It’s almost timeless!

And then you think about how far Lindsay Lohan has fallen.

But happier times in 2004!

Lacey Chabert is so low profile, you never hear anything about her in the news. I didn’t even know she was in the November issue of Maxim this year.

There’s a video!

God damn she is so fetch.

(it’s gonna happen)

Also, is this what i think it is?

Hey so i got a PS4 over the weekend. Add me on PSN, Psyko_2000.

Happy holidays everyone!


I find it somewhat amusing that i have Wendy Calio following me on twitter.

I guess only people with kids who watch the Disney Junior channel will know who she is.

She’s cute on the show and i would totally bang* her.

Speaking of bang, i think she looks better with bangs. And i normally hate chicks with bangs. But it suits her better than when she doesn’t have them. Kinda like Zoe Deschanel.

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(*would bang but would not put her in my bang list 10. which i’ll probably never get around to finishing, at the rate i’m posting, on this supposedly already dead site.)