“I like weird… I like weird alot”

Very rarely can a movie go so far as to actually make me feel physically sick long after the end credits stop rolling. The last movie that was able to do that was Requiem For A Dream. Audition almost came close. But that was more “Oh that’s sick..” instead of “Oh i feel sick..”.

I bought May on DVD last night. I’m not sure if it’s already out in the States but if it is, i urge you to seek out this little gem. Buy it. Rent it. Steal it. Whatever you do, just watch it. It’s probably one of the best movies that nobody has ever seen. Lions Gate really dropped the ball on this one by not promoting it as much as they should have. They went on to push that piece of shit House Of 1000 Corpses instead. They’re doing the same thing with Cabin Fever too. Fucking Lions Gate. Doing a Miramax. Speaking of which, you should all check out Equilibrium and Below. Two totally underrated, undersold flicks that deserved better but since the studios couldn’t market those movies for shit, they were barely ever seen in theaters.

May is probably most effective if you have no idea what it’s about (kind of like Audition) but if you must, check out the trailer here. If you’re a true self respecting horror fan, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

I watched this movie 3 times in a row last night. Once for the movie and twice again to listen to both commentary tracks on the DVD. And i just finished watching it again today with my mother. Hyuk hyuk. I’m going to make everyone i know watch this movie at least once.

In other news, i think i may have just bought well over 30 DVDs over these past 2 weeks. I’ve lost count. But i updated my DVD list and added all my recent purchases. And just in case you’re wondering, no, not all of them are bootlegs. I’d say about 70% of them are originals. Certain DVDs you just want the real deal. Because sometimes the pirates don’t make 100% copies of the originals and they leave out certain extras. Which really sucks ass because if i wanted to buy a movie just for the movie, i’d get it on VCD. I buy DVDs for the extras! I hate it when you buy a bootleg, and it lists out all the extras features on the back cover, and when you go into the menus to check them out, they’re not there!

Like when i bought Scarface. It listed out all the extras on the back. I go in to check out the 50 minute documentary that’s supposed to be on there and it’s not! But everything else is though. And that blows. But what’s worse is when they list out everything and yet when you go in to check out the extras, all you get is the fucking cast and crew listings and some trailers! Now that seriously pisses me off.

But for most of the part the bootlegs do include pretty much everything (except for the DVD ROM stuff. They never include those). You just have to know which kind of bootleg to buy (there’s several different ‘bootleg brands’ so to speak, indicated by little round stickers on the cover). Some have all the extras, some don’t. Those of you readers who’re reading this from Brunei or Malaysia, don’t be a Gerry and ALWAYS buy DVD9s. DVD5s suck.

And now… Christina Ricci! Naked!

  • Totally naked Christina Ricci Link 1 from Prozac Nation.
  • Totally naked Christina Ricci Link 2 from Prozac Nation.

    Get it while it’s still up. Those links may not work forever.

    I leave you with my favorite lines of dialogue from Malibu’s Most Wanted which i also bought on DVD last night. Guilty pleasure purchase.

    Tec: Where you learn that from?
    B-rad: Grand Theft Auto 3
    Tec: Word? Can i borrow that?
    B-rad: You got a Playstation 2?
    Tec: No, i got GameCast
    B-rad: GameCast? … There’s GameCube and Dreamcast. Which you got?
    Tec: I said i got GameCast, man! Damn! I can’t afford it!


    Okay it’s only funny if you play videogames.

  • 24 thoughts on ““I like weird… I like weird alot”

    1. Christina’s boobies are nice. Too bad she didn’t stand up in that scene.

      Oh, and you made me watch that trailer for May. I’m not sure about that. I don’t really care for horror movies that feature gore as much as they do terror. I know that’s several people’s thing, but it isn’t mine. So the question I ask, Justin, is it a Gore-flick or an actual horror flick?

      #1 | Comment by smash — September 7, 2003 @ 7:24 pm

    2. some people like to compare May to Willard. which is apparently another ‘weird’ flick (that i haven’t seen yet but will get on DVD). they both feature weird characters that snap in the end.

      but i think the closest movie (which i’ve seen) that i can compare May to is Carrie.

      hell, ‘May’ (Angela Bettis) even played ‘Carrie’ in the NBC remake.

      so yeah, May is as much a horror/gore flick as Carrie was. If that answers your question.

      Carrie is a classic. And May is just as good. Even Ebert liked it.

      #2 | Comment by Justin — September 7, 2003 @ 7:50 pm

    3. Smash:
      The movie ‘May’ is twisted as fuck. I don’t think it was really horror at all, just one of those movies that has you going "what the fuck?" and "holy shit, she did not…" while you watch it. To me horror movies are typically the type that make me feel scared (or scared for the characters in the movie). Like Justin said, ‘Requiem For A Dream’ is probably a good comparison movie for overall feeling you get from the movie. I guess the movie is kind of gory, but for me it just helped to point out that the chick was fucked in the head instead of making me "grossed out". It’s an awesome movie and I’m a bit shocked that more people aren’t raving about it.

      #3 | Comment by bill — September 7, 2003 @ 7:54 pm

    4. Fuck… should’ve known better than to try to answer someone’s question on a site other than my own.

      I am sorry o great, venerable, and wise Movie Master Justin, please forgive me for my insolence on your sacred site.

      #4 | Comment by bill — September 7, 2003 @ 8:00 pm

    5. Bill-

      Your answer was better than Justin’s. 🙂 I am ok with movies that make you think (ala Requiem for a Dream, American Psycho, et al) but I just get mind-numbingly bored with gorefest flicks.

      Although, I admit, Peter Jackson’s (yes of the Lord of the Rings fame)Dead-Alive is a movie I can’t sit through. I literally started heaving at the custard eating scene in that movie.

      I’ll give May a whirl. BTW- Justin, it’s been out for a while on DVD, apparently.

      #5 | Comment by smash — September 7, 2003 @ 8:40 pm

    6. my answer was much better! 😛 but feel free to answer any question anyone asks bill.

      you’re right though smash. it has been out on dvd for quite a while now. since july 15th actually. but i haven’t seen any of the big dvd sites that i usually go to (http://dvd.ign.com , http://dvdfile.com etc etc) give it a review it (much less even a preview) so i figured it must’ve not been released yet. gah! stupid sites. why haven’t they given this dvd any coverage?! inconceivable!

      anna faris is awesome in May btw. i love that girl. she really blurs the line between goofy and sexy in this movie. plus any movie where anna faris makes out with another girl gets a big two thumbs up from me.

      oh and if you like weird movies, then you also might want to check out Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson. try to get the unrated directors cut if possible. great movie (it has lesbians in it). based on a true story too.

      #6 | Comment by Justin — September 7, 2003 @ 9:06 pm

    7. Hey,

      What player/codec do I need for those clips? I have windows media player 9 and it doesn’t work.


      #7 | Comment by P — September 7, 2003 @ 11:11 pm

    8. mmmmm Christina Ricci…you need an AVI player/plugin

      #8 | Comment by bligityblah — September 8, 2003 @ 2:11 am

    9. Windows Media Player 9 claims to be able to play AVIs but it chokes on the files anyway. Tries to automatically download a codec and then throws and error. Oh well.

      #9 | Comment by P — September 8, 2003 @ 3:21 am

    10. P::
      VLC plays pretty much every file type I’ve thrown at it. I’m on a Mac, so I can’t attest to(for?) the Windows or Linux versions (although I don’t think they’d be too different).

      #10 | Comment by bill — September 8, 2003 @ 3:57 am

    11. VLC worked. Thanks bill.

      #11 | Comment by P — September 8, 2003 @ 4:40 am

    12. Hmm…. I wonder what region format (At least thats how I think it is called)are the bootleg DVDs that Justin picks up? Considering he lives in Brunei, it is pretty safe to assume its region 3 or 4, correct?

      #12 | Comment by Guizhang — September 8, 2003 @ 4:46 am

    13. Seeing as bootlegs aren’t exactly legal I’m willing to bet they don’t have a region code as that is a requirement of the MPAA. I could be wrong though.

      #13 | Comment by bligityblah — September 8, 2003 @ 7:29 am

    14. no region codes! they’re region free. playable anywhere in the world. take that MPAA!

      #14 | Comment by Justin — September 8, 2003 @ 7:59 am

    15. Funniest thing about watching the first Christina Ricci video. I’m like, "Yeah, okay, so they’re Wednesday’s boobies… Hey! That’s a Springsteen poster in the background from the Tunnel Of Love album!"

      My priorities are totally fucked up.

      #15 | Comment by Umgawa — September 8, 2003 @ 3:46 pm

    16. Justin i think your name is i was flipping through the channels last night andi come across this movie on IFC and i see he is handing out baggies of cocaine so i stop and watch it and even though it was the mose diturbing movie i have seen i kept watching it for some reason and i couldnt have said it better i felt sick the next couple of hours from seeing that kids arm (before it got amputated) anyways i just thought it was weird you said something about that movie and i just saw it last night well anyways im enjoying your site for the most part but what happen to the chritina ricci link its a day later and its already F.U.B.A.R (no pun intended)

      #16 | Comment by Wes — September 9, 2003 @ 3:17 am

    17. All those movies are nothing compared to "The Lion King". That movie freaked the shit out of me. Talking animals? What kind of messed up shit is that?

      #17 | Comment by WhoaMan — September 9, 2003 @ 6:46 am

    18. I want to make cubs with Simba’s mom…

      #18 | Comment by Bubba — September 9, 2003 @ 7:13 am

    19. i’d like to make babies with the beast in "Beauty and the Beast".

      #19 | Comment by WhoaMan — September 9, 2003 @ 9:55 am

    20. You’re sick!

      #20 | Comment by Bubba — September 9, 2003 @ 4:40 pm

    21. Equilibrium sucks. There isn’t a single original idea in that film, with most of the plot being directly stolen from Farenheit 451.

      #21 | Comment by Jacob — September 9, 2003 @ 9:33 pm

    22. Simba was a tool…
      Dumbo’s still the saddest Disney movie…

      #22 | Comment by cujo — September 9, 2003 @ 11:02 pm

    23. I’m happy she lost all that weight. I would definitely consider putting her on my "Maybe" list.

      Does anyone have a new stick I can borrow…Mine broke over some poor lass’ neck last night…

      #23 | Comment by embus — September 10, 2003 @ 2:52 am

    24. BTW Justin, was it here that we had a discussion about Christina Ricci’s movie Pumpkin?? I dont remember where I heard of it, but I finally watched it tonight… talk about some wierd shit…

      #24 | Comment by embus — September 10, 2003 @ 2:50 pm

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