Lohan vs. Duff!

I watch watching MTV and they had this making the video thing on Hilary Duff’s new video, the one where she’s with her sister for that new movie Hilary’s in, A Cinderella Story. It just got me thinking… isn’t it funny, i mean, for a while there Hilary Duff was like, totally owning the teen queen scene. She was everywhere. TV, movies, music. And it was pretty much just her and Amanda Bynes, and Hilary was clearly ‘the winner’ (even though i prefer Amanda over her but Amanda’s just not doing very much these days to stay in the limelight) and then all of a sudden, Lindsay Lohan (and her tit) comes out of fucking NOWHERE and totally KILLS Hilary’s buzz.

She’s probably hating on Lindsay so much right now for stealing her thunder. It’s probably adding more fuel to the fire. Of course the recent SNL skit Lindsay did probably didn’t help either:

Lohan Reignites Problems With Hilary Duff

Actress Lindsay Lohan has reignited her feud with fellow teen star Hilary Duff, after mocking their problems in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch. At the beginning of the month, Lohan guest-hosted the popular show, as part of promotional duties for her hit movie “Mean Girls.” But singer Duff, who fell out with Lohan after they dated pop heartthrob Aaron Carter at the same time, was less then impressed to see “SNL” regular Rachel Dratch dressed as her, singing that their feud was “so yesterday.”

She tells TV show Access Hollywood, “When I heard that Lindsay was going to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I knew she was going to make fun of me. I wasn’t honored. I don’t think it’s an honor to be made fun of on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ “I’m not here to talk bad about her like she talks bad about me all the time. I just knew that it was gonna happen.” Lohan hits back, “We didn’t do anything derogatory towards her. I’m sorry if she felt offended her, but I thought things were cool. Hilary, I don’t wanna start anything again!”

Ah.. girls girls girls..

Has anybody seen the ads on MTV for the MTV Movie Awards? Damn, Lindsay’s looks so fucking hot in them. Shit. I wonder if Hilary’s going to show up at the Awards. Maybe they’ll do a skit together or something. And then kiss and make up. YEAH.

I had a poll up about a year ago pitting Hilary against Amanda to determine who was hotter (and who fell better – they both had movies out where they had to do pratfalls).

Here were the results.

I think it’s time to do another poll. A battle royale between Hilary, Amanda AND Lindsay. Let’s see who comes out on top.

Personally, as of right now, i’d rank Lindsay 1st, Amanda 2nd and Hilary 3rd.

Votes away!

Battle Royale!
Amanda, Hilary or Lindsay?

Amanda Bynes
Hilary Duff
Lindsay Lohan

Oh and yes, for those of you who didn’t already know, Hilary Duff has a sister. An older, legal sister, Haylie Duff.

Oh and for the love of God, if i hear anybody say that Lohan’s boobs are fake, i’m going to kill them.


Also, Lindsay Lohan’s Bra is going for over US$10,000 now on eBay.

Lohan Lohan Lohan Lohan. Lohan.


No Duff. Hate Duff.


Nice VPL Linds.


You know, i’m getting more and more hyped up about the new Riddick movie as each day goes by. It just looks so fucking EPIC. I’m also pretty excited about the prequel to the prequel, Escape From Butcher Bay (it’s a videogame by the way). It looks almost better than Doom 3. I’ve played the demo that came with this June’s xbox magazine and it was pretty good. A little rough around the edges (the ragdoll physics were a little out of whack) but damn, is it ever beautiful (in all it’s dark, dirty and grimy glory). I’m definitely picking it up this June 2nd. Hopefully i’ll be able to finish it by the 11th, in time to see the movie. It should help fill in a couple of the blanks that’ll be in the movie (ala The Animatrix).

Vin Diesel is one sexy bitch.

Tonally though, if you think about it, it’s kind of a big jump from Chronicles to Pitch Black. From super mega EPIC flick to low budget cult hit. It doesn’t really transition well ya know? But hey, you probably won’t even notice. Unless of course if you’re anything like this chick.


Also, it’s funny that the GAME is rated M (with tons of F bombs being thrown around) and yet the new MOVIE is PG-13 (Pitch Black was rated R and there’s even an Unrated version on DVD). I guess they toned it down for the kids. Boo. Oh well. Wider audience = more money.

Has anybody tried downloading and playing this game yet? It’s called Singles: Flirt Up Your Life. I guess it’s kinda like The Sims but you’re supposed to like, get these two people to hook up and have SEX. Oh yeah, the game is rated AO (Adults Only). So i guess you’ll probably get to see polygon boobies.

I think you can pick like 4 different characters. Straight guy, straight girl, gay guy and gay girl. And try to pair them up. I haven’t checked out the game yet but it’d be fun if you could get the gay guy and the lesbian to hook up and have sex. Ha.

You can download the demo for free or buy the game online for like 30 bucks or something. It won’t be sold in stores (because of the AO rating).

The Director’s Cut of Donnie Darko is out… in Seattle. They’re showing it at some film festival. I wonder if they’ll double dip the DVD.

Hmm. Hey, doesn’t the movie have like, elements of astral projection in it? Astral projection is the shit.

psykotik2k: i’m going to astrally project myself into your bedroom
stacy: that’s the scariest thing anyone has ever said to me

Nazi regime

Alright. Time to set some ground rules. Hate to do it but some of you are getting a little out of hand. Basically the regulars are starting to get a little annoyed with all you newbies. And you newbs need some guidance.

1. “First!” posters

If i see anybody say “First!” (or “Second!” or “Third!” etc etc) in any post within the top ten comments, i’ll start deleting them. Or editing them. Or banning you outright. Nobody fucking cares if you’re first. Just make a proper comment and be happy that you were first WITHOUT having to point it out. People can already see.

2. Anonymous posters/Impersonators

Get a posting name and stick with it. Otherwise i’ll have to put up a little sumin’ sumin’ that’ll display your IP address with each post. Thus exposing your anonimity. I really don’t want to do this but if i have to, i will. Realize that it will probably invade your privacy. If you want to keep on posting without your IP address being displayed, don’t be a moron.


If you have nothing constructive or at the very least, something funny to say, don’t say it at all. It’s a waste of bandwidth. If things don’t start shaping up around here, i’ll just turn off the comments altogether.

4. Advertising

No more blatant website advertising. They will be deleted on sight.

5. Banishment

I’ll start banning people without warning if you get on my nerves. So behave.

The Day After Tomorrow is here!

So yeah, i saw The Day After Tomorrow and i thought it was alright. Could have been better but it’s still good for what it is. The special effects were awesome though. I got chills watching a couple of the scenes. Actually a lot of the scenes. Very good stuff. Emmy Rossum is really pretty. She’s like a cuter version of Anne Hathaway but with a smaller mouth and smaller eyes too. I likes. I likes a lot. This picture doesn’t do her justice. She looks a lot better in motion. Especially in the movie.

I loved all the little political jabs the film took. Hilarious if you’re a democrat. Loved the funny little ironic moments. Don’t worry, i won’t spoil em.

I kinda wished that the movie was a little longer though. Maybe like 3 hours long or something. Like Titanic. ^_^ Hopefully there’ll be an extended version of the movie on DVD. Just like with ID4. Here’s to a loaded DVD with a better commentary. The ID4 track SUCKED.

I also wished they’d shown more of what was happening in Europe and Asia.

I’ll tell you this though, i think the whole of Canada got wiped out. Haha.

But yeah, it was an alright movie. Worth seeing for the effects, Emmy Rossum and the controversy. Leave your brain at the door.

One thumb up.

Mi salsa mi salsa!

Yeaaaaaaaaah! No school for a whole week. Because Monday is Memorial Day and i only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. So i’ve got all this free time to watch all those DVDs i bought. Holla!

So omg, i saw that Avril Lavigne MTV special and like, omg, she’s so cute! Love her new hair color. Not to fond of the curly hair she’s been sporting on late night TV appearances tho. Not sure if you all read the comments but this is exactly why i don’t listen to/care much for music. Because all you music listeners are such elitist fuckers! Always complaining about Avril’s (GOOD) singing and (GOOD) lyrics and posing (NOT) and blah blah blah WHATEVERRRRR. AVRIL IS TEH PRINCESS OF PUNK!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Ah Avril… we go back a long way. Summer of 2002… i had you plastered up all over my website… long before anybody ever even heard of you… way before you even got super famous… hell, i even became you for a while! You have some dumb as shit fans but DAYUM, you’re hott. I’d hit you up three times a day and five times on Saturdays. One love.

Diana Degarmo lost American Idol. Poor her. Must’ve been tough since she’s only 16 and all. It would’ve been a miracle if she won. I wonder though, would she have gotten booed if she had won? Like when people actually CHEERED when Jasmine Trias got booted off? Ahahahha. Best. But good job Fantasia! AMERICAN IDOL! *thumbs up*

OMG so how about the weather EH? It’s been raining pretty much everyday now in Michigan and there’s like floods everywhere and like tornados and stuff all over the midwest. LIKE OMG DUDESSSSSS IT MUST BE LIKE, A CONSPIRACY OR SOMETHING. AND DEAN DEVLIN AND ROLAND EMMERICH ARE BEHIND IT ALL!!! TO PROMOTE THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!!!

I hope i can get tickets to go see it tomorrow. Otherwise i’d have to go see The Day After Tomorrow… THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. OH ZING!

Speaking of Michigan:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “AARON NIEMAN” Moonblade70X@msn.com
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 03:31:40 -0400

There’s no way you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan… I do too (Well technically, Mattawan right now, but this summer, Kalamazoo) which is very weird… I’ve never heard of anybody online living this close to me. By the way, I love what you’ve done with the site, and I look forward to spending more time on it.


Plug: Project Blog. This should interest you if you’re a hardcore blogger.

Okay fuckers, site news. I actually switched servers AGAIN last week because well, 115 gigs of bandwidth just ain’t enough so now we’ve got 150 per month. Which, theoretically, should be enough to keep the site alive all month if i can keep it down to 5 gigs of usage per day. I found an even better host that offered me more gigs for a lesser price than the host i was previously at. So yeah, big ups to WebSpaceDepot (If any of you are thinking of signing up with them, tell em that i sent you). Anyhow, if you guys don’t want fubar to die at the end of every month (even despite having 150 gigs to burn) then, for the love of Diana Degarmo’s plump little rump, regulate your visits or something! Otherwise chip in!

Also, to offset you little “FIRST POST!!@!1!~!” fuckers in the comments section, let’s try something new. How about singling out commenters that have the best or funniest comment to make? Who knows, you could probably even gain some kind of reputation and recognition and become a legend among your other fubarb peers or something. And for the love of God, those of you who don’t have proper screennames, aliases, posting names or whatever, get one and fucking stick with it!

Now have some Scarlett – i’m so fucking beautiful – Johansson.

Love the fishnets.

Seacrest out!

Holy shit!

It’s Tuesday! Things to buy today:

  • The Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King DVD
  • Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin CD

    Mmm… Avril…


    The last time i bought a CD was back in 2002. And that was Avril’s first album. The next CD i’ll buy will be Avril’s third album. Probably in 2006. I don’t buy CDs much.


    There’s actually a song about me and my site out there. Written and performed by Trip.


    Anybody wanna comment on this? Worth watching if you’re into OMG!! POLITICS! CONTROVERSY!! Speaking of which, a tiny taste of Fahrenheit 9/11. You’ll need RealPlayer to watch though.


    Okay. So i’m walking into Best Buy and i’m looking around, i pick up the Avril CD (hott) and then i make my way towards the DVD section to pick up ROTK. But then what do i see off in the distance in the corner of my eye? TWO HONEST-TO-GOODNESS RING WRAITHS. FUCKING NAZGULS. So i’m like thinking, “OMG that’s a bit much” – for fanboys to actually dress up as Ring Wraiths just to buy the DVD. Then i realized they were actually Best Buy employees standing behind a table in a little section they had set up to promote ROTK DVD sales. And yet again i was thinking “OMG that’s a bit much”. Did anyone else see any Ring Wraiths at Best Buy today? Kooky.

    Actually they had a pretty good deal going on. ROTK for $15.99 and you get a free LOTR Special Collectors Issue of Entertainment Weekly and a free pack of Duracell batteries. I think the mag itself was worth $9.99 and the batteries $4.99. I dunno. Still a good deal though. The mag is pretty in depth. It’s like a DVD special feature in itself.

    I also ended up getting Bubba Ho-Tep and the 2 disc Unrated Extended Cut of Underworld. I can’t believe i actually forgot Bubba Ho-Tep was out today. Bruce Campbell baby! I’ve never seen Underworld although i do know that it’s not actually that good? Whatever. It was the sexy packaging that did me in.

    I hate it when i buy more than i planned to.