Unupdated? Justin gave a legion of camgirls, two dudes, and me logins to post here long before he left–his page won’t go unupdated.


Christmas sucked; hardcore style. I think this is the first year I actually sat down and realized, “Hey. I’m not a kid any more. My presents suck.” And it’s true, y’all, it’s true. Once you turn 18, gifts from the family dry up. It goes from getting board games, video games, game consoles, movies, clothes, candy, etc…into every aunt, uncle, and cousin you have (and my family is NOT that big) saying, “Here, Merry Christmas.” …And handing you $20.00–now that, my friends, is a boatload of suck.

And y’know, it’s not that I demand big presents; quite the opposite. I’d just like some measure of thought put into something my FAMILY, who has known me my entire LIFE would get me. A pair of socks with my favorite Powerpuff Girl on them. (Bubbles, btw.) A pair of tickets to a monster truck rally. A Depeche Mode CD…all things that would cost less than 20 dollars, but all things that they would know I liked.

I dunno.

I feel really selfish, thinking things like that; who am I to declare what kind of Christmas I want and “should” have when there’s children out there who have strangers buying presents for them, and dropping them off in boxes at the bank. People who couldn’t afford a tree, lights, or the whole Christmas doodah whatever…

And Shawn got me a badass little sprint PCS TP5200 phone…

Christmas is over, though, and no one will think about it again until next Thanksgiving (and every single goddamn day after that.)

“So. What’re we doing for New Year’s?”

Gone gone gone

Yep. Some severe lack of updating going on lately.

Apologies for that. To those of you who actually come here looking for new posts (and porn). But i’ve been pretty busy lately. Mostly with packing and stuff.

You do know that i’ll be gone for like about a week right?

Leaving for Michigan tomorrow. Well… to Singapore first anyway. Staying over for a night and then leaving for Chicago the next day. And then it’s off to Michigan from there. I should be arriving on the 29th.

I probably won’t have immediate internet access the minute i get there so the site’s probably gonna be un-updated for… ooh… about a week or so? Maybe even longer.

So yes, don’t go thinking that i died or whatever. For i will still be very much alive. Probably a little worn for the worse after the long flight and possible jetlag and having to adapt to the freezing cold Michigan winters… but yeah, I’LL LIVE.

Um. So yes. If i don’t get to update soon, i guess i’ll just take the opportunity to wish y’all a happy new year right now and here. So…


Make peace, not war. Or something.

If you’re new to the site, well, there’s about a year and a half’s worth of posts to catch up on, all the porn you’ll ever need to keep you wanking for a month and a whole lot of good quality links for you to check out.

And then there’s Sort of a scary sister site/fan site. People find it scary. I dont know why. I find it funny.

Well, i don’t really have much else to say. Guess i’ll see you all in 2002.

Have a good one.


update: The FULL Libby Hoeler story can be found here.

Today i would like to touch upon some of the more noteworthy comments that have been left recently (and not so recently) in my comments… thing.


Like this one from a while back. About Libby Hoeler.

“VERY nice to see Elizabeth “Libby” Hoeller is so prominent in the news. Her story was the one taking place in Wisconsin, and the original videos posted of her have her name, address and phone number in the beginning. What a sick ex-boyfriend, he didn’t need to do that. Good thing he ended up getting a 12-moth prison sentence out of it.

I personally don’t know what the real story behind the whole Libby Hoeler fiasco. But these two other guys seem to have a different opinion.

as a first hand source i just wanted to let you know that libby’s boyfriend did not receive any kind of jail sentence. he also did not put her name and address on the videos. that happened later after they had been circulating for a few weeks.

Posted by madison student – 10:38am December 5, 2001

Here’s another take on it.

to whom it may concern:
i know libby hoeller’s ex-boyfriend… videos got uploaded accidentally… were in his download folder, and people uploaded it over Scour back in the day…
he did not get a 12 month prison sentance… he is alive and well, attending university of indiana, highly amused by it… they broke up but maintained a sex relationship for seven more months…

Posted by Raul Duke – 3:27pm December 24, 2001


Welp. I guess that settles that issue then. So now you know.

And talk about being lucky:

Stumbled onto your site. Very nice.
Something interesting: I saw Kirsten Dunst last night in LA. It was really weird yet exciting.

Posted by sofia – 6:35pm December 24, 2001

KIKI! *faint*

And not only that, i had this really nice girl from Cali IMing me a coupla days ago. Really nice girl. Big fan of the site too so that’s always plus. Been reading for the past two weeks and it took her that long to finally IM me. Said she was nervous about contacting me. Aww. I thought that was sweet.

It also boosted my ego to no end but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, she’s like telling me how she has Kirsten’s autograph and i was like, “!!!!”. Told me that she got it from when Kirsten and a certain Ms. Dushku were shooting Bring It On on location at her high school like 2 years ago or something.


I wanna meet Kirsten Dunst too. =(


There’s a perfectly good explanation why i haven’t been updating as much lately.

Actually there’s a few.

Can you say:


QUAKE TEAM ARENA? (Mac version)


MYTH III THE WOLF AGE? (Mac version)

Those three games have been keeping me quite busy actually. Especially Unreal Tourney. Fucking multiplayer online deathmatch RULES.

But it sucks when you keep getting the shit fragged out of you by people in Denmark who don’t speak English. Fucking 50 frags wins deathmatch i end up with a finally tally of like 8 kills per game. With like 25+ deaths on my part. What the shit is that? I used to be the fucking frag master on Unreal Tournament (Dreamcast version that is). And now i’m getting all seven shades of shit kicked out of me.

Damn. I must be slipping in my old age.

Ooh. Myth III is fucking cool too. THE BLOOD! THE BLOOD!

I love it.

You may have noticed those games being on my desktop. Well, except for Myth III. Because i’d just installed it yesterday. But yeah. UNREAL TOURNAMENT IS GREAT.

I’m sure Thess will tell you the same thing.

Aside from that, nothing much’s been happening really. John came over last night. Hung out for a bit. Watched a bit of the Mallrats DVD. Went out. Etc etc. Nothing extraordinarily special.

I’ll be leaving for Michigan in little less than 3 days. On the 27th to be exact. I’ll be leaving for the airport with my parents sometime in the morning and flying off to Singapore first and staying overnight at my Aunt’s place i think. I’ll have just about enough time to do some last minute shopping there. A coupla things i wanna get/check out there. Like a new phone (hopefully the T68!) and a PS2 (LIKE I’LL ACTUALLY GET ONE. I WISH). I’ll be able to meet up with some of my relatives and stuff. See my grandma. I hope they give me some money as a going away present kinda thing. WOO. And then… it’s off to Chicago the next day. At night. At 11pm. I think. I dunno. I should check the flight schedule.

So yes. That gives me like at least another full day in Singapore to do some extra last minute shopping.

And then it’s off to Chicago. And then to Kalamazoo (what a name), Michigan.

And i’ll be touching down in MI sometime on the 29th.

So yeah, i won’t be updating at all from the 27th to the 29th i guess. I don’t know if i’ll have any internet connection once i finally get there so yeah, the site might probably go un-updated for about a week or so. Or even more (!). Right into the new year.

But let’s just hope it won’t come to that.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad really. I don’t think that many people will be visiting the site anyway. Seeing that most people will be busy with Christmas and the new year and all that.

So yeah. Just letting you all know in advance. Just incase you start thinking i died or something. I’ll probably have to repeat everything i’ve just said up there because i know not all of you actually read the posts (YOU JUST SKIP TO THE PORN DON’T YOU?) so yep, expect a little ‘NOTICE: I’LL BE GONE AND I’M NOT GONNA UPDATE’ sorta post just before i actually leave.

I’m talking to Suzi right now on AIM and we somehow have gotten into a conversation about jobs. Specifically about the (potential shit) job(s) that i might be having after i finish college. And in what state i would end up in if i actually do stay in the states after i graduate. And i said i probably might even end up in Alabama (where she is, doing said potentially shit job).

What job exactly, i don’t know.

BoRDeM KWeeN: yeah you could be like..
BoRDeM KWeeN: a person who does stuff

I was gonna say something like, “Yeah, i’d probably mow your lawn or something”.

But that just sounds awfully perverse.