Retiring the site

After much personal consideration, i’ve decided to retire the site for good. I’m taking the site offline on February 1st. As of right now, i’m not sure what i’ll be doing in the future in terms of having or running a(nother?) website but if i ever do come back in some way or another, it won’t be with this site. It would probably be a clean start. If i ever do decide to come back that is. Point is, i’m done with this fubar ‘brand name’ that i’ve created and the associations that have come with it. It’ll always be my baby and i’ll always love it but i no longer have the desire to run things as is anymore. So i’m giving it up.

That said, i’d like to thank those of you who’ve been coming around all these years and months, whether you’re just a lurker or an active poster in the comments and forums.

It’d be a good idea to wrap up any on going conversations in the forums and backup any important PMs and contacts and whatnot. If you’d like to send me any e-mails for whatever reason, do so at my GMail account (psykotik at

So until next time, this is the end.


I Miss Making Out

I have to ramble on a bit before I get to the point. The boy and I watched a movie that he picked up (for me). Some crap teen flick, not all bad, some laughing was involved. I was a little disappointed that his version of ‘my kind of movie’ slash chick flick was so … teenish. Afterwards I quickly put the DVD away as to avoid having to see any more smiling happy faces. I generally don’t enjoy films with a >17 rating.

A video came on while I was surfing – Naked Lunch “God”, which is basically, IMHO, a Pink Floyd/Rammstein rip. I was reading Rentboy Diaries and Girl With a One-Track Mind among other things. And as with any sex blog, there has to be a rehashing of the first sexual encounter.

I guess it was the lethal mix of teenie entertainment paired with reminiscent music that brought me back to my teen years and the early dating / sexual experimentation that followed. It dawned on my that I really miss just making out. What happened to getting totally wet, electrified, red-lipped, blanket-tossing making out sessions without sex? I have something that a lot of women would want, I have my sweety the whole day, morning to night. The term ‘sweety’ in reference to ‘morning’ and ‘night’ is used loosely. 24h companionship doesn’t make me want to call him or anyone sweety anymore. I never have the chance to miss him. We wake up together, we go to work together, we come home together, we sleep together.

The excitement in missing someone and having to wait for the work day to end to see that special person is over with. There is zero excitement now. I can make a list of possible things he will eat and/or drink in the morning. I know every gesture, every movement. It is a very routine life. When I ask him what he’d like to do on the weekend I already know what places he will suggest. It’s only in bed, I worry if he’s going to pull one of his new kama sutra inspired freak positions and I’m going to have some kind of nasty muscle ache the next day. That’s about as spontaneous as it gets.

That brings me back to the real point – I miss being single. If not single, then not so at-the-hip attached. Just making out, that’s what I miss the most.


Hi Res Leeann Tweeden

Mmm. Fitness babes. Leeann Tweeden is my favorite. Kiana Tom: second place. Or maybe third after Trish Stratus. Does Trish even count? I know she used to be one of those fitness exercise model people before she went WWE. Whatever. Leeann is number one. I miss watching her on Fitness Beach

  • Leeann Tweeden

    Oh and uh.. Puzzlehead, i’ll trade you my Lindsay Lohan shawl for your Leeann Tweeden bra. Whaddaya say?


  • Libby Hoeller Lives

    Been sorta sitting on this for over a week now. Couldn’t get around to posting about it until now but nevertheless, here it is:

    hi justin. i have been here for awhile just lurking. i live in madison, wi and i am very familiar with the libby hoeller saga. today while working (i work for a major clothing retailer), two people approached me while i was working at the registers. i processed the transaction as per usual and when she handed over her card for me to swipe and i decided to look at the name this once out of boredom. low and fucking behold, the name on the front of the card was elizabeth hoeller. i looked at it again, ,y eyes widened, and i looked at her. she was still signing her name to the charge draft slip so she didnt notice me gawking at her. i couldn’t believe it. i sent her on her way and continued on with my line of people.

    and in case you didn’t believe me, i saved the charge draft to prove that elizabeth hoeller did indeed use my register and interacted with me. i have to black out the account and other sensitive information, but if you would like to see it, i will send a scan of the receipt, a picture of me with it, and any other proof you may need. you were the first person i thought of when i discovered it was her.

  • The Libby Receipt

    Ah Libby Hoeller… your legend still lives on.

    I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that i’ve become somehow associated with her or the fact that the receipt was framed.

    Thanks to mitchevious for sending this in.