Hello boys and girls

Been taking a few risks with the site lately. Shifting focus. Trying to see what clicks. Basically trying to take it back old school really. I think Stal’s post helped out quite a lot. Seeing as to how she’s always been part of the site since 2001. With her recent reemergence, she’s brought with her some newfound life to the site along with her long missed presence. Not to say that the site was all but dead before. All you have to do is just go back about two weeks to see some excellently controversial posts from Amy and Lyndse. You know, i don’t think i say it enough but all your contributions to this site are very much appreciated. Your posts, your comments, from both the readers and posters, are pretty much what makes this site. Because it sure as hell isn’t coming from my posts. I just provide the neighborhood. And a neighborhood is nothing without a good community. So thank you all for making this site better than it should be.

Or subjectively, depending on your view of how things are right now, worse than it should ever be 😛

Speaking of 2001 and reviewing the site, i stumbled upon this post over at bears-cave.com which is essentially a review of this site… from 2001! What are the odds of that?

I’m going to reprint the post here because i think it’s a pretty good endorsement of this site as it was known back then (as badinagoodway.com). Let’s see how much things have changed since then:

What do the hit-monsters read?

I have a point to this post other than to link to two other sites, really… you just have to read awhile.

So I was messing around, trolling (in a fishing sense) through my favorite sites, and found my way over to badinagoodway. After I finished checking all the picture archives, I actually started reading the page. Contrary to the author’s claims, it’s pretty interesting stuff, or at least amusing.

Now, I don’t want to piss off anyone more than necessary, so I would say you probably don’t want to check this site out if a guy indulging in guy-things offends you. If you think the concept behind the Man Show is a crime against humanity — this is not your site. (Unless you like nicely composed colors and webpage layouts — it’s worth a peek if you’re into that.)

But, speaking directly to the Guys in the crowd, this is one of those sites you dream about finding. Seriously. Forget about me and go there — you might never come back here, ever, but that’s okay. I will comPLETEly understand.

On the face of it, it’s a basic E/N (everything/nothing), male (and I cannot emphasize “male” strongly enough) twenty-something site, except it’s visually appealing (most aren’t). It’s one of the bigger E/N’s out there, raking in something like 3 to 4 thousand hits per day.

Yeah. You read that right.

Whenever I want to pop the balloon that is my ego, I remind myself that teen-cam sites and private blog pages with lots of celeb pix on them get more hits in a day than my monthly count.

But there’s this funny thing I noticed — the guy’s link list.

He doesn’t have many. Fine. Neither do I. He’s got a pretty simple system for ranking these links — if you’re on the list, you’re someone he likes, and if you get some !!!’s beside your name, then you’re someone he really likes.

Spacecheese is on the “!!!” list. Cool. Yay, Gordon. Anyway, I started to check out other people on the list…

Crap, crap, crap, hmm — interesting reading, crap, crap, interesting reading, crap.

The interesting sites were what I would call ‘typical’ blogs, pretty good ones — and they comprise the entire “!!!” list. Everything else was (forgive the review) badly arranged, poorly-written stuff with some fuzzy webcam shots (i.e.: the crap that makes me wonder why e/n sites are popular).

So, here’s my little Saturday Discovery: what do the hit-monsters really like to check out, when they are checking stuff out? Apparently, sites like Spacecheese — a place where the owner is writing about his life, and writing well.

Sometimes (once in a great while), that translates to “sites like me”. So, you get your 3000, 4000, 9000 hits a day, and then come over and find out what happened to me (or someone like me) on our piddling little blog.

I’ve thought about it. I like that.

Go check it out; it’s fun. Then go read Gordon, or Dave, or … well, even me, if you like.

It’s okay: the cool kids do it.

Sites i’d give !!!’s to if i still used that system:

So what else has changed? Apparently not much. Aside from me not using the old !!! links format, and the long gone naked celeb gallery, the site still gets about 3000 hits a day, more or less. Yesterday i got over 4000. So that aspect hasn’t really changed.

If i could, i’d put the whole gallery back up but that would probably cause this to happen again.

Anyhow, i have anticipated the fact that some of you probably won’t even read this post so here are some pictures of a (just turned) 15 year old girl in a pair of ridiculously low cut jeans.

If you click on any of these, you are a pedophile.

25 thoughts on “Hello boys and girls

  1. Thats just not right.

    I clicked on all four… I guess I’m a quadrapedophile. We are all going to make good company in hell.

    #1 | Comment by embus — September 24, 2003 @ 3:29 pm

  2. EEEEEK….that spy kids girl is FUgly!

    #2 | Comment by smash — September 24, 2003 @ 3:36 pm

  3. They mature so fast nowadays 😉

    #3 | Comment by WP_LeGeNd — September 24, 2003 @ 4:07 pm

  4. I dunno Smash… Judging from pic2, I think she would make a fine addition to my harem in 3 years or so.

    Evil Justin. Evil FUBAR. Evil Little Girls.

    I’m going to go eat some lamb chops.

    #4 | Comment by embus — September 24, 2003 @ 4:11 pm

  5. Now if I mentioned Frankie Muniz, would that make me too a pedophile?

    Just curious.

    #5 | Comment by Becca — September 24, 2003 @ 4:47 pm

  6. shit, if we are calling it a neighborhood…then I got to say ‘there goes the neighborhood!’

    Oh, and has anyone seen bubba? I think he’s lying dead in the basement of his house. Who is willing to check on him?’

    #6 | Comment by smash — September 24, 2003 @ 4:50 pm

  7. Nah… He’s alive, but not well. He’s been quite sick for some time now. I think it might be herpes…or maybe SARS.

    #7 | Comment by embus — September 24, 2003 @ 4:53 pm

  8. monkey pox probably.

    #8 | Comment by Charles — September 24, 2003 @ 7:23 pm

  9. Through no fault of my own I believe the thoughts that just ran through my head were illegal. I blame Hollywood. They make the way too young look way too old.

    #9 | Comment by bligityblah — September 24, 2003 @ 10:00 pm

  10. "If you click on any of these, you are a pedophile."

    No I’m not.

    #10 | Comment by Kingolf — September 24, 2003 @ 10:30 pm

  11. your welcome Justin, we all enjoy being your community 🙂 id hit it. http://omg.nagoh.com

    #11 | Comment by nagoh — September 25, 2003 @ 1:38 am

  12. I don’t believe she needs any airburshing done…

    #12 | Comment by pottedmeat — September 25, 2003 @ 2:10 am

  13. It’s nice to see Stal’s icon back on the main page.

    #13 | Comment by bligityblah — September 25, 2003 @ 3:45 am

  14. Does this mean they are doing brazilians for 14 year olds? Doesnt seem right, does it.

    #14 | Comment by oddho — September 25, 2003 @ 4:10 am

  15. You sick bastard.

    You just HAD to take it there, didn’t you? Wouldn’t you be happier on http://www.sheepsex.com ?? Filthy Pervert.

    #15 | Comment by embus — September 25, 2003 @ 4:19 am

  16. So Thess, is there a storm a brewin’? I certainly hope so.

    #16 | Comment by Seriously — September 25, 2003 @ 9:01 am

  17. The Southtown attacks Nov. 4.

    #17 | Comment by Messenjah — September 25, 2003 @ 9:02 am

  18. oh man.. i didn’t even realize my icon was back up until i read bligityblah’s comment 😡

    and justin – (i’m a pedophile i guess.. i looked..) :p and those jeans are not *that* ridiculously low cut (relatively speaking) — i know a girl who wears jeans that ARE, and i imagine she has to trim the hedges just so her pubes don’t pop up out of the top (the inseam or whatever it’s called is just that short). when i went to buy a pair of new jeans recently, i came to the sad realization that they don’t even sell normal jeans anymore, only ones that either require not wearing panties, or not having an ass.

    unfortunately i have an ass and i like panties. so shopping blows. :/

    amy! do you prefer silver, gold, or platinum? just thought i’d ask. you know, for future reference 😀

    #18 | Comment by crystal — September 25, 2003 @ 9:29 am

  19. who the shit is Alexa Vega

    #19 | Comment by Will — September 25, 2003 @ 10:02 am

  20. So this is Justin’s neighborhood, he’s like Mr. Rogers. But look what happened to HIM.

    I did not click on the pictures.

    #20 | Comment by Seriously — September 25, 2003 @ 12:13 pm

  21. you are all pedophiles!

    #21 | Comment by Justin — September 25, 2003 @ 12:42 pm

  22. Sites i’d give !!!’s to if i still used that system:

    Amy !!!
    Ben Affleck !!!
    Steve !!!
    Keli !!!
    Lyndse !!!

    #22 | Comment by thefelinepunk — September 25, 2003 @ 12:44 pm

  23. crystal — If I were a cheesy guy, I’d tell you to forget the metals, what I like best is crystal. Then I’d probably say "baby" or something after it.

    But, I’m not a cheesy guy. I am but a usually-hetero female who has developed an Internet crush on a chick.

    … I can’t even imagine what you do to men. 😉

    #23 | Comment by Amy — September 25, 2003 @ 1:17 pm

  24. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    that’s the sexiest thing i’ve ever read.

    #24 | Comment by Justin — September 25, 2003 @ 1:21 pm

  25. HA. This type of posting should never die…

    #25 | Comment by philip_funderburk — March 16, 2006 @ 9:01 am

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