Fill ‘er up!

This is just filler.

Subject: Oasma
From: “Dave Eason”
Date: Wed, Oct 10 2001 2:49:10 PM -0400

Your comments on Osama are excellent! I hope that mother fucker gets a sex change operation so that when he’s in prison for the rest of his low life the inmates can screw him just like he’s screwing the Afgan people. Keep up the good work.

I just hope they bomb the stupid cave that he’s in or whatever and he dies under all the rubble.

Subject: Yo
From: “Timothy B. Monahan”
Date: Wed, Oct 10 2001 10:55:18 PM -0400

So…I like your page and all; but you are lacking respect towards Franka Potente. You gotta represent Germany in some way. Or at least Claire Danes.

Take care of this.


Of course you like this page. Everybody does.

(Yes. I am deluded.)

I once posted about how i thought Thess would look like Franka if she had flaming red hair. From certain angles. Like really far away.

Of course, i’ve also been told that i was blind but that’s beside the point.

I haven’t actually seen any of her more recent films. I think she was in Blow. And one other one i can’t remember what. I’ve only ever seen her in Run Lola Run. And that music video that’s on the DVD where her hair’s blonde. I think she looks better with red hair.

Then again, i’ve always had a thing for redheads so yeah, i’d think every would look good with red hair.

There aren’t too many Claire Danes pics out there that would fit under the gratuitous nude naked topless celebs section of the site (if that’s what you’re hoping for anyway). I could always try looking again but i doubt i’ll find any that’re really ‘good’. If you know what i mean.

Maybe it’s time did another ‘porno post’. I’ve been posting enough ‘real posts’ to justify me posting a ‘porno post’ don’t you think?

Yes. ‘Porno post’ coming soon.

One thought on “Fill ‘er up!

  1. From far enough away that there are no discernable facial or body features whatsoever. 🙂

    #1 | Comment by thess — October 12, 2001 @ 4:34 am

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