Got sent this link via e-mail. Here’s what the tipster has to say:

I thought you might be interested in this. She is no Psychogirl but the lolz are there and it is mercifully short. Not sure if you had seen it, but what the hell. Thank goodness for stupid people or we would have nothing to amuse us.

Check out the vid here!


Mmmmm cottage cheese!

Remember that old shoot she did for Maxim back in June 2000? (has it really been 8 years???)

I remember fapping to my old roommate’s copy of that issue.

For great justice.

Hayden Panettiere

Here are some pics snapped on the set of Heroes yesterday. FTW!

I’m digging Hayden’s bad-girl look with the dark hair, tight black clothes and boots, and of course the .45 auto she’s packin’. I would guess this look was put together for one of the show’s famous glimpses into the future when things seem to be bleak for our heroes.

Look how Hayden shuts her eyes while shooting her pistol. What a girl.

I don’t do that…anymore. >_>

UPDATE: Added some more pics, including a booty shot for those begging for one, and some of Hayden and her boy Milo. Not rly sure what they’re up to in these, but it looks like Peter Petrelli is practicing his frisking technique on Claire.

China Chow

I hadn’t seen China since her debut in The Big Hit (she was kyute in her schoolgirl outfit), and then she popped up in the pilot episode of Burn Notice last year (it’s a good show for anyone who hasn’t seen it). Apparently, she also did a voice for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Now she’s dating Keanu Reeves, or perhaps she just enjoys spending time hanging out topless with him on French Riviera beaches. They’d spawn some interesting offspring, as her parents were Chinese-Scot and German-Japanese, and Neo’s background is English-Hawaiian-Chinese-Portugese.

Keanu better watch himself, Miss Chow could put an eye out with those things.

Jessica Alba

So, Jessica had her baby back on June 7. It was a girl, which they named Honor Marie. Hopefully, she’ll grow up to be as hawt as mommy. Guys, start your countdown-til-legal clocks now.

In celebration of the Alba genes being successfully perpetuated, here’s a video of Jess demonstrating her mutant staring power. But I think I’ve got what it takes to beat her. Let’s go, bitch! You’re mine!

3…2…1… GO!

Damn. I lost.

Curse you and your bionic eyes, Jessica Alba!

Zooey Deschanel

Tomorrow, Zooey’s highest profile movie to date hits the big screen when The Happening opens.

This shoot was done for the June/July issue of BlackBook magazine, and I think she looks cute in her retro swimsuit.

By the way, has anyone else notice how heavily they are advertising this as M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN’S FIRST R-RATED FILM? Okay, we got it…it’s gonna be bloody. Ooooh.

ps. Somebody cried about not getting pics of Zooey from The Happening premiere…so voilĂ !

Michelle Trachtenberg

Those of you who are lucky enough to have ABC Family Channel can catch Michelle tonight at 8pm Eastern in her new movie, The Circuit.

I guess it was made to cash in on the hype and popularity of female racers like Danica Patrick. And I know Justin is gonna love this one, not only because Trachtenbabe is the star, but she plays video games in it as well.

zoom zoom! ^_^