Hello. I haven’t gone gay if you’re wondering. Okay you can blame me for the Colin Farrell layout this time. But blame Bubba for the previous Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt one. Actually i didn’t even make that layout. One of the regulars made it and sent it to me telling me to use it sometime. I didn’t want to because it had Brad Pitt in it and the running joke of the week was about Johnny Depp. But then lo and behold, Bubba just happens to mention BOTH Brad Pitt AND Johnny Depp in the same IM without me even having to trick him into saying it and i was like A WINNAR IS YOU!

And so i put up the layout. Which i didn’t even make. Which makes me less gayer that the guy who actually made it for me.

Where i stand for actually making the new Colin one myself and putting it up and saying that he’s hotsex is up for debate though.

Time for a totally uneccesary and overlong chatlog! Read it. It tells a story. As does any chatlog i post up.

psykotik2k: i saw pirates of the carribean on dvd today
psykotik2k: and LXG too
psykotik2k: tee hee
PacManJesus: did you buy it+
psykotik2k: no
psykotik2k: i bought other stuff though
psykotik2k: i bought:
psykotik2k: how to lose a guy in 10 days
psykotik2k: final destination 2
psykotik2k: punch drunk love
psykotik2k: road to perdition
psykotik2k: shanghai knights
psykotik2k: the end.
PacManJesus: those all suck, ‘cept for perdition, and knights is kinda funny
psykotik2k: no, you suck!
psykotik2k: the chick with the big forehead in final destination 2 is HOT
PacManJesus: you like chicks with big foreheads don’t you?
psykotik2k: keegan connor tracy
psykotik2k: hot
psykotik2k: canadian
psykotik2k: LOOKIT HER TITS
psykotik2k: shes hot in a big forehead kind of way
PacManJesus: cool
PacManJesus: and hot
psykotik2k: ok she’s only hot to me. i hate you.
PacManJesus: well, duh
psykotik2k: my next layout will feature
psykotik2k: COLIN FARRELL!!!!!!!!
psykotik2k: omg
PacManJesus: im going on vacation on the 28th for a week and a fear when I gte back there will be guy pron on it
psykotik2k: what!
psykotik2k: for how long
psykotik2k: holy shit omg colin farrell
psykotik2k: ya i’mma make it now
psykotik2k: you think i’m kidding dont you. ahahahaha
psykotik2k: ok i’m kidding.
PacManJesus: ill be gone from the 28th to the 2nd
psykotik2k: i think.
psykotik2k: thats not long
PacManJesus: surfing
PacManJesus: its only a few hours away
psykotik2k: watchout fo the jellyfixsh
PacManJesus: scuba diving and sheit
PacManJesus: yeah I know, fuckers hert
psykotik2k: beware of sharks
PacManJesus: havent seen one yet
psykotik2k: dont die
PacManJesus: you need me to keep some testosterone on your site
PacManJesus: now that you are, ya know, a 15 year old girl
psykotik2k: colin farrel *swoon*
psykotik2k: hot damn colin farrell
psykotik2k: *giggle*
PacManJesus: didnt know he played bullseye
psykotik2k: WHAT
psykotik2k: you didnt know
psykotik2k: how could you not
psykotik2k: its COLIN FARRELL!
psykotik2k: he’s been in like all the movies out in 2002
psykotik2k: well
psykotik2k: alot of them anyway
psykotik2k: phonebooth!
psykotik2k: tigerland!
psykotik2k: harts war!
psykotik2k: the recruit!
psykotik2k: american outlaws!
PacManJesus: sucked!
psykotik2k: minority report!
psykotik2k: SWAT!
Auto response from PacManJesus: She’s the queen of the 21st centuryJust a shred of what her parents thought a little girl should beSteeped in spite, coddled in fear, drenched in noveltybut masterful at sensual technology…
psykotik2k: daredevil!
psykotik2k: ok i lose

As you can see, i can be completely random and unpredictable at times. Perhaps even shocking? This guy seems to think that i’m the Howard Stern of the internet.

Which is somewhat true since i am an internet celebrity and therefore one of the most powerful people on Earth.

By the way, i’d like to thank both ApeChild and Mental Ernie for graciously plugging my site and helping me get back on my internet feet. Go visit them. They’re good sites. Better than mine and a whole lot less gayer.

Anyhow, speaking of gay, over the past few days, i have witnessed quite a number of puzzled readers being… um… puzzled over the recent turn of gayosity this site has taken.

Let’s take a look at what people have been saying eh?

This was when Johnny Depp was still on the site.

26/7/03 1:27 AM
vtcom1: What’s your new domain?
psykotik2k: ya!
vtcom1: You’re a faghat!

26/7/03 2:09 AM
sm4shy: hey, ya fifteen year old girl
psykotik2k: colin farrell *swoon*
sm4shy: he is a sexy man, isn’t he?
psykotik2k: yesh
sm4shy: he’s like in every fucking movie.
psykotik2k: thats what i was just saying to pacmanjesus
sm4shy: i just minority report for the first time two days ago
sm4shy: he’s in that.
psykotik2k: he didnt even know it was him in daredevil
sm4shy: he’s in daredevil???!?!?!
psykotik2k: ya duhhh
sm4shy: i didnt see
sm4shy: i didnt know he is in that
sm4shy: is he the lead villian?
sm4shy: deadshot?
psykotik2k: bullseye
sm4shy: yeah
sm4shy: really? I didnt know that. I cant stand ben affleck….but jennifer garner is hot…
sm4shy: i bet she looks good in that flick
sm4shy: even with her large forehead
psykotik2k: you know who else i like who has a large forehead?
psykotik2k: that chick in final destination 2
sm4shy: the lead?
psykotik2k: nope
psykotik2k: the other one
psykotik2k: the one with the big forehead
sm4shy: which other girl
sm4shy: the one that died?
psykotik2k: keegan connor tracy
sm4shy: which was she in the movie?
sm4shy: was she the one who’s head popped off in the elevator/
sm4shy: she isnt the main character?
psykotik2k: nope
psykotik2k: she died via airbag
sm4shy: oh yeah
sm4shy: she is cute
psykotik2k: i just bought the movie on dvd today
sm4shy: i saw that shit bomb at a theater
sm4shy: that movie was fucking terrible.
psykotik2k: i loved it
sm4shy: if you liked that movie you ARE a 15 year old girl

26/7/03 4:20 AM
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: dude, you are so gay
psykotik2k: i’m a 15 year old girl
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: same difference
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: I hate colin farrell
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: he was that stupid guy in that gay movie w/ that gay guy and that bitch from that one gay tv show

26/7/03 4:33 AM
Jackalicious2: what
Jackalicious2: the fuck
Jackalicious2: your site is gone nuts

26/7/03 4:00 AM
juice2027: what is with you and the wees and lalas?
psykotik2k: i’m a 15 year old girl
juice2027: whatever
juice2027: liez
psykotik2k: =(
juice2027: cuz pacmajesus said you were?
juice2027: avril doesn’t bang 15 year old girls dude
psykotik2k: but i am
juice2027: hah
psykotik2k: LessThanKeli:omg justin you’re becoming a 15 yr old girl
LessThanKeli:im genuinely frightened
psykotik2k: see?
juice2027: NO1
juice2027: snap out of it!
psykotik2k: colin farrell makes me wet

Fubar is so popular that people even talk about it with other people! Look!

26/7/03 3:42 AM
RaBiDcOwFrOmHELL: why you take picx of lillix away?
RaBiDcOwFrOmHELL: they=the awesome
PacManJesus: haha… that was Justin’s move
RaBiDcOwFrOmHELL: nooooooo
RaBiDcOwFrOmHELL: ok collin farrel IS hot, but still

27/7/03 12:26 PM
ItalianAngel487: justin is a girl or a guy
DubU2584: guy
ItalianAngel487: ummmm
ItalianAngel487: “Johnny Depp is one sexy man beast” – 6:02pm July 22, 2003
Arrrr! Avast ye mateys!
ItalianAngel487: he is gay??
DubU2584: uh…he likes to pretend to be gay
ItalianAngel487: weird

For the record i never said that Johnny Depp was a sexy man beast. I was quoting PacManJesus. Lalala.

But who cares about what other people are saying to other people about my site! Back to what other people are saying to ME about my site!

27/7/03 12:02 PM
THerbMcC71: … Colin Farrell is hotsex
THerbMcC71: Guess you’ve finally contracted one of those southeast Asian diseases that affects the brain.

Yeah. It’s not SARS. It’s GAYS.

27/7/03 12:17 PM
Jaded Tweaker: I just noticed the new person theme for your site. He’s my ‘If I were gay #1 man’

So, i have come to the conclusion, that after rereading some of these chatlogs, that there’s a little bit of gay in everyone of us. And it’s okay!

Don’t you just love it when i don’t really have anything to talk about and all i do is just post up chatlogs?

Fine fine. I’ll talk. So i finally got around to watching Bad Boys II last night (Slight spolier alert). I actually bought the bootleg on VCD like… 3 days ago or something like that. And by golly i liked it! It was good. I actually laughed out loud quite a number of times. And it usually takes A LOT to make me ‘lol’ during a movie. It usually has to be really funny otherwise the most you can get out of me is a smile or a chuckle. But Bad Boys II made me laugh. Out loud. Several times. Especially during that scene where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were acting all gangsta in front of that kid. That Ludacris line had me in stitches.

I also got around to watching Punch-Drunk Love (Slight spoiler alert). That movie was quirky as hell. I loved Boogie Nights and Magnolia. Hell i even liked Hard Eights. But for the first 20 minutes or so of Punch-Drunk Love, i had no idea what to think. Did i love it? Did i hate it? It was just one of the weirdest movies i’d ever seen. Totally unlike any of PTA’s previous films. But lo and behold it actually started getting really good after the phone sex chick started harassing Adam Sandler. I really liked this movie. And i probably laughed longer than i’d ever laughed during any scene in any movie that i’ve seen this year. That part where Sandler was calling his sister from the payphone was fucking hilarious. Alas that was pretty much the biggest laugh in the movie for me (bigger than any laugh in Bad Boys II even). The rest only made me smile and chuckle a lot. But what do you expect? It’s not really an Adam Sandler movie. It’s more of a P.T. Anderson movie than it is a typical Sandler one. So that’s to be expected.

25/7/03 2:14 AM
TehBubba: why am i still up bitch?
psykotik2k: me too
psykotik2k: i want to see alexa vega naked
TehBubba: who’s dat?
psykotik2k: spy kids
psykotik2k: she has a new movie out
TehBubba: not the little girl is it…
psykotik2k: spy kids 3D
TehBubba: you actaully saw spy kids 3D didn’t you?
psykotik2k: not yet
psykotik2k: but i want to
TehBubba: i bet you do
psykotik2k: i bought spy kids 2 on dvd last week
TehBubba: don’t admit that…
TehBubba: how many times did you watch spy kids 2?
psykotik2k: twice
TehBubba: twice as gay as you were now…
TehBubba: why would you watch it twice?
psykotik2k: i watched the music video lots of times though
psykotik2k: it’s alexa vega singing
psykotik2k: shakin her thang
TehBubba: how old is this girl anyway?
psykotik2k: dunno
TehBubba: i shall find out
psykotik2k: old enough to pee, old enough for me! HEEHEEHEE
TehBubba: that’s my line
TehBubba: bitch
TehBubba: 15
TehBubba: too old for me
TehBubba: you can have her
psykotik2k: sweet
TehBubba: it’s all about the pre teenies.
TehBubba: get the ones you know are going to be cute and marry them. then, when you’re all old and decrepit, she’ll still be pretty cute. GOOD DEAL!
psykotik2k: sweet!
TehBubba: i like to go shopping for wives at the local elementary. nothing yet, but there’s a new school year coming and i think this is my year..
psykotik2k: find me one too
TehBubba: okay
TehBubba: i’ll e-mail her to you…
TehBubba: somehow.
psykotik2k: excellent

(Note: we are not really raging pedophiles)

With all that being said, i actually went out and bought Spy Kids 3D on VCD yesterday. I still haven’t watched it yet though. Mostly because i don’t have the 3D glasses to watch the movie properly yet. I’m gonna have to go out and buy some red and blue transparent plastic and make myself a pair. Wait. Is it red and blue or red and green? It’s blue right? Anyhow, i did skim through the entire movie; fast forwarding to all the good parts (i.e the parts with Carla Gugino and Alexa Vega in it) but alas, i was highly disappointed. Both Carla and Alexa seem to have a lot less screen time this time around.

Also, it would seem that this will probably be the last Spy Kids movie in the series of Spy Kids movies. If they do make a part 4, it’s probably gonna be like… Spy Teens or something. Speaking of Spy Kids 3D, the movie isn’t the only thing that’s made the move into the 3rd dimension. Alexa Vega seems to have become a whole lot more 3D too. If you know what i mean. HEEHEEHEE.

Mmmm… 3D Alexa

Here’s a side shot from a publicity still. 3D! Perhaps even 34 C!

(Note: i am not really a raging pedophile)

Anyhow, i think that is all. I’m going to go watch Brotherhood of the Wolf now. Which i bought last weekend. But haven’t gotten around to seeing yet. I hear Monica Belluci gets naked in that.

9 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. Hooray for me I made it…I fianlly got a mini plug from the superstar of the internet…and yes you are a pedophile

    #1 | Comment by Will *This Guy* — July 27, 2003 @ 2:40 pm

  2. AND first post…my lucky day

    #2 | Comment by Will — July 27, 2003 @ 2:40 pm

  3. that was a long ass post, Justin. and to think i will never get that 15 minutes back it took me to read it D-=
    not that my life is so cool as to have something better to fill the void with. Anyways, That Girl from FD2 is pretty cute, in that picture on her site, she looks like rachael leigh cook. she’s a hottie too. Rawr!

    #3 | Comment by jb — July 27, 2003 @ 2:44 pm

  4. rachel leigh cook has a big forehead too. but for some reason, i don’t like her as much. maybe it’s not so much of a forehead thing for me. otherwise, i’d be all over her too.

    #4 | Comment by Justin — July 27, 2003 @ 2:46 pm

  5. You’re all homophobes! Leave the poor sexually-challanged man alone.

    #5 | Comment by Dom — July 27, 2003 @ 3:18 pm

  6. She does not look like Rachael Leigh Cook, RLC is my woman. Anyway, I don’t know about Justin,(lies) but I really am a raging pedophile. I like to stalk pregnant teenies in hopes that they will be the mother of my soul one.

    I like…little girls, they make me feel so good!

    #6 | Comment by Bubba — July 27, 2003 @ 3:29 pm

  7. my "if I were gay" guy is Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave.

    now HE is a sexy manbeast…

    #7 | Comment by alexhawker — July 27, 2003 @ 4:10 pm

  8. Which is scarier- Justin as a gay man or Justin as a pedophile?

    I think, being the old guy of the group, I prefer Justin as a pedophile since almost all of the girls are too young for me anyway.

    #8 | Comment by smash — July 27, 2003 @ 6:59 pm

  9. What about Justin as a gay pedophile?

    Colin Farell is like Michael Caine used to be. He’s in every damn movie.

    #9 | Comment by grud — July 27, 2003 @ 8:09 pm

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