Too kind

What do you do when you can’t think of how to start a new post on your own site? Well you just cut and paste posts from other sites to put up on your own of course! Specifically ones that mention you in it. And hopefully you’ll be able to branch off into other topics of discussion as a result of it! And posting other peoples’ posts that mention your name in it also it makes it seem like you’re more popular than you really are! And not only that, they get a free plug too! Everybody wins!

“Terry’s wife gave birth to a new baby, another snake boy! His name is Justin, cute innocent Justin…not the dirty horny corrupted old man Justin from fubar. 😛 Noticed more and more people mentioning Justin< on their websites, that sure got his ego boosted up big time. i doubt if there will be anyone who has a higher ego level than he does 😉 He has this really weird sense of humor though, cracked me up every single time i run through his blogs. Bloodily funny dude- i guess that’s why everyone wants to be like him [double ego boost].”Pearl’fection

On a semi-related note, remember Regine? That chick who was really anal about how i spelt Stacey’s name wrongly?

Well, i like to call her Anal Regine.

It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Not out of context anyway.

But that’s not the point. The point is that i only just recently discovered that her last name is Tan. Which would make for a really good Stacey Tan/Pearly Tan/Derrick Tan/Regine Tan joke.

It’d also be really good if i actually told the joke instead of just talking about it… but knowing that i have four people with the same last name checking out my site is funny enough as it is. Funny to me anyway.

Then again i’ve always been easily amused.

ok storms: haha
psykotik2k: what?
ok storms: under my skin i am really David
ok storms: the robot kid from AI
ok storms: says this survey
ok storms:

psykotik2k: i havent seen that mvoie
ok storms: what?!
ok storms: you haven’t seen it?
psykotik2k: i have the tralier
psykotik2k: read the review
psykotik2k: but i havent seen it
ok storms: your insane
ok storms: i loved that fucking movie
psykotik2k: i havent seen it
ok storms: i cried like a little bitch
psykotik2k: you are a little bitch

Confession: i once cried watching a movie too.

A Kevin Costner movie at that. ‘A Perfect World’. Ever seen it? Cried like a little bitch i did. Keep in mind that this happened probably like 8 years ago or something like that. I don’t cry at movies anymore.


A Perfect World. It was the only movie i remember where i actually cried at the end. That and that one episode of The Wonder Years where that idiot Kevin Arnold ditches Madeline Adams for boring ass Winnie Cooper chick.

Fucking Winnie Cooper man.


Anyway, i dare you to watch A Perfect World and not cry like a little bitch by the end of the movie. It’s been quite a while since i last saw it though. Almost about two years now i think. I have it on laserdisc at home. I’m not sure if it’s as powerful a story now as it was before but yeah, i cried like a little bitch watching it the first time back then.

I think i’ve made that point clear. Me crying like a little bitch.

This one time, i had like four of my friends over at my place and just as luck would have it, A Perfect World was showing on HBO. None of them had ever seen the movie at the time so i was curious as to how they’d react at the end of it all.

You should’ve seen it. Four guys. Weeping like four little bitches. One went to the bathroom to wipe away his tears, one went outside the house to wipe away his, the other one followed his lead pretending that he wasn’t crying even though he clearly was and the last one just sat there. Wiping his wet eyes with his own shirt.

It was truly a pathetic sight.

In which of the following situation is it OK to cry?

  1. When a heroic dog dies to save his own master.
  2. The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse.
  3. After wrecking your boss’ Ferrari.
  4. One hour, 12 minutes, and 37 seconds into The Crying Game.
  5. When you accidently slice off your head with a bandsaw, again.
  6. When your girlfriend is using her teeth.

Answer: all of the above

In other news, how about some e-mail?

Subject: Word up, Jesus!
From: Add to Contacts
Date: Thu, Oct 11 2001 1:37:46 PM EDT


Come on now brother, I’m obviously a writing guru, yet you won’t promote me.
You promote everyone from Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls mistake to Louis
Gosset Jr. and back again. Read my article today at entitled
“All the news that’s fit. And now, even news that is not.” If you deem it
humourous, tell people ‘Hey! This is humorous!’.

Louis Gosset Jr. will thank you.

This guy’s been quite a long time fan of the site. He’s IM-ed numerous times, e-mailed me more times that i can even count and basically has just been begging for a plug. And i’m sure some of you know how much of a bastard i can be at plugging or linking sometimes but anyway yeah. Go check out some of this guy’s posts. Take my word for it, this Jerk guy is just the funniest shit. Dare i say even more funnier than i am?

I’m lying of course. Nobody is funnier than i am.

But no really, those pics that he keeps putting up along with his posts. Some of them are just priceless.

This next one is a guestbook signing. But it could may as well have been an e-mail:

Comments: I am curious to know how many hits this stie gets per day, and if I’m the only one who likes its layout so much. Something about seeing Angelina everyday that pleases me.

Keep up the good work son. Even if you are short and blind, I still like what your doing half way across the globe from me.

If you haven’t already, check out Requiem for a Dream on DVD. Its ridiculously good. Then read the book, which is even better. You can read, right?


Yes. It’s that same guy again.

And no, you’re not the only one who likes Angelina Jolie. As you’ll find out below.

Actually i do have Requiem For A Dream on DVD. The unrated version. And not the ‘made for BlockBuster piece of shit R-rated’ one. Differences being that there’s more (and i love this line) “Ass to ass” action in the unrated version. And more Jennifer Connelly too. Albeit for just a few more seconds. Requiem For A Dream, i think, is the most depressing movie ever. And people say that Dancer In The Dark is. Hogwash. You wanna see a depressing movie? Go watch Requiem For A Dream if you haven’t already. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

Oh yeah and i generally get around 1800+/1900+ hits a day these days (which translates into ‘fucking low‘).

I want more.

Subject: Link Exchange
From: “Fendexis .com”
Date: Thu, Oct 11 2001 11:17:01 PM +0000

Care to do a link exchange sir? You <3 Angelina Jolie, therefore, I <3 you.


I’ve also decided to link because:

1. I like the URL.
2. Because his site has a section that’s almost entirely dedicated to girls.

I am just too kind.

3 thoughts on “Too kind

  1. it’s odd how you mention my name. as in the way you mention it. and not least because of the ‘anal’ part. out of context it sounds like my favourite position. anal regine. like annabel chong or something. but… not. nevermind. just wanted to tell you, you don’t actually need to link my page, since it’s dead. bye bye.

    #1 | Comment by regine — October 12, 2001 @ 11:18 pm

  2. But your name will look naked if it’s not linked to your site!

    #2 | Comment by Justin — October 13, 2001 @ 10:53 am

  3. Thanks, I owe you a sprite.

    #3 | Comment by Jerk — October 13, 2001 @ 12:48 pm

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