Life Goes On

Any of you ever watched that show Life Goes On? Remember that show? Anyone? That was a GOOD show. I was thinking about it while i was lying in bed last night and i remembered how i first got to know about that show.

It was probably like 10 years ago now. I think i was still in the 5th or 6th grade at the time. Or something like that. This friend of mine, Phillip; a real dickhead, comes up to me and says something to the extent of “Hey man, you gotta check out this cool rap song on this TV show.”

Keep in mind that this was around the time when Vanilla Ice and M.C Hammer were considerd the ‘in’ thing. Rap was cool.

And so i ask him when the show’s on, what time, what day etc etc. It was on pretty late. Around 11:30pm i think if i remember correctly. Every Thursday.

So in rolls Thursday and i program the VCR to record the show for me because i couldn’t be arsed waiting up for it. And the next day, i rewind the tape and decide to stop it halfway through just to check it out and get a ‘sneak preview’ as to what the hell this show was like.

And i’m like what the fuck is this?? A retard? Getting picked up by his dad from school? Because he’s being difficult? What the fuck? How the hell can a show like this have a rap song?

And i rewind the whole the tape and waited for the cool rap song. Which i’d assumed to be the opening credits music. So i’m waiting and waiting. And no rap song. And this was already like 15 minutes into the show. Way past the opening credits which definitely had no rap music whatsoever. Unless you consider the Beatles’ ‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’ to be rap.

Then it struck me.

‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’ was the ‘rap’ song that he was referring to.

What a complete fucking moron. Like oh my God. How in the world could he’ve even mistaken that song for being a rap song??

What a fucking tool.

Anyway, i got into that show shortly after. Started tuning in every week. Even despite the lack of any cool rap song to be heard. Actually the only reason i stayed up to watch that show was Kellie Martin. Man she was hot. HOT. Actually it wsn’t only just that, the whole storyline was pretty good too. Almost as good as The Wonder Years. I watched the whole series right through till the last episode. I still have it on tape somewhere.

Man it must’ve suck having a boyfriend who has AIDS and not being able to have mad passionate monkey sex. But in they show, they did. With a condom of course. But man, that’s like… really dangerous and shit. I remember that last episode. That scene. It was really touching. The AIDS guy, Jesse, dies in the end. And Kellie Martin’s character, i think her name was Becca, moves on and marries some other guy and has a kid. In fact, in the end, you find out that the whole time, she’s just been retelling the whole Life Goes On story to her kid as a bedtime story. And you also find out that she names the kid after her boyfriend, the one who died of AIDS.

Then there’s this dream sequence at the end just before the final closing credits where you see a ‘what if’ scenario where the both of them get married.


I think i’m gonna cry.

Actually i’m not sure if i did cry during that last episode. I remember being really really down (because it was the last episode and it did have a sad ending and all) but i’m not sure if i cried. I think i did though. I’m not certain.

But i’m sure though, that if Will had followed the whole show till the end, he would’ve wept like a little bitch.

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