Just upgraded WordPress to version 3.4. I can now embed tweets into posts!

Which is great because i’ve been meaning to share this for a while now:


Coincidently, i was watching Journey 2: The Mysterious Island on my 3DTV the other day. Knew nothing about the movie except that The Rock was in it. Didn’t even know it was a direct sequel to the Brendan Fraser flick from 2008. Never even knew that Vanessa Hudgens was going to be in it!

Journey 2 was nothing special. Even in 3D. In fact, pretty much the only reason why i sat through it was because of Vanessa Hudgens’ sweaty cleavage. In 3D.

3D sweaty chest the whole movie!

Which probably also means she probably also had the underboob sweat that A.J. mentioned in her tweet up there.

Boob sweat.

Sexy and GROSS at the same time.


Angelbaby, underboob sweat. IS IT REAL?

Also, A.J. = Waifu.

TAKEN 2!!!


I don’t know why but this really made my day.

Speaking of which, Taken 2 is coming out. Can’t wait! The first one was so fucking badass. One of the best flicks of 2008. So good.

Sequel trailer below!

Really hope this second one lives up to the original. October 2012!!!

Will Maggie Grace do her weird run again this time?

Cannot be unseen.