I am Avril archive pt. 1

This is a compilation of ALL the ‘I Am Avril Lavigne’ posts i’ve made where people have mistaken me for being her.

See, two summers ago, i had her prominently displayed on my site layout. There were pictures of her everywhere. And this was before she got really famous. Nobody knew who she was. But hey i plugged the hell out of her to the point where people actually got sick of her before she even got ‘big’.

SOMEHOW, people started getting the idea that i was Avril Lavigne. I don’t know why but they just did. And then word of mouth spread about psykotik2k being Avril Lavigne on AIM and from then on i just got blasted with IMs from Avril fans whenever i signed on.

The links after every couple of logs or so point to the original post where each log came from. Click on those links to read all the original reader comments for that particular log.

E-mails and guestbook comments:

Comments: Avril you probally get bored of everyone telling you how great and beautiful you are so I won’t tire you out. I just want to say that you are what I have always wanted to be. Your music, charactor, and well everyone already says I look just like you so that is really good.

– (/archives/547)

Fullname: anna
Email: alexys10@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: san diego, ca
Homepage Name: avril fanz
Homepage URL: www.matmice.com/home/avril
Comments: i just read that u say ur name is avril. gess wut, I DONT BELIVE U!!! UR NOT AVRIL LAVGINE!!! i HATE ppl when they say that there name is avril!!!

I am not Avril Lavigne.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: What up!
From: RIDEEMBULLS69@aol.com
Date: Thu, Jul 18 2002 6:50:58 AM EDT
just wanted to say whats up and that I really like your music write back

I am not Avril Lavigne.

Fullname: David
Email: rideembulls69@aol.com
Where are you from?: Ventura,C.A.
Homepage Name:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Your site rocks keep on going man your a star i just wanted to tell you u rock w/b.

I am not Avril Lavigne.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “Sandra van loon” moppersmurf21@home.nl
Date: Wed, Jul 17 2002 11:02:22 PM +0200
hey who the fuck is that girl on your page (badinagoodway.com)
I’m an 17 years old girl from the netherlands and i’m straight but she’s a really good looking girl (iand I don’t say that often)
kisses sandra

*sigh* Avril Lavigne.

– (/archives/555)

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: fan
From: Lilbigin04@aol.com
Date: Fri, Jul 26 2002 1:33:39 AM EDT
hey my name is bill i’m 18 years old i jus want to say i think your cute and i like you music

28/7/02 7:23 AM
Lilbigin04: is this avril lavigne?

– (/archives/560)

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: re
From: Irving Hughes hyperthunder2003@yahoo.com
Date: Sun, Aug 4 2002 12:42:42 AM -0700 (PDT)
u don’t know me but u are just like me don’t give a shit what the fuck other peoples think ’bout the way i am. just e-mail me anytime. i’m also 16 and single.

I love it when people confuse me for being a 17 year old Canadian girl.

– (/archives/575)

I also love it when i get fan mail… that wasn’t intended for me.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: yo Avril
From: “chelly” chelsea_rox67@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, Aug 19 2002 2:33:53 PM -0600
Avril am I actually sending u an e-mail. Iknow u probaly hear this alot but i’m your #1 fan i tell u .I know everything about u .Didn’t u see me there when u were at the MMVAs .I saw u I put my hand out with a paper but u didn’t even see me when I was screaming your name out.I went there only to see u.Cause I don’t really like the other singers besides Sum41 .Still I don’t like thrm better than you .I am a memeber of all your fan sites .Anyway I saw that contest that you have ,I entered it I hope I win.
P.S your the best singer I know.G2G(gotta go )sk8er gurl.

– (/archives/585)

People who IM me asking me who i am PISS ME OFF.

People who IM me without reading my site first PISS ME OFF TOO.

People who IM me asking me stupid questions REALLY PISS ME OFF.

So please, if you are stupid, do not IM me.

These people down here, are all stupid first time IMers. Stupid stupid stupid.

17/8/02 7:30 PM
RCkid007: who are you ?
psykotik2k: http://badinagoodway.com
RCkid007: so yeah who are you ?
psykotik2k: you added me
RCkid007: i did ?
psykotik2k: i couldn’t have added myself
RCkid007: from were ?
RCkid007: what chat room
psykotik2k: i dont go to chat rooms
RCkid007: ok
RCkid007: then i dont ether but every once in awhile wht a blue moon i do
RCkid007: so were do i know u from ?
RCkid007: or who do i know u from ?
psykotik2k: i wouldnt know. i dont know who you are either
psykotik2k: but you added me to your list
RCkid007: i most of have
RCkid007: so lets try by askin
RCkid007: were you from and what age and gender ?
psykotik2k: http://www.heyasl.com/psykotik
RCkid007: ok that does not anserwer the Q ?
psykotik2k: it does. if you click.
RCkid007: well i dont like clikin to the unknow
RCkid007: 1 q? does it have porn in it ?
psykotik2k: all your questions will be answered on there
RCkid007: well my mom and dad r like rihgt behind me
RCkid007: so 1 i dont want a virus and 2 i dont want them to think that i look at porn


25/8/02 3:48 PM
smurfs423: who is this
psykotik2k: someone you added to your list i guess
smurfs423: yea but what is your name
smurfs423: ?
psykotik2k: you probably got my sn off my site
smurfs423: yea i did somehow, but what is your name
psykotik2k: Name: Justin
smurfs423: oh. so do you like avril lavgine?
psykotik2k: she’s alright
smurfs423: why do you have her on your site
psykotik2k: they’re good pics to use
psykotik2k: for the layout
smurfs423: what are you going to be doing with them
psykotik2k: the pics? i just use them on the site
psykotik2k: as part of the layout
smurfs423: ok. i don’t think you understand. what is your layout suppose to be
psykotik2k: an avril layout
smurfs423: ok nevermind
psykotik2k: like for example, this site: http://www.teenagevictory.net/ has a picture of a monkey on its layout. i have pictures of avril
psykotik2k: simple really
smurfs423: i get it but is your site suppose to be porn or what
psykotik2k: nope
smurfs423: casue i read some headlines and shit. and they are freaking me out


26/8/02 6:03 PM
Linkinpark909090: hey
psykotik2k: hey
Linkinpark909090: who is this?
psykotik2k: you added me to your list
Linkinpark909090: ???????????????????????????
Linkinpark909090: lets try this again who r u
psykotik2k: http://badinagoodway.com
Linkinpark909090: who is this?
psykotik2k: goodness
Linkinpark909090: ur sayin ur avril?
Linkinpark909090: rite
psykotik2k: yes i’m avril
Linkinpark909090: rite
psykotik2k: i am. i just got back europe. promoting my album
Linkinpark909090: rite as u think
Linkinpark909090: im not a fuckin iddiot
Linkinpark909090: so lets try this again
Linkinpark909090: who r u
psykotik2k: Avril Lavigne
Linkinpark909090: y do u put porn on ur site
psykotik2k: because i’m punk
Linkinpark909090: okk then when was the last time u were on trl
psykotik2k: a couple of days ago
Linkinpark909090: i thoguht u were canadian
psykotik2k: i am
Linkinpark909090: wat state do u live in
psykotik2k: i’m in canada right now
psykotik2k: napanee, ontario
Linkinpark909090: y is ur enthentic or watever said ur asian
Linkinpark909090: yea
psykotik2k: oh i’m just pretending to be a 21 year old asian guy that’s all
Linkinpark909090: so ur makin fun of them
psykotik2k: yes. i don’t like asians. they smell and they talk funny.
Linkinpark909090: oo so ur sayin that linkin park sux
psykotik2k: yes linkin park is stupid
psykotik2k: you should listen to sum 41
Linkinpark909090: sum41 sux
psykotik2k: they are my friends
psykotik2k: i’m friends with treble charger too
psykotik2k: i was in their video
Linkinpark909090: lol for wat
psykotik2k: linkin park is stupid
Linkinpark909090: yea u hate linkin park cuz u hate asian


26/8/02 7:25 PM
BasketBallJonezX: is this that fake-ass Avril Lavigne impersonator?
psykotik2k: i am avril lavigne
BasketBallJonezX: haha, prove it
psykotik2k: i can ollie over my dog
BasketBallJonezX: more
psykotik2k: i was on trl a few days ago
BasketBallJonezX: wut is yer middle name?
BasketBallJonezX: ?
psykotik2k: i dont have a middle name
BasketBallJonezX: hmmm
BasketBallJonezX: how old r u?
psykotik2k: 17
BasketBallJonezX: ok in yer profile…it sez that your site is badinagoodway.com
BasketBallJonezX: and Avril wouldnt put up porn, lol
psykotik2k: there’s no porn on the site
BasketBallJonezX: so y do u impersonate her?
psykotik2k: i am her
BasketBallJonezX: ugh
BasketBallJonezX: how else can u prove it?
psykotik2k: i dont have to prove anything to you
BasketBallJonezX: y?
psykotik2k: why should i?
BasketBallJonezX: because I just want to kno if this is really Avril
psykotik2k: why?
BasketBallJonezX: because u r my favorite singer, and i dont kno, Im just wondering if this is really her


– (/archives/592)

9/9/02 10:42 PM
punkgirlie555: i heard someone tell me you were avril lavigne, since you’re not, do you live in stoughton?
psykotik2k: i live in napanee actually
punkgirlie555: who are you?
psykotik2k: avril lavigne
punkgirlie555: …right
punkgirlie555: and tell me dear how you have time to get on the internet?
psykotik2k: i’m just taking some time off after the vma’s
punkgirlie555: oic
punkgirlie555: thats cool
psykotik2k: just hanging out with mark and evan right now
punkgirlie555: who?
psykotik2k: my bass and guitar player
punkgirlie555: oh…i knew that, lol
psykotik2k: my boys <3
punkgirlie555: i’m just starting to get into your stuff, so i dont know much yet, lol
punkgirlie555: i’m in a band too…i dont tink we’re goin anywhere though
psykotik2k: all you really need is just one big break. then anything’s possible.
punkgirlie555: i think we’ve got a potential manager too, so things may be looking up. i just found out like five minutes ago that my drummer’s mom died a few years ago…i cant believe i never knew
psykotik2k: that’s sad. well, hopefully things will work out eh?
punkgirlie555: i’m hoping anyway, lol
punkgirlie555: my guitar doesnt like me…ever…so if i’m having a good day with it, i just play and hope something good happens
psykotik2k: how old are you?
punkgirlie555: 14.5
punkgirlie555: i look like i’m 18 its scary
punkgirlie555: but it has its perks
punkgirlie555: lol
punkgirlie555: you’re 17 right?
punkgirlie555: yea, i just read something on you in a magazine…i think
psykotik2k: yep. 17 years old
punkgirlie555: thats cool
punkgirlie555: my friends say that “skater boi” is my song, lol, i’m flattered actually
punkgirlie555: i dont skate, my parents would never let me, but i hang with those who do, and i dress like one
punkgirlie555: i love skater guys, i guess that’d be why

Oh boy. I actually felt bad after a while. Poor girl. She really thought i was Avril Lavigne. I could’ve probably had so much fun just being really bitchy to her but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The convo actually went on for much longer. I found out that she was from Wisconsin and then she started talking about cheese, cows, horses and how she worked in a stable.

punkgirlie555: yea, i work at a stable, more or less live there actually, lol. i give trail rides, pony rides at churches, all sorts of stuff
punkgirlie555: yea, its painful too, lol
punkgirlie555: you gotta loved gettin whipped in the face with a horses tail…yay
punkgirlie555: i think they do it on purpose

I could’ve probably just gone on with that charade forever without her having a single clue. I even had my little Avril Lavigne ‘cheat sheet’ up (basic bio and personal info on Avril just incase someone tries to stump me. Har har) but i felt so bad for the poor girl! I mean, she was only 14! I can’t be mean to a 14 year old! Although she did say she looked 18… i wonder if she’s hot… she’s probably got big boobies for her age or something but anyway, NO! Can’t be mean! So after a while i just went “aaahh sorry but i have to go”. Good thing she had to go too because i didn’t want her to feel like i was getting rid of her (even though i was. haha). Poor girl. I’m too nice. I am such a pussy.

It would’d been SOOOO EASY for me to had been mean and horribly stuck up to her but i didn’t want Avril to lose a fan! Avril, you owe me one.

Most people are usually shocked whenever they see me online on AIM. People that aren’t on my buddy list anyway. I had this one guy IM me once saying something like “Wow! I’ve had your SN on my list for a while now and this is the first time i’ve ever seen you on!”. To those who aren’t on there, it might seem like i’m only on like once a week but i’m actually on AIM 24/7. It’s just that i have everybody that isn’t on my list blocked (i have it set to ‘Allow only users on my buddy list’ so that… well… only users on my buddy list can contact me).

Occasionally i get bored and figure that it’d be nice to unblock everyone once in a while and talk to my ‘fans’ (*ehem*). So i set my privacy settings to ‘Allow all users to contact me’. And more often than not, i get like 300 people IMing me at the same time (okay maybe just like 10 people really…) saying things like:

Punk2490: hey

Goon702: hello

Punk2490: y did u put porn on ur website

IIXxJayJonesxXII: is this the Avril Lavigne impersonator?

fezy101: your site is good

Coochiterian: whats up with you and avril

EyEz World: Avril?

Beachboy33614: i herd you were Avril?

porch80: avril?

ToMs39GiRL182: so ur the kid who hates avril?

Coop5510: hey, just wanted to tell you that i luv the site

Droog1601: Hey, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your site.

Kavlang: I’d just like you to know that I think you’re fuckin’ A.


barlowsinclair: what’s Suzi’s new website? I love that girl so much!

I especially love it when people IM me and then go:

syrumdetox: who are you and why are you on my buddy list?

Or when someone thinks:

MC tRiP 21: it must suck being canadian
psykotik2k: i’m not canadian

Or when people don’t realize that i have my away message up and think that i’m actually talking to them:

LiLpInAyBaBe5398: Hey
Auto response from psykotik2k: The answer is NO
LiLpInAyBaBe5398: HuH?

After a while i usually get swamped with IMs and it starts to get overwhelming so i have everyone blocked again. I don’t know why people would want to talk to me anyway. I’m really boring.

Anyway, i think it’s e-mail time.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Props
From: “Nicholas” nicholasnguyen@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, Sep 11 2002 7:06:19 PM -0500

Hey there. What’s up Justin? Well, I’m a regular visitor to your site and just wanted to give you props. Very very cool site and I really dig your posts. No offense to your female friends that post on your site, but they’re posts just aren’t as funny or interesting to me. But anyways, VERY cool site and keep on posting man!

And, Man, i think it’s so funny that people actually think your Avril or that your site is Avril’s site. Some people are just so stoopid. Laters.

Stupid people are funny.

Oh and i almost forgot about this little e-mail that i got 2 weeks ago.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: whats up
From: “april” aifaas@chorus.net
Date: Tue, Aug 27 2002 8:50:57 PM -0700

hey avril ,my name is matt i just wanted to say whats up and to talk my screen name is nosinjection458 and fazzio35d my email is fazzio35d@netscape.net and/or nosinjection458@netscape.net IM me or email me plz


And this one from about 3 weeks back:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: Rockrulez2400@aol.com
Date: Fri, Aug 23 2002 11:58:46 AM EDT


I’ll give you one guess as to who that last one thought i was.

– (/archives/602)

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Keep it up!
From: Bri4dz@aol.com
Date: Thu, Sep 12 2002 10:06:28 PM EDT

I enjoy the music kiddo, keep it up…
Good luck in the future…

Brian L.

Dear unfortunate AOL user,

You are a moron.

Avril L.

– (/archives/605)


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