My memory is fading

I got a phone call from Rene today. No, she’s no some hot chick i met. She’s the… wait… lemme Look up her business card… ‘Director’ of that Fox Home Video place in Bangsar where i usually buy my DVD’s. She just called to tell me that the DVD’s i’d ordered had arrived.

Funny thing is, i don’t even remember ordering any DVD’s. I know i’m still waiting for my Clerks Collectors Series. Been waiting for that damn thing since July. I’m guessing that’s the one that came. Then again she did say “…DVD’s…” so i’m assuming i must’ve ordered some more since my last visit there last month. But for the life of me i can’t remember what it was i ordered besides Clerks.

Could it be Blood? I actually did preorder that thing in July… maybe it is Blood… or could it be Star Wars Ep1: TPM? I do remember mentioning that to her the last time i was there. Or maybe it was something else…


I could just call her up and ask but i’m too much of a cheap bastard to call people up on my cellphone. I just let them call me.

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