Zippora Seven

I figured this might be relevant to certain interests given the debate that just took place in the Miley shower pics posts…

Seems there’s this 16-year old model in Australia, named Zippora Seven (no, I didn’t make that up), and she’s gotten her top off and showed a little nip for a couple of fashion mag photo shoots recently, and it sparked quite the controversy Down Under.

She looks like a young Cate Blanchett to me.

I don’t see what the big deal is. >_>


Some news about those Miley Cyrus pics from the dude who sent them in:

TrainReq’s door is basically being beaten down by Disney lawyers. They’re scaring the hell out of him. He has 6 more pictures of Miley Cyrus, all of which were sent to Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers. He was trying to sell them, which probably is making matters worse. Hacking emails is illegal, afterall.

Anyway, I’ve seen the pictures. He showed them to me in person on his computer. He won’t risk sending them out. Miley’s not exactly naked in any of them, but as I said before everything can be seen.

I’ll break them down for you.

First picture: Miley in a black see-through babydoll with black panties. Thanks to the flash of the camera her nipples are clearly visible. I don’t know if she had the camera on a timer or a friend took it, because she’s standing free in front of a closet. The babydoll is probably this version (in black)

Second picture: Miley topless with her hands covering/cupping her breasts. She’s wearing white shorts. In front of the same closet as before. Still freestanding.

Third picture: This time she’s in a purple bra and panty set. The panties are see-through. She’s shaved. She’s in the same room as the other two, but in front of a dresser with a TV playing a Toyota commercial. Still freestanding.

Fourth picture: Back in the shower room as before. Pretty much the same shot as before, but this time we see a lot more of her ass with the wet t-shirt clinging to it.

Fifth picture: Still in the shower, this time facing the camera. She has her right arm covering her boobs, but the shirt is plastered to her bald crotch.

Sixth picture: Last one. And definitely my favorite. She’s facing the camera in the shower, one hand on her hip, the other by her side. Except for a few pockets where air got in her shirt is totally see-through. Both breasts with hard nipples and her crotch are clearly seen. She’s basically completely naked.

TrainReq sent these out to several potential clients, but I don’t know their status. With the lawyers going apeshit anything can happen. By the way, just so you know, I’m 17 years old, so even if these pictures are deemed illegal because of Miley’s age (15 in all of them), it’s still legal for me to see them. At least that’s my understanding. Since they’re not pornographic TrainReq has been assured that they are legal, since just seeing an underage girl naked is fine so long as it’s not sexual in nature.

Mmmm. Bald crotch.


Via e-mail:


Don’t know if you’re aware of these yet. Only one really good one of her in the shower wearing a t-shirt, but the water obviously makes the shirt completely transparent. You can see a good deal of her ass through it. Source has the rest of the shower set. She’s facing the camera and you can see everything.

They should leak before August.

Heads up.

Verdict: Will probably fap to the full frontal pics.

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