you live together that’s every single day of your life that your spending time with this person….it can be constricting) Apparently when I was spending time with myself she was calling up a couple of my guy friends (nothing happened, but she had intentions, thankfully my friends told me this and I didn’t get mad to a point where I wanted to beat the snot out of them) ….her on the other hand gets nothing from me now, she lies like a rug, and tries to push my buttons to get her own way. She’s a medalling bitch who is in her last semester of college, she doesn’t have a single marketable skill except how to use her seductive ways to get her things (like good grades on term papers).
    Ok I really don’t have a point to this,….. a perfect relationship to me, is a finding another girl who obviously shares similar interests, I’m a shy person, mechanically minded and a major geek, technically I should be looking for a girl who is also a geek,…. But I’m not.
    Um yeah that’s it, this was a pointless rant,

    #14 | Comment by tom — February 17, 2003 @ 11:26 pm

  15. I’d say that what I’m looking for in a woman is someone who I think can write funnier copy than myself. That’s the woman I’m looking for. I think my standards have dropped since I came back to posting, though, since I’m just not as funny as I used to be. Anyway, I stick by my previous mention that a good relationship lasts more than two dates.

    #15 | Comment by Umgawa — February 17, 2003 @ 11:28 pm

  16. Oh yeah, thought I would share this

    #16 | Comment by Jamlink — February 18, 2003 @ 1:34 am

  17. Hahahaha, "I’M GAY!" ("he’s gay!")

    #17 | Comment by Bubba — February 18, 2003 @ 1:48 am

  18. If I get to give anal – its a better relationship.

    #18 | Comment by JesusChrist — February 18, 2003 @ 6:04 am

  19. Good relationships are ones that make you feel like if you died the next day your life would be complete, then when it gets stale (and it will) it ends.. then you can find another one of those relationships.. the longer you stay in 1 relationship, the more likely you are to be happy in death, then to die happy.

    #19 | Comment by Dave Marshak — February 18, 2003 @ 10:05 am

  20. If you fell like "giving" some thing anally to your girlfriend, it’s not a healthy relationship.

    Either that, or you’re into pee/poop sex.

    #20 | Comment by Kingolf — February 18, 2003 @ 10:35 am

  21. Funny seeing so many guys talk about relationships and nothing from the girls when traditionally people would think it would be the other way around.

    Somebody once told me that you know you are ready to marry a girl when she meets three standards:
    1. She is your best friend.
    The person you confide in. The person you would most like to hang out with. The person you are lost without.
    2. She is your best lover.
    The person that rocks your world. There ain’t no sex like her sex.
    3. She is your best relationship.
    The girlfriend that doesn’t nag, puts up with your shit, and still calls you in the morning.

    Coming up on my sixth year in my relationship. Almost four years of that I have been married. Every day is still new. The butterflies are still there. There are ups and downs like everything in life. It hasn’t been all peaches and cream. But coming from a guy who couldn’t stand to be with a girl more then a month because she got boring, when you find that person…you will know it.

    Enough of the sappy shit, show us your boobeys FUBAR girls! 😀

    #21 | Comment by Jamlink — February 18, 2003 @ 12:54 pm

  22. I believe the Fubarians are due for another update. Have you paid your dues Bub? "Yes sir, the check is in the mail."

    #22 | Comment by Bubba — February 18, 2003 @ 1:45 pm

  23. a good relationship is one of choice. you have your own lives and are happy with them… but you choose to share them with eachother. good communication is key… and trust is a necessity.

    /idealistic female dork talk.

    #23 | Comment by starzie — February 18, 2003 @ 6:54 pm

  24. yawn… But do you do anal?

    #24 | Comment by JesusChrist — February 18, 2003 @ 6:58 pm

  25. A VERY good question… I think the readers of Fubar deserve an answer.

    #25 | Comment by Dave Marshak — February 18, 2003 @ 9:52 pm

  26. oh, right right. shall i send in a pic of my boobs for you gentlmen too?

    #26 | Comment by starzie — February 18, 2003 @ 11:20 pm

  27. Jeezy Creezy, does no one want to update this site? First one that does it gets a topless pic of me =). I should mention that I’m male.

    #27 | Comment by huh — February 19, 2003 @ 12:08 pm

  28. I was just getting on here to make a post, it was going to be a really good one too. Full of really nice boobs, good porn links, and ways to get rich quick. Unfortunately I am not into getting topless pictures of men, so therefore I shall refrain until someone into that kind of thing makes a post.

    #28 | Comment by Jamlink — February 19, 2003 @ 12:17 pm

  29. the "rule of thumb" quotation that thess put at the beginning of her post is a historical fiction, an untruth on the order of an urban legend. it does not serve feminism (under any name) to perpetuate this lie.

    not that i necessarily give a shit, but

    i’m only posting under the power of the beauty of the wonder of truth.

    but it’s nothing to care about.

    #29 | Comment by swag — February 19, 2003 @ 7:05 pm

  30. sorry, wankers. thought i was on a different board that wanted html tags for links. here’s the "rule of thumb" debunking:


    #30 | Comment by swag again — February 19, 2003 @ 7:07 pm

  31. Are you implying that something said in a movie isn’t true?

    #31 | Comment by thess — February 19, 2003 @ 9:46 pm

  32. "Are you implying that something said in a movie isn’t true?"

    That’s absurd!

    #32 | Comment by Bubba — February 20, 2003 @ 5:17 am

  33. Perhaps then, when he said it, he was crossing the road because his cock was stuck in a chicken?

    #33 | Comment by Phil — February 20, 2003 @ 10:39 am

  34. i love avril so quit fucking dissssssing avril she is the bad bomb……

    #34 | Comment by abbyreynolds — February 25, 2003 @ 10:22 am

  35. why is avril lavighne a singer

    #35 | Comment by james — March 2, 2003 @ 8:29 pm

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