Avril Lavigne Vinyls

I really like Avril Lavigne. More than any other artist out there. She was the only artist i had on my itunes music library back in 2011 and she’s still the only artist i have on my phone right now in 2018.

Went to see her show in Kuala Lumpur in 2012. I had this to say about it in the comments of that linked post:

i’m back home. concert was great.

some chick standing next to me actually fainted. lol.

i took her spot after her friends carried her off.

avril was hot. tight leather pants, visible bra.

i dreamt about her that night after the concert.

i love you avril lavigne.

i’m gonna buy some posters of her off of ebay, frame them and hang them on my wall.

I actually did buy a poster of her off ebay too.

And the point of this post: i recently got all her albums on vinyl. And i don’t even have a record player!

Actually i’ve been collecting a lot of vinyls lately, mostly videogame stuff and i recently got the alien sountrack on vinyl (cover artwork is awesome), but Avril’s are the only ones i have of actual music artist people.

And look at these things! So beautiful!

Just waiting for her 5th album to drop on vinyl and her eventual 6th one.

Remember the time when people thought that i was Avril Lavigne on the internet?

I used to get stupid amounts of IMs (RIP AIM) and e-mails from people thinking i was her because i had pictures of her all over my site’s layout at one time.


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: What up!
From: RIDEEMBULLS69@aol.com
Date: Thu, Jul 18 2002 6:50:58 AM EDT

just wanted to say whats up and that I really like your music write back



To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: fan
From: Lilbigin04@aol.com
Date: Fri, Jul 26 2002 1:33:39 AM EDT

hey my name is bill i’m 18 years old i jus want to say i think your cute and i like you music


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: re
From: Irving Hughes hyperthunder2003@yahoo.com
Date: Sun, Aug 4 2002 12:42:42 AM -0700 (PDT)

u don’t know me but u are just like me don’t give a shit what the fuck other peoples think ’bout the way i am. just e-mail me anytime. i’m also 16 and single.


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: yo Avril
From: “chelly” chelsea_rox67@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, Aug 19 2002 2:33:53 PM -0600

Avril am I actually sending u an e-mail. Iknow u probaly hear this alot but i’m your #1 fan i tell u .I know everything about u .Didn’t u see me there when u were at the MMVAs .I saw u I put my hand out with a paper but u didn’t even see me when I was screaming your name out.I went there only to see u.Cause I don’t really like the other singers besides Sum41 .Still I don’t like thrm better than you .I am a memeber of all your fan sites .Anyway I saw that contest that you have ,I entered it I hope I win.

P.S your the best singer I know.G2G(gotta go )sk8er gurl.


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: whats up
From: “april” aifaas@chorus.net
Date: Tue, Aug 27 2002 8:50:57 PM -0700

hey avril ,my name is matt i just wanted to say whats up and to talk my screen name is nosinjection458 and fazzio35d my email is fazzio35d@netscape.net and/or nosinjection458@netscape.net IM me or email me plz



To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Keep it up!
From: Bri4dz@aol.com
Date: Thu, Sep 12 2002 10:06:28 PM EDT

I enjoy the music kiddo, keep it up…
Good luck in the future…

Brian L.


To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: Rockrulez2400@aol.com
Date: Fri, Aug 23 2002 11:58:46 AM EDT



people also thought i was avril lavigne on AOL instant messenger:


Snowsurfer700: Hey, umm, sorry to ask, but who’s this?
psykotik2k: avril lavigne
Snowsurfer700: Seriously?
psykotik2k: seriously
Snowsurfer700: oh….crud…i’m sorry…one of my friends told me to im this person
psykotik2k: yeah? what did s/he say?
Snowsurfer700: He just said “Oh, im this person” i asked who it was, they said find out yourself…
psykotik2k: oh ok
Snowsurfer700: crud…this is seriously Avril Lavigne?
psykotik2k: yes this seriously is avril lavigne!
psykotik2k: sorry if it takes me a while to respond. i have like 13 people IMing me at the same time
Snowsurfer700: lol it’s no problem….how do they all know ur im n e way?
psykotik2k: it gets around


PunKSk8eR678: hi
PunKSk8eR678: hello?
psykotik2k: hey
PunKSk8eR678: are you seriously avril lavinge?
psykotik2k: yeah, i’m seriously avril lavigne
PunKSk8eR678: is it cool to be a “big star” or does it kinnda suck?
psykotik2k: yeah, it is. well except for the fame part
psykotik2k: i have like 16 people IMing me at the same time right now
PunKSk8eR678: gotta suck eh?
PunKSk8eR678: i guess i wish i was famous just a lil
psykotik2k: yeah, you have to work it though. it doesnt happen overnight
PunKSk8eR678: i kno
PunKSk8eR678: btw why is your buddy icon say “whore”?
psykotik2k: oh. that’s just a picture of one of my BIGGEST fans
psykotik2k: i thought her icon was cute
PunKSk8eR678: oh
PunKSk8eR678: ic
PunKSk8eR678: its kinnda cool though
psykotik2k: yeah, she’s really mean though
psykotik2k: suzi onCRACK
PunKSk8eR678: im not mean!
PunKSk8eR678: lol!
psykotik2k: that’s her screenname
PunKSk8eR678: thats weird
PunKSk8eR678: can i tell your Sn to one of my friends?


Sassykat3287: avril lavinge!!!!!!!!!!1
Sassykat3287: omg!!!!!!!!!!!11
psykotik2k: hey
Sassykat3287: ur so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
psykotik2k: thanks
Sassykat3287: teach me how to be cool
psykotik2k: wear ties
Sassykat3287: okay i mean i bought a studded belt yesterday from pac sun… does that mean i’m punk now?
Sassykat3287: i mean yayyyyyyyyyyyy
psykotik2k: you’re almost there
Sassykat3287: omg.. thats like so totally cool i cant belive it
Sassykat3287: i listen to new found glory
Sassykat3287: n blink 182
psykotik2k: what about sum 41? and treble charger?
Sassykat3287: they’re cool too
Sassykat3287: wooooooooo
psykotik2k: yeah, they’re my boys
Sassykat3287: i named my cat deryck after deryck whibley
Sassykat3287: n my fish avril after u
psykotik2k: you named your fish after me?
Sassykat3287: totally
Sassykat3287: wat color tie should i buy avril?????
psykotik2k: red and black
psykotik2k: yeah, they’re my favorite colors too
Sassykat3287: ahhhhhhhhhh
Sassykat3287: that’s soooo cool
Sassykat3287: we’re like def soulmates
psykotik2k: sorry if it takes me a while to respond
psykotik2k: i have lots of people IMing me
Sassykat3287: i understand… i mean it must be soooo hard being so popular
psykotik2k: yeah, it is
Sassykat3287: but it’s not like i really know
Sassykat3287: i have to pretend
psykotik2k: yeah
psykotik2k: hey, i have to go now
Sassykat3287: what?!
Sassykat3287: r u saying i’m not popular?!!!!
Sassykat3287: YOU DON’T KNOW ME!!!!!111

Avril and I have a special connection.

Love you Avril.

Fappy New Year!

Happy Fappy New Year everyone! I actually slept through the countdown and it’s been 2018 for the past hour and 45 minutes where i am (i went to bed early, i’m like an old person).

Anyhow, let’s see what the new year brings. Maybe more new posts? (LOL)

I still find it amusing if you scroll down far enough you’re able to see posts from 2014 still.

Have a good one!