Well the celebs were out in full force yesterday. Here’s a buncha pics that i’ve found so far. There’s about 50 75 84 230 of them so far. I’ll probably add more as time goes by.

Update: Added more Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson

Update: Added more Jessica Alba and some slight Eva Longoria cameltoe

Update: Added a whole bunch more pics and celebs.

By the way, isn’t Lindsay Lohan creating some sort of fashion faux pas by wearing a leopard print dress? Because that’s what Gwen Stefani was wearing too. Who arrived first??

ps: Lindsay’s freckles are pretty gross.

Oh and i think LA is going to be thrilled by the Margaret sighting.

That is Margaret right?

I’d hit it?

From: Vartan M (Michael Vartan????)
Date: Aug 28, 2005 2:44 AM
Subject: Dakota at 25

Remember this?

“You know, seeing Natalie Portman in Leon really reminded me of Dakota Fanning (although Dakota hasn’t been so slutty so young in movies ala Natalie circa 1994). But Natalie really gave a damn good performance in Leon. And looking back at her entire body of work, most of them have been pretty smart choices. I’d love to see Dakota Fanning become the next Natalie Portman. Hopefully she’ll age as gracefully as Natalie has and not like Haley Joel Osment.”

that was you back in may

Check it out. Its Dakota photoshoped looking old. I know you like them underage but she looks rather good

or the whole gallery

Call for Help is back!

Looks like G4 is starting to wise up. After killing off almost all the old TechTV shows and firing everybody who used to work on those shows, they’re now bringing Call for Help back on the air, with a lot of the old TechTV gang in tow. So that makes what now? Only two good shows worth watching on G4? X Play and Call for Help?

Anyway, so what’s up with Attack of the Show these days? I haven’t watched any of the new episodes since Kevin Rose left. Is Sarah still on the show? I’m pretty sure they’ve broken up since then. Isn’t Kevin dating Amber now? That’s what i heard. I love behind the scenes drama/gossip.



Tara Reid has confessed to having breast surgery. The ‘American Pie’ star has long denied going under-the-knife but has now admitted she has had her chest surgically enhanced. She said: “I mean, everyone does it. I don’t know why I’m the one who gets so much attention?”