Your first celebrity crush

Now, i can’t say if she was my first ever celebrity crush but she was definitely one of many. In the 90’s, i actually had a subscription to Bop and The Big Bopper. There was this one poster of Alyssa Milano that totally did it for me. This was before that phase were she started doing those stupid skin flicks. Those stupidly fappable skin flicks (thank you Embrace of the Vampire).

Anyway, i remember always wanting this poster. I wanted it so bad. Never actually sent away for one but it’s never left my mind. Thinking about first celebrity crushes brought back memories of this so i decided to see if there were any high res images of it on the googles. This was the only thing i was able to find.

Fuckin’ Bop and The Big Bopper.

Tell me your first celebrity crush so i can go on another nostalgia trip.