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(which really translates into “i don’t have anything else to post about”)

Subject: BLARG
Date: Thu, Apr 18 2002 7:17:15 PM EDT

Dose it make u feel weird knowing that guys come here and leave with boners? it would freak the shit out of me. knowing that people come here mostly for the porn or get linked for porn doesn’t make u feel a little weird? personally i got over the porn part (i saw most of them) but it is now one of my daily reads you talk about interesting stuff that i agree with, like the Nelly Retardo. keep up the good work even if it involves supplying porn to horny men.


“…guys come here and leave with boners?”

You’re not saying that out of experience are you?

But anyway, yeah… now that i think about it, i guess it is kind of a bit creepy. Personally though, i don’t really think the stuff that i have on here is all that ‘porn-y’ anyway. They’re mostly just topless celeb pics. I just like to call it ‘porn’ for the sake of simplicity. ‘Gratuitous nude naked topless celeb pics’ (which is what they really are) is just too much of a mouthful.

There’s absolutely nothing ‘hardcore‘ on the site, i only link to the pics, i never actually post up any of the nudie pics in plain view and well… the only reasons why i even have them on here is because:

1. They bring in a lot of traffic.
2. I just appreciate the female form.

What can i say? Tits = hits. And you know how much i love the both of them.

Draw em in with the porn, hook em up with the posts. That’s my strategy. And it seems to have worked quite well.

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I went out and bought Behind Enemy Lines last night. For 15 bucks!!! That’s super cheap man. It’s supposed to be sold at an RRP of about 27 dollars. But i got one for 15 bucks!

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this movie, i really recommend that you do. Ignore the ridiculous plot and just take in all incredible camera tricks that’re employed throughout the movie. This movie is just money shot upon money shot. MONEY SHOT GALORE.

A few favorite scenes of mine:

  • The SAM attack.
  • The bailout scene. AWESOME SEQUENCE.
  • When the badass sniper dude realizes he’s fucked and says…

    Well. I’m not giving it away. Go see for yourself.

    Behind Enemy Lines. BUY IT NOW.

    Ooh. And i also got Fatal Attraction and Spy Game. I haven’t seen Spy Game yet but with Tony Scott (Enemy Of The State) behind it, it’s probably gonna be just as cool as Run Owen Run.

    I mean, Behind Enemy Lines.

  • Wong!

    Subject: Oi! Crikey! It’s a monkey!
    From: Dan
    Date: Tue, Apr 23 2002 8:05:19 PM -0500

    Attachments: Wong.JPG

    Ok, here goes. Was checking out your site as I usually do, and I saw the plug for your new website. Being the ever-so-curious-bad-little-monkey that I am, I clicked on a name and to my surprise, although it shouldn’t have been by now, I was presented with monkey.gif. Nice work! I’m sure you’ve gotten a god awful large amount of emails on this by now, so I won’t bother you further. Anyways, keep up the good work. Love the site, cam-girlish or not. In case you don’t have it, or haven’t seen it, I enclosed a picture of one of the A&F shirts they pulled. Found it on the Associated Press newswire.
    Dan Marsh

    Monkey? That must’ve been Solo’s doing. Or maybe you just have a shitty ISP. Actually, to tell you the truth, i have no idea why that happened. I personally haven’t had any encounters with no monkeys. Are you sure you saw one? Weird. Oh and you’re also pretty much the only person who has e-mailed me about this mysterious monkey.

    Either way, everybody should be able to access the celeb site now. There’re over 12600+ (!!!) pics on there for you to browse through. Oh and if you link to it and give it a coupla hits, you might even be linked back on it! And maybe it’ll give you back some hits as a result! Nifty ain’t it?

    Anyhow, back to the matter at hand.

    Actually… i don’t have much else to say really. Except that i really want that A&F Wong shirt.

    It’s funny!

    lololololol <3<3<3<3<3 ;D;D;D;D;D

    I have only just realized how camgirly this site looks.

    I truly feel for those of you who’ve stumbled onto this site unknowingly; expecting to find some hot chick with a knack to whore herself online through her webcam + obligatory wishlist with her “BUY ME STUFF and u get to see my booberz!” type requests.

    Let me assure you that i do indeed have a penis.

    Although, if i actually were a girl, i’d probably be a lesbian.

    The Behind Enemy Lines DVD hits the streets today. I’m thinking of going out and buying a copy later tonight. I love that movie. It was one of my favorite movies of 2001. Okay sure, the movie’s really just a big, huge pile of silly sitting on top of an even bigger pile of stupid, but i still think it’s an excellent movie. I absolutely loved the way the movie was edited. It’s just fucking tight. You gotta see it for yourself.

    Shit. Just thinking about it just makes me wanna go out and get it right now.

    If anything, i’d buy the DVD just so i can watch that SUPER SUPER SLOW MO scene of that soldier getting blown away by that grenade blast.


    lolololol <3<3<3<3<3 ;D;D;D;D;D BUY ME STUFF!


    Jennifer Tilly and Jennifer Connelly are gonna be on Leno and Conan tonight!

    JENNIFER TILLY IS SO HOT. Jennifer Connelly’s pretty hot too. Well… she was a lot hotter before anyway. But not as much anymore. She sorta did a Christina Ricci and got skinny. And her boobs shrunk. =(

    I mean, did you see her during the Oscars? LOOK.


    And compare that to how she was… BEFORE.




    Subject: Le Boobies de Connelly
    From: L Traiun
    Date: Mon, Apr 22 2002 10:43:21 PM -0700 (PDT)

    In case you needed an explanation, she got them ruduced. Heard through a friend of a friend of her publicist. Good friend of a good friend.

    But it does suck.


    Anyway, did anyone catch Jennifer Tilly’s appearance on Leno? Wow. I never knew she was that bubbly. She’s pretty funny in a whacked out kinda way.

    I like her a lot.

    I think i might just have to hunt down Bride of Chucky and Bound on DVD this weekend. Two of her better movies. Oh. And she’s also in that new movie with Kirsten Dunst. The Cats Meow. I need to see that. If only for the fact that Jennifer Tilly and Kirsten Dunst are in it.

    The movie that i’m REALLY looking forward to see is, of course, Spider-man. But hey, who isn’t?

    Money shot! Wee!

    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Subject: AF
    From: “Mark R Capati”
    Date: Mon, Apr 22 2002 6:43:28 PM -0500

    So… what’s your opinion on the whole Abercrombie & Fitch Asian clothing line that got pulled from stores earlier this week?

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