Avril vs Tasha-Ray

Remember my poll?

Avril or Tasha
Who’s hotter?

Avril Lavigne
Tasha-Ray Evin

Current Results

Lookit them current results. As of right now it’s fucking split right down the middle. 50/50.

That’s just fucking unbelievable. I never thought it would be that close.


So i was looking that my referrals right, like any hit whoring webmaster would do, and i noticed a referral coming from this forum. Go take a look at it. I think it’s fucking hilarious what they’re doing. Hahahahaha.

I never asked you guys this the first time. Why did you choose the person you voted for? What reasons? For the record, i voted for Tasha-Ray. Although i still do love Avril. But Tasha-Ray’s just got more sex appeal i guess. Not that Avril doesn’t have any, but i just think Tasha-Ray’s got more. I dunno. That’s just me. Also, who’d win if the two got into a fight? I think it’d be a close fight. Hot damn. I’d pay good money to see that. Yeah. In a ring. With mud and stuff. Although i think Avril might actually be friends with Lillix. I know she’s friends with all the other Canadian bands. Like Sum 41 and Treble Charger. Ah well. Fantasy cat fight!


I think Tasha-Ray just visited this site and left a comment. For real! On this post.


hi everyone…i just like to say thanks for putting up sites like this…support from you means sooo much*

Posted by Tasha-Ray – 7:48am April 30, 2003


But of course, being somewhat skeptical (like any normal person would be), i go to arin.net and i perform a lookup on her IP address. Didn’t get too much info on where it originated from though. It only said something like TELUS COMMUNICATIONS Inc.

I figure that maybe if it was from Canada, it’d definitely be her. So i google in TELUS COMMUNICATIONS and guess what. It’s one of Canada’s leading telecommunication companies. omg. So it could really be her!@11 omg!1!1!!!!1


Of course, it could also just be some Canadian kid playing a HORRIBLY SICK TWISTED PRANK and toying with my emotions!!!! In that case, i lose. But if it really is Tasha-Ray, then i win! Huzzah!

Tasha-Ray (or Louise or Lacey-Lee or Kim), if you’re reading this, PLEASE E-MAIL ME.

I’ll keep your e-mail address secret i promise!!!1!!1@12#!23

It’ll only be a matter of time…

…before people start thinking i’m Tasha-Ray.

28/4/03 2:46 AM
omgwtflol: hi
psykotik2k: what’s up
omgwtflol: i wuz just over at ur site
omgwtflol: is that u in those pics??
omgwtflol: ur really hot
omgwtflol: wuts ur name
omgwtflol: r u there?
omgwtflol: hello??
omgwtflol: wanna hook up

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: re
From: MerQre879@aol.com Add to Contacts
Date: Mon, Apr 28 2003 3:42:56 PM EDT

Hi!! I think you are fab and very pretty! sexy and every thing else thats exciting to me! I have not sorted your site out yet for everytime I look up I see your picture and forget where I was up too!! A mature ish male that probably stupid acting like a teen!!

Bye Mark


Well at least i haven’t been getting anymore Avril IMs lately.

In other news, if you do a search for Lillix on Google, my site shows up in the top 10. AWESOME.

Oh and hey guess what, Lillix’s stage manager e-mailed me:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Hi
From: xxxx xxxxxxxx@shaw.ca
Date: Mon, Apr 28 2003 12:11:11 AM -0700

I got quite the surprise when I browsed to your site tonight. I had you bookmarked as a fun blog, which I found by accident a few months ago. I know a lot of people who work for Avril, and just enjoyed the synchronicity. Anyways, I just started working for Lillix, as stage manager, an couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened your site. I have the whole cd in mp3 format, I just can’t have it up on your site if I share…

How come i never got any e-mails from any of Avril’s people. After all the help and exposure i gave her!

psykotik2k: i’m gonna make lillix more famous.
psykotik2k: just like avril before
sm4shy: hahaha
sm4shy: go for it.
psykotik2k: i think i had her on my site before she really got big
sm4shy: you did
sm4shy: you were the first instance i heard of avril
psykotik2k: i remember people commenting about how they actually got introduced to her through my site
psykotik2k: yeah
sm4shy: and my nieces hadn’t yet cuz i had asked them
sm4shy: yep…in fact i wrote you an email you posted about it
sm4shy: and i listened to the music for a little bit…but then gave my oldest niece (13) the cd
sm4shy: you can get a little side business going promoting new talent

I should.

Just curious, how many of you only knew about Avril after visiting my site when i first had her on the layout?

So someone left this comment two posts ago:

i hate these girls….they look sooo fake…honestly one looks chinese the other looks liek a man then thers the blonde chik who w/e i dono tries to hard and then the acutally one who i can admit is gorgeous….LOOKS LIKE A SLUT…and then she plays the guitar??? a lut palying a guitar…omg im soo buying it just lik i bought britney spears the pop tart wen i wuz 10…uh uh not workin for me…DO NOT COMPARE TO AVRIL….and there song is freekin annoying…wut gonna end up happening is the one pretty girl is gonna get all the recognition and then there gonna break up like other so called pop bands….and honestly wutz with thegirl and the shaking she duz with her guitar? looks like shes gotta seizure goin on….wutever…i honestly cant stand these girls…but then again i sed I which means MY opinion…sure sum of u ppl are swearing at me rite now but thatz alrite…just post ur lil whinings on here like me…..
anyways…have fun lil girls


Posted by emma – 8:17am April 29, 2003

Wah wah wah. There’s always gotta be a hater. Hush Emma. They’re hot. And they’ve been around for 6 years. And their music’s not bad for what it is. Granted i’ve only heard two songs from them but that’ll change come May 27th. In the meantime though, mr stage manager, if you could maybe send me those mp3’s, that’d be super. And i promise i’ll buy their CD like how i bought Avril’s CD. kthnx!

Click here for a special thank you video that Lillix made for everyone who voted for them on TRL.

Fuck, Tasha-Ray is hot. HOT I TELL YOU.


I was bored. So i decided to take a coupla screenshots. Here’s one:

Click on ‘more’ to see the rest.

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Shittake Butter Yaki

So i’ll be leaving tomorrow. I got a 1:30pm flight on Saturday. I think it’s gonna be like a 36 hour flight or something ridiculous like that. Check it: i’m gonna be flying out from Kalamazoo to Detroit to JAPAN (hopefully they have signs in English at the airport so i won’t get lost or whatever) to Singapore and then to Brunei. I’ll staying in Singapore overnight i think. And finally arriving in Brunei like, on the 29th 28th. Hopefully i won’t catch SARS in Singapore and die.

So anyway, i’m done with all my finals. I think i did alright. Eh. I dunno. Could’ve done better. But i’ll probably be able to pass all my classes. Now that they’re all out of the way, i gotta start worrying about packing up my stuff and everything. So much to do today. Gotta do my laundry, gather up all my crap to put in boxes, go to Best Buy one last time to do some last minute DVD buying and then i dunno. Talk to everyone on the phone before i leave? I guess it wouldn’t hurt to leave my number on here. 269 387 9715. If you’re crazy enough (or if you have free long distance) and if you wanna call, you might wanna do it sometime after 9pm EST. Because i’ll probably be kinda busy before then. If not then, just leave a comment or something. I probably won’t be able to check the site and post for a coupla days after tomorrow (not that it matters since i hardly ever post anymore these days) so i guess it’s up to the lady fubarbs to take over the site. Watch out for Thess. I hear she *might* have something sneaky in store for you.

So. I like Lillix. Granted i’ve only heard like ONE song of theirs, and it’s an alright song i guess. It’s Avril-y. And we all know how much i loves teh Avril. So it’s not bad by my (low) standards. The more i keep watching their video, the more i keep falling in love with them. Lacey, Tasha and Louise to be exact. Their drummer kind of looks like an alien.

sm4shy: i still think i prefer the alien head the most
sm4shy: dunno why
sm4shy: maybe its cuz shes weird looking

Well i like the other three better.

Okay so we got Tasha-Ray. She’s like the band leader i guess. She’s the hottest. She looks like a pornstar. Plus from the way she acts in the video, i think she could beat me up. That’s so sexy.

I personally think Tasha-Ray is so fucking hot and so fucking great at looking all like “fuck you. i don’t care about you. i’m hot and i can kick your ass”, that even if she were to be breaking my nose, i’d still get a hard-on.

For some reason, Tasha kinda looks like Shakira in all the publicity photos that they have on their site. Which kinda sucks because i don’t like Shakira. Good thing she looks nothing like Shakira in the video though.

Lacey-Lee on the other hand, is pretty. Not fucking hot. Not pretty hot. But just pretty. I just think she looks nice. She seems like the nice one.

And Louise, well, i think she’s the cute one. At the beginning of the video, you get to see her walking down the street with this kid who has a boombox (?!) and she’s wearing this skirt and these colorful socks and omg she has like the cutest walk. And i dunno. I just think she’s cute. That is all.

Anyhow, i’m in the mood for another poll.

(oh btw, you fuckers, 500 of you voted on that poll and how many of you actually leave comments?? only 40!! I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE!!!!)

Avril or Tasha
Who’s hotter?

Avril Lavigne
Tasha-Ray Evin

Current Results

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Amanda Bynes (again, yes i know…) and Hilary Duff (ooh). Since they’re both like all popular at the moment with their two Princess Diaries rip off movies that’re out right now.

Okay so i haven’t seen either one of their movies. And honestly, i’ve never even seen any of the shows they’re on. i am totally unfamiliar with their work. Although i have seen the trailers for both their movies. And i notice that these girls fall down a lot.

The difference is, Amanda can fall better than Hilary can. When Amanda falls. It’s cute. When Hilary falls. It’s not. But i dunno. That’s just me i guess. I think Amanda falls better.

Yes, i’m actually debating about who falls better.

Also, some of you have suggested that i use Hilary as the next new layout. WTF. Isn’t she like 15? You want me to actually go YOUNGER? And btw, Hilary does not look like a young Jenna Jameson. Whoever said that must be on crack. I think Hilary is uglier than Amanda. But again, that’s just me.

I think we should do another poll.

Amanda or Hilary
Who’s hotter AND falls better?

Amanda Bynes
Hilary Duff

Current Results

Okay i think that’s it for now. I’ll probably post again later tonight if i have time. Or maybe tomorrow morning before i leave. I dunno. We’ll see.

Oh, and “Hi” to Lisette if she’s reading this.


Okay, forget about the poll. We’re going with a new layout. Featuring some pretty hot Canadian girls that could very well go on to become the next big thing.

Maybe i could be wrong but hey, the last time i took a gamble with then, relatively unknown Avril Lavigne back in the summer of 2002, she turned out to become… well, AVRIL LAVIGNE. Punk rock megastar. Hee.

But if not… either way, Lacey-Lee and Tasha-Ray Evin, are hot. So’s Louise Burns. There’s actually four of them altogether but with only so much room on the layout, i’ve could only choose two of them to be featured on the layout. The Evin sisters.

Oh they’re in a band called Lillix by the way.

Think Avril Lavigne. Multiplied by 4.

Now let the complaining begin…

i hate girls.

they are manipulative, lying, cheating, self-centered little drama queens who just want everyone to pay attention to them. wait. let me re-phrase.

they manipulate boys, lie to girls, cheat their way through everything of substance, are so self-absorbed and aware that they can’t see what their manipulating, lying and cheating can do to the people in their lives, making them completely oblivious to how retarded their little soap opera of a life is because it is really obvious to everyone else that their entire production is put on just to make sure all guys everywhere pay attention to them and whether it be secretively or overtly want to suck their boobies and ram them them up the tookus.

and well, most boys are trained and encouraged to want to suck and fuck multiple dramamamas… even at the same time… making the competition between said mommies very, very thick.

click on more to read about my theory…

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Blows my mind…

Okay i can’t think of anyone new to use for the layout and i’m too busy with my finals to come up with a new one so i give you three choices to pick from. Go back to either Avril or Amanda. Or stay with the evil Daveigh Chase layout that everyone is afraid of.

Layout Poll!
Pick one.

Avril Lavigne
Amanda Bynes
Daveigh Chase

Current Results


Anyway, so i was watching VH1 the other night. And they had some kind of… i dunno… beauty secrets of the stars thing… whatever it was called, on. Then there was this one segment where they were talking about Brazilian waxing. And they’re showing pictures of all the celebs that’ve gotten Brazilian waxes done.

Oh and if you don’t know what a Brazilian wax is. It where you get your pubes and your ass hair yanked out by Brazilian people. Or something like that. Haha. This was the place they had featured on the show. The place where the stars get their their pubes and butt hair yanked out.

The point is…. what surprised me… was the fact that… Avril Lavigne was one of their clients (!).

Because they showed a framed autographed picture of Avril giving out her thanks to the J Sisters on the show.

That completely blows my mind to know that Avril might be completely hairless down there.



Here are some pictures of Amanda Bynes. To take your mind off of Avril’s lack of pubes and butt hair.

  • Amanda Bynes 1
  • Amanda Bynes 2

    Okay i still can’t take my mind off the fact that Avril is hairless down there.

    Maybe if i post up some amusing videos.

  • Read my lips
  • Pussy

    Nope. Avril’s still hairless.

  • Comment dammit!

    YOU! Yes you. I have a coupla questions for you. Why are you here? Why are you on this site? Is this your first time on the site? How long have you been coming here? How did you even find this site in the first place anyway?

    I get about 2000 people visiting this site everyday, yet i only get like 20 to 40 comments for each post. Usually from the same 10 people or so. I had over 300 people take that Friend Test thing i put up a while back. I know that you people are out there!

    So i ask you just for this one time, to leave a comment on this post and answer some of those questions up there. I’m curious. I’m sure the other regulars are curious too.