Since i didn’t buy that new TV.

I got a PlayStation Portal.

I got a Meta Quest 3.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S24+.

I got a Deco BE65.

I got an Amazfit Balance.

I got a bunch more 4K Blurays.

Oh and i rebought all the Mission Impossible movies again but in steelbooks this time.

I found out about the steelbook releases and now steelbooks are thing i want to start collecting. UGH. So i rebought all the MI movies because i’m stupid like that.

I previously bought the 6 movie collection thing plus the Dead Reckoning steelbook (which got dented in transit thanks to Amazon’s shit packaging).

Speaking of which, Amazon has been doing an incredibly shitty job at packaging and shipping out these Blurays. Like what the fuck is this:

I got half the Mission Impossible steelbooks IN A FLIMSY ENVELOPE WITH NO BUBBLE WRAP.

And the rest of them IN A BOX WITH ZERO PADDING.

I’m surprised none of them got damaged in transit this time. Seriously wtf.

The Darkman steelbook at least got shipped out in a bubble mailer thing.

But still, these things are prone to get dented. Use a box or wrap ’em up in some bubble wrap at the very least.

Oh and not forgetting the time they shipped out my Avril Lavigne Love Sux Vinyl LIKE THIS:



  1. If you ever actually use that PSP, report back on whether it’s worth it. Something that will only stream from your PS5 seems kind of useless when you have an OLED Deck, but I saw where it’s starting to get hacked so you can run emulators on it, so maybe it’s slightly less useless now.

    AMAZON CAN FUCK OFF WITH THEIR PACKAGING. I’m so afraid to order any kind of collectible from them because I know it’s going to get so jacked up in shipping that I won’t want it anymore. Putting Blurays in a giant box like that… you might as well drop them in a running blender. And even the bubble mailer… you know some knucklehead is dropping a heavy box on it and cracking the case.

    Fuck you, Amazon. Your convenience is almost ruined by your carelessness. Almost.

    #1 | Comment by Jason — February 27, 2024 @ 1:31 am

  2. There it is, I was wondering if Avril was gonna be in the lot.

    #2 | Comment by Pirho — February 27, 2024 @ 8:18 am

  3. the playstation portal feels great in hand. but it’s literally just a dualsense with a very limited android tablet stuck in-between. remote play on the portal is no different than using a cell phone with the remote play app.

    functionally, i could already do the same thing with the steamdeck running chiaki, and it worked just as well. except it just didn’t feel right.

    with the portal, you get that native feel and everything just works. oh and you get the dualsense haptics too.

    on the steamdeck, i had to map the PS button to one of the back buttons on the deck. felt wrong. and getting chiaki to wake up the PS5 was very fiddly. had to tap the connect icon like a bunch of times before it would actually register and start the connection process. not very seamless.

    oh, upgrading my router from a Tp-Link AX6000 to the Tp-Link Deco BE65 does help a bit. the connection is noticeably much smoother and stable.

    played a bit of helldivers 2 and a plague tale: requiem on the portal in bed (the PS5 is upstairs) and it worked well enough. there’s always going to be a little bit of latency and some frame drops here and there but was alright. it all depends on your network and internet setup.

    i wouldn’t use it to play call of duty or anything like that, but for helldivers and story based games, it works well enough. should help clear some of my backlog too since i can play anywhere, with all the feels.

    #3 | Comment by Justin — February 27, 2024 @ 8:54 am

  4. Do you play away from home? Or just in different rooms in your house? I love handhelds, but I just use them at home. I’d think the in-house remote play should be pretty smooth.

    #4 | Comment by Jason — March 1, 2024 @ 3:54 am

  5. I preordered Trainspotting on 4K, Amazon mailed it the same way, a bag with zero padding. Criterion’s Trainspotting release is already kind of shit, a paper digipack, but Amazon did it no favors. I had to do an exchange. They mailed the second one the exact same way. Luckily this one only had like one corner mildly crushed, so I just called it a day. I researched this online, even in store people were posting pictures of crushed digipacks. Dumb packaging all around I guess. But almost every steelbook I get, in the mail or even in store has one ding or dent, those things are far too fragile. That will be the collectors item in 100 years an unmarred steelbook. For the mutated rats that inherit the earth to covet.

    #5 | Comment by okstorms — March 11, 2024 @ 3:03 am

  6. missed your comment #4

    i actually just tested out the portal from work today (my workplace is like around 62 miles away) and it was pretty playable. but yeah, main use case for it is just playing in other rooms within the house.

    i’d rather bring out my steamdeck over the portal if i’m gonna bring a portable to play away from home.

    #6 | Comment by Justin — March 11, 2024 @ 7:02 pm

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