The so called ‘porno post’

Class is out for the rest of the week. I love the fact that i only have class from Monday to Thursday. Leaves me with a long weekend of absolutely fuck all to do.

Of course, you don’t really care for all of that. You just want pictures of naked celebs.

Most of you anyway.

Alright. I don’t really have much for you today. Actually i wouldn’t have much for you any other day for that matter. Because it just seems like i have (almost) every possible topless celeb pic on my site as it is. Sure, i know i’m missing quite a handful of other people on there but the truth is, i just can’t think of anybody else that would have pics that’d more or less fit under my (half assed) gratuitous nude naked topless celebs section. Either that or i’m just too lazy to make an effort to think for myself. So i implore you to give me a coupla suggestions. And i’ll try looking em up. At least it’ll give me something to do this weekend. Or better yet, you could even send me some through e-mail. And i’ll give you 15 seconds of fame on my site.

Or a plug. Or both even! Wowee golly gee!

Anyway, like i said. I don’t have much for you today. Except for these technically topless pics of Britney Spears. Yes. REAL ones and not just photoshop doctored ones.

There’s a catch of course. Hence the ‘technically’. You see, even though she IS topless (in two of the pics), you can’t really see anything.

But regardless, check em out anyway. They’re as good as it gets to seeing Britney topless.

Not sure if you’ve seen them before but they’ve been out for quite a while now. I’ve only just discovered them today. So they’re pretty much new to me.

Apparently, if you look really closely, you can see her tit in the first pic.

I personally couldn’t see anything.

Because i don’t look at porn.

That was a blatant lie of course.

You know, it’s kind of a misnomer for me to say that i have a porn on my site. Or to call the pics i post up ‘porn’. Because they’re not. And personally, i don’t think pics of naked topless celebs really constitutes as porn. And besides, i’ve never actually posted them up directly on the main page for all to see. I only link to them. So yes, you actually do have a choice of whether you wanna look at them or not.

If you want real porn then this is a better site for you to go to.

But regardless, whether you wanna call it porn or not, it brings in the hits and keeps people coming back for more. I’d also like to think that people keep coming back to read more of the posts but of course, that’s just a pipe dream.

But anyway, speaking of posts, this is a pretty weak ‘porno post’. No real porn to speak of. And no good ‘porn’ either. Just a couple of topless Britney Spears pics where you can’t even see anything.

‘Porno post’?

That’s a hell of misnomer if i ever did see one.

IWANGFValidate ThisClass Or Sex
Three good sites that have ‘porn’ AND actual content.

Unlike mine.

4 thoughts on “The so called ‘porno post’

  1. a friend of mine, who just visited Malaysian college chicks archives . claims that the 1st 3 photos were altered. He believed the tits of those woman were altered.(I’m not sure in what way, but that’s what he said).
    Do you have anything to comment about this?

    #1 | Comment by MaNacZ — October 12, 2001 @ 12:45 pm

  2. I’m sorry, but Britney Spears is one of the few (if not the only) unattractive celebrity that you have nude naked topless pictures of. It’s not that she’s ugly–her face is actually quite pretty (when she’s not playing slut queen at a concert)–but as for her body, it’s disgusting to think that not only is she less beautiful than the girls, but she’s also less real. Ick.

    Now how about someone more along the lines of Jessica Pare (look her up–she is FINE, HOT, that sort of thing) and Piper Parabo, who are both nude naked topless in ‘Lost and Delirious,’ I might add.

    #2 | Comment by Banana — October 12, 2001 @ 2:39 pm

  3. Wow never seen those pics of Britney before, you can see her nipple if you look real close.. looks a bit pointy to me, a bit disappointing really, after all the fakes i’ve seen at

    #3 | Comment by Jerkoff — February 1, 2002 @ 7:42 am

  4. id sooner eat my own shit than see her naked! i prefere shakira.

    #4 | Comment by jonboy — November 19, 2002 @ 9:20 am

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