So i got an announcement to make. If you haven’t already figured it out from the post title, here it is: I’m getting married! Tomorrow!

I probably won’t be posting much over the weekend into next week. But with the sporadic nature of the updates on this site, it shouldn’t be any different than how it is now anyway ^_^

Angelbaby will still be around so you can count on her to make some posts whenever she can.

SOOOOO… see you whenever i feel like coming back!

PS: I really AM getting married you fuckers!!!

Also, any good ideas on where to go for a honeymoon?? Planning on one in December.

Anne Hathaway

Unbelievably, Anne hasn’t made a fubar appearance since January of last year. That may have something to do with the fact that she hasn’t been in a movie since Devil Wears Prada. Well, that’s about to change with the release of Becoming Jane, in which she plays a young Jane Austin. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Hathaway twins in this one.

Oh wells, here’s some pics of them at a recent premiere for her new film…

FUN FACT: Anne will be playing Agent 99 to Steve Carell’s Maxwell Smart in next year’s Get Smart.

ps. She probably won’t be getting topless for that one either. FTL.


I was never aware that Denise Richards had implants (she did didn’t she? i’m still not sure) but if she did, it looks like she had them taken out. Or maybe her boobs just deflated.

Here she is at age 36 (if my calculations are correct) in a bikini.


Lohan looks fucking STACKED in some of these pics. Almost back to Mean Girls 2004 standards STACKED.

Also, you fuckers that kept saying she got implants back then, what do you say now??? After the great Lohan boob shrinkage of ’05 – ’06, i think it’s safe to say that her boobs are completely au naturel.


From Picket Fences. The episode where that kid has a dream about Lauren Holly in her underwear. Fuckin’ HOT.

She was hot in Dumb and Dumber too. Too bad she’s looking NOT so hot these days. But back in the day, she was totally fappable. And hot. HOT.


Back in ’05 and ’06, i made a couple of posts about some Nazi Olsen Twins-alikes. Well, it’s ’07 and it seems like Prussian Blue is still alive and kicking. Looks like they’re a little bit older now too.



Channel 4 recently aired a documentary about the twins and fellow reader Jake was kind enough to e-mail me a torrent link to the doc, which i’ll share with those of you who’re interested in watching it.

From the Channel 4 site:

Nazi Pop Twins is a one-off, one hour documentary where filmmaker James Quinn investigates the controversial American pop band Prussian Blue, whose teenage twin girl stars have made headlines across the world with their white nationalist music and as poster girls of neo-Nazism.

Filmed over a year, Nazi Pop Twins follows James as he is invited into the home of the Gaede family where he aims to discover the secrets of the twin’s notoriety and the motivation behind their controversial music.

As the family allow James and the cameras into their lives, he discovers some disturbing truths beneath the happy family image that determined mother/manager April likes to project. Is she, in fact, just using Lamb and Lynx as a mouthpiece for her own extremist views?


I will probably download this after i’m done downloading Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s. If you’ve seen the documentary, give us your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: Youtubed for your convenience!

Emma Watson

Well, with the release of the latest Harry Potter movie (zzz) and final novel in the series (zzz), it seemed about time for an Emma post.

It also doesn’t hurt that she flashed the entire world a little panty during a recent appearance on Letterman.

She’s also been out and about quite a bit during the promotional tour for the new film. Putting her handprints in the sidewalk at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, walking the red carpet at premieres in London and LA…

…buying boy-short undies that say “Here Comes Trouble” across the backside.

Oh, Hermione!



Another reader e-mail!

Though i’m beginning to sense a pattern here…


Long time viewer, first time emailer. I was doing some hunting for hayden panettiere (from NBC Heroes) stuff on eBay and found her in a red bikini, was surprised you hadn’t posted anything yet?

Take care!

Okay fine, a lot of you’ve been asking for the Hayden bikini pics in the comments for a while now, so here they are, on the site, on the front page, finally, for you all to officially comment on!!!

My 2 cents: Hayden is oddly not that very sexy. And i just can’t put my finger on what’s exactly wrong about her. Yet despite that, i’d definitely still hit it. And from the looks of her bikini bottom, there’s definitely some grass on the field!

Overall, i give Hayden a 6 out of 10 on the sexymeter.


Reader e-mail!


Long time viewer, first time emailer. I was doing some hunting for Ashley Tisdale (from High School Musical) posters on eBay and found her in a bikini… was surprised you hadn’t posted anything yet?

Take care!

Dunno much about this Tisdale chick. I’ve heard of her though. Never saw High School Musical. But i did catch that episode of Punk’d when she got Punk’d. Here’s some pictures of her in a bikini from a coupla weeks ago when she was celebrating her birthday (she’s 22) on the beach.

Also found these nip slip pics from the Pirates 2 premiere back in 2006.